Introducing X Connect

At X Social Media we understand that Digital Advertising has to produce a positive ROI so we do everything in our power to help law firms convert more digital leads into cases. The first steep in this process is always actually talking to the Potential New Client. Today we are introducing X Connect a smarter […]

X Social Academy | Launching May 1st, 2018

X Social Academy is Live online learning system for your in house Facebook team. The course is setup for one class a week with weekly assignments over 12 weeks. These classes will teach the students all the tips and tricks X Social Media has learned after spending almost 15 Million Dollars on Facebook advertising. If […]

The Facebook Effect For Lawyers: Advertising For The Digital Age

If the golden rule of the legal industry has always been to follow your clients wherever they might go, then the guiding maxim of the advertising world has been equally straightforward: go where the eyeballs are. In today’s world, your clients—and most of the world’s eyeballs, for that matter—aren’t spending the majority of their time […]