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    2023 – Jacob Note – Webinar Anne Andrews – Hair Relaxer – Tylenol

    Dear Friends,

                I hope you had a fantastic holiday season and that your year end was a success. I am pleased to announce that X Social Media is starting off the new year with a bang! Our team has been working hard to improve the technical aspects of our ad campaigns, track spending, and expand into new markets. This evolution is all about enhancing the client experience with advanced reporting that provides actionable insights into your marketing efforts. To make things even easier for you, we have added a Client Success Team to help with any inquiries or concerns you may have about your campaigns. Additionally, we will be offering educational resources, webinars, and important updates about each mass tort, as well as highlighting great co-litigation partners for your team to work with. Remember, mass torts are a team sport and we all win when we work together!

    —Best, Jacob

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  • Are Lawyers Allowed to Advertise?
  • Don't Miss Today's Webinar on Boy Scouts + Church Abuse at 2pm EST
  • Don't Miss Today's Webinar on Boy Scouts + Church Abuse at 2pm EST
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    Published on: 06/26/2020

    What Type of Facebook Ad Should I Run For My Law Firm?

    The kind of Facebook ad your law firm should run will depend on what you are trying to accomplish with your marketing campaign. Whether you want to build your law firm’s brand, get noticed, increase public awareness of a legal issue, or generate new business for your firm, a well-written Facebook ad could help you reach your destination.

    Your intention might be general, like increasing your client base and law firm revenues. Some law firms want to target specific new clients, like people who got harmed by exposure to asbestos in the workplace.

    How Facebook Ads Send Traffic to Your Law Firm Website

    If you already have a Facebook page, a social media advertising agency could update it to work better for you. At our agency, we can upgrade your existing Facebook page or build a new one for you. We create custom landing pages for each of your marketing campaigns.

    For example, you might want to go after clients with possible claims for harm from Round Up, Invokana, or the shingles vaccine. You do not have to confuse the reader by having all three of these separate topics on one landing page. We can make a unique landing page for each of the three subjects.

    We use eye-catching images that attract attention. Once we capture the reader’s interest with graphics, we can educate the individual about the type of lawsuit. We might share information about symptoms, complications, and causes of injuries from defective products.

    The Facebook landing page can then capture the prospective client’s contact information to make it easier for you to convert the person from a lead to a client. We can prescreen leads so that you do not waste your time on people who do not qualify for the litigation. We can ask a few simple questions in a user-friendly format. The prospects who are eligible can get sent to your law firm website.

    The Benefits of Facebook Ads for Attorneys

    Unlike traditional advertisements in media, like newspapers and television, Facebook ads offer great flexibility at a lower cost. Traditional ads do not prequalify potential clients or gather their contact information for you.

    We track the results of Facebook marketing campaigns with precision so that you always know what worked best. It is guesswork to try to correlate traditional marketing methods to results. You merely know that you spent a certain amount of money on some ads. After that, your business either increased or it did not. Any change to your client base could be from an unrelated cause.

    You can target a narrow niche or cast a wide net with Facebook ads for your law firm. You might want to go after one manufacturer of one model of a chainsaw, or you might want to let the world know that your law firm merged with another. You can tailor your Facebook ads to create a perfect fit for your goals.

    We Help You Create Facebook Ads That Do Not Look Like Marketing

    Depending on your area of practice, you might generate lots of new leads by giving away information for free. That might sound counterintuitive, but people trust companies that help them without asking for anything in return. You can build your brand as a law firm that cares about people and wants to help them.

    When you share information that people can find useful, they are likely to stay on your site longer. So that potential clients can get more information, your Facebook ad can send them to your law firm’s website. At that point, potential clients may already feel as if they have a relationship with you.

    Why Facebook Ads Work

    According to the Pew Research Center, about 70 percent of American adults are on Facebook. That number has remained constant since 2016. Facebook leaves Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Reddit in the dust when it comes to daily users. Nearly three out of four adult Facebook users visit the social media platform at least once on a daily basis.

    Many businesses find Facebook ads to be an effective marketing tool because their audience is already there. You do not have to go out in search of your intended market. You merely need to tap into that audience with targeted ads that make the most of Facebook’s guidelines and algorithms.

    Facebook provides useful information about the demographics of its users, such as their gender, age, level of education, personal traits, interests, and ad preferences. The more you know about your intended audience, the more effectively you can reach your desired market.

    How to Use Facebook Ads to Your Law Firm’s Advantage

    When you put your name out there to the public, you want to look professional. An ad that looks amateur can damage your law firm’s reputation. Working with an advertising agency that specializes in helping lawyers grow their practices can help you project the image you want.

    At X Social Media, we want to help you reach your goals of financial success. You can call us today at (888) 670-0006 to get started.

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    Published on: 06/26/2020

    Should My Law Firm Be on Instagram?

    Yes, your law firm should have a presence on Instagram if it wants to stay competitive. Instagram can be a highly effective marketing tool, particularly when used in concert with other social media platforms, like Facebook.

    Instagram has the advantage of immediacy by getting your message out to your existing and potential clients in real-time. Your audience can feel as if they are having a conversation with you. When people feel engaged, they are more likely to come on board as a client and hire you to handle their legal matters.

    Build Your Law Firm’s Brand Online

    In the past, significant commercial brands needed to spend millions of dollars and many years to create an image for themselves in the eyes of the consumer. Thanks to social media tools like Instagram, a law firm can craft their image with regular postings. This type of brand building is far more effective than traditional marketing.

    Savvy use of hashtags lets you tap into specific niches that you want to reach. People who identify with certain hashtags will want to connect with your firm because they will see you as “like-minded.”

    Hashtags can be a gold mine for your firm’s online presence, sending scores of leads to your Facebook page or your firm’s website. People tend to follow others who use the hashtags that interest them, which means that they will see your future Instagram postings as well.

    Gain New Cases From Your Existing Clients

    You can use Instagram to educate your existing clientele about your areas of practice and recent success stories. Let’s say that you handled a mesothelioma case for a family. Later, if a member of that family gets severely injured by a dangerous prescription drug, they can see your Instagram posts about that medication, which could lead that family member to turn to you again for legal consultation.

    Your existing clients might think your firm only handles the specific type of case that they initially reached out to you for. If they see your Instagram posts about different kinds of lawsuits, they can realize that you could help them in a new case.

    Expand Your Reach to New Prospects

    It seems as if there is a new social media platform nearly every day. Despite this fact, only Facebook and YouTube have more American adult users than Instagram when you compare social media trends in the United States. In this regard, every law firm should be on Instagram. When you integrate Instagram and Facebook into your marketing campaign, you can reach a massive audience.

    If you advertise in a print magazine or newspaper, you only reach the people who read those publications. Even if the reader notices your ad, they will likely throw the print item out after looking at it one time.

    About 60 percent of Instagram users hop onto the site daily, and many use Instagram more than once a day. If they do not see your Instagram posts immediately, they can see them later, particularly if they follow you.

    Your followers can share your Instagram posts on their Instagram stories, Facebook, and other social media platforms, which can expand your reach well beyond your followers. Some of the people who see your posts through shares might become followers, and the cycle repeats, which increases the net you can cast with every additional Instagram post.

    Instagram and Offers They Cannot Refuse

    A well-written Instagram ad can bump up your client base by making time-limited offers to bring in new business. You can promote your webinars, provide promo codes for an e-book that you give to clients, and run other special promotions. We write tasteful content to make sure that your brand and reputation get enhanced—not diminished—by these Instagram offers.

    Celebrate Your Victories

    Americans love winners. The World Series and the Super Bowl attest to this fact. People want to associate with people and companies that succeed.

    When you announce your settlement and litigation wins on your Instagram account, you reinforce to your clients and your intended audience that your firm is the right choice for people who want to be victorious. When someone sees, for example, that you won $5 million for a client, they may think of you when they need a lawyer for a similar matter.

    Because Instagram is in real-time, your followers and potentially their followers can feel as if they are celebrating with you. Positive and uplifting content can help potential clients remember your law firm in the future.

    How X Social Media Can Help With Your Law Firm’s Instagram Marketing

    X Social Media is an advertising agency that specializes in Instagram and Facebook marketing. We are excited to help law firms grow so that they can help more people. We want to help you get the best results for your marketing budget.

    All of our clients have a Dedicated Digital Marketing Manager they can contact for questions or ideas for a new campaign. Let us amaze you with our personalized service. You can call us today at (888) 670-0006 to find out how we can help your law firm.

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    Published on: 06/26/2020

    Can Social Media Help Grow My Law Firm?

    Yes, social media can help grow your law firm. Having a presence on social media can help to create your brand identity, get the word out about your law practice, and develop relationships with potential clients.

    You might already be on social media as an individual, but not yet feel comfortable using this tool to increase your business. Here are some of the reasons you might want to consider taking advantage of social media to generate more clients:

    You Do Not Have to Become an Expert in Marketing

    You went to law school to practice law, not spend your time learning about marketing, algorithms, and computers. You might worry that if you try to make a splash on social media for your law firm, it might look amateur and do your reputation more harm than good.

    No worries. There are advertising agencies that specialize in social media as a means of helping businesses become more successful. You tell us your goals and the types of clients you want to attract, and we can take it from there.

    Your Potential Clients Are Already on Social Media

    Americans use social media on their cellphones, other mobile devices, and computers, so your message can get seen whether people are at home or on the go. The Pew Research Center says that nearly 70 percent of American adults use Facebook. Instagram is at 37 percent, but on the rise, while Facebook’s numbers have been steady for several years.

    Not too long ago, if a person wanted to find a lawyer, he grabbed the nearest phone book and looked through the attorney ads. If he did not have a phonebook handy, he would have to wait until he found one to look up a lawyer and the telephone number.

    A potential client can easily find a lawyer who has a prominent social media presence, regardless of the day of the week, time of day, or where the individual is at the moment. Your contact information can be available immediately to the public.

    Social Media Ads Can Be Nimble and Up-to-the-Minute

    Unlike advertising in prior decades, social media advertising can get changed whenever you decide to modify the message. For example, you might target harmful prescription drugs for a while and then launch another type of mass tort campaign after you learn about a new defective product. You can run multiple campaigns for different kinds of lawsuits.

    Targeted Social Media Advertising Helps You Spend Less Money to Reach Your Audience

    Back when advertising was in print or on the radio and television, law firms had to pay a lot of money to get their message out to the entire public so that they could reach the people they wanted to attract as clients. Thanks to algorithms on social media platforms, you can get the results you want without having to waste money on irrelevant portions of the market.

    Social Media Can Be Interactive

    “Old school” advertising was not a conversation. Agencies had to shout their message and hope that the right people heard it.

    Social media offers two-way communication. When a potential client can interact with you or your message, the individual can feel more connected and engaged. This feeling can increase the likelihood of that person converting from a lead to a client.

    Facebook and Instagram allow people to ask questions, post comments, and get feedback right away. You can learn more about your target market, which can help you fine-tune your marketing campaigns.

    Social Media Can Be a Rich Source of Information for Your Clients

    Unlike traditional marketing, which could only present some catchphrases and slogans for the potential client, social media allows you to provide a wealth of information about your law firm. You can anticipate the questions a prospective client might ask and answer those issues. This approach can make it convenient for a client to decide to hire you because they do not have to wait until business hours to contact your office.

    Social media advertising highlights your law firm on platforms where your potential clients are already spending their time. Using an advertising agency that specializes in social media can give you the freedom to devote your attention to your law practice instead of marketing.

    X Social Media would love to talk with you about how we can help your law firm grow. If you want to find innovative ways to attract people to your law firm through pre-qualified leads on Facebook, call an X Social Media Facebook Xpert today at (888) 670-0006.

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    Published on: 06/26/2020

    Who Is Responsible For Mesothelioma and Cancer Caused By Asbestos?

    The makers or users of asbestos products can be liable when people develop mesothelioma or other forms of cancer from asbestos exposure. Experts say that public health organizations across the globe failed to protect the public, allowing cancers from asbestos exposure to claim millions of lives.

    Since the 1970s, companies that mine, process, and distribute asbestos or make products containing asbestos have been the subjects of a multitude of lawsuits from people harmed by this substance. By the year 1991, legal experts estimate that there were 115,000 personal injury cases pending in state and federal courts across America for asbestos exposure injuries.

    Mesothelioma and other asbestos cancer lawsuits continue to get filed today because it takes decades for these deadly diseases to develop after asbestos exposure. Also, people still get exposed to asbestos today.

    An Overview of Mesothelioma

    Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that tends to target the outer layers or linings of internal organs in the abdomen and chest. Asbestos exposure on the job is the most common cause of mesothelioma. Additional potential risk factors of asbestos exposure and cancer include living near an asbestos mine or factory and living with a family member who experiences asbestos exposure in the workplace.

    It can take 20 to 60 years or even more for mesothelioma to develop. You cannot escape the risk from exposure by the passage of time. With some other forms of cancer, like lung cancer, a person can reduce some of the chance of developing cancer by stopping smoking, for example. Once exposed to asbestos, however, the risk of mesothelioma does not decrease.

    Additional Diseases That Asbestos Exposure Can Cause

    The link between asbestos and cancer risk has long been established. Exposure to asbestos can cause other forms of cancer in addition to mesothelioma. The American Cancer Society reports that people exposed to asbestos on the job face:

    • A higher risk of lung cancer. It usually takes at least 15 years for lung cancer to develop from asbestos. Smokers with asbestos exposure have an increased risk of lung cancer that is higher than the two separate risk factors combined.
    • A higher risk of ovarian cancer and cancer of the voice box (larynx).
    • A risk of developing asbestosis. Asbestosis can be debilitating, even fatal. Asbestos fibers can get inhaled while on the job. The inhaled fibers get stuck deep in the lungs and irritate the lung tissue. As an immune response, the body creates asbestos bodies (similar to pearls forming around a grain of sand in an oyster). An accumulation of asbestos bodies can interfere with breathing.

    Asbestos exposure can also cause scar tissue, fluid buildup, and other conditions in the lungs that make it difficult to breathe.

    The Discovery of Asbestos Dangers

    Asbestos used to be much more widely used in construction, roofing, shipbuilding, car parts, and many other products and industries than it is today. Asbestos was a popular insulation and fireproofing material for many years.

    People started to notice in the early 1900s that people who breathed asbestos on the job tended to develop lung scarring. Few laws protected people who got harmed by dangerous products then, so little changed about the use of asbestos.

    After 1950, the medical community realized that asbestos could cause cancer. It became illegal for construction companies to use asbestos when constructing houses and other buildings. Also, laws prohibited the use of asbestos for insulation and many other products.

    How People Get Exposed to Asbestos Today

    Although new construction cannot use asbestos, the law does not require people to remove existing asbestos from buildings. When an older house, school, or factory gets renovated, workers and people who live, work, or attend school in those buildings can get exposed to asbestos.

    Specialized asbestos abatement professionals should remove asbestos when the substance is detected in a building undergoing renovation. Left undisturbed, existing asbestos under layers of other materials is not supposed to be dangerous. Old asbestos can harm people, however, when the substance is in water pipes or on the surface.

    Asbestos used to be a popular material in home siding and roof shingles. If a person comes into contact with those items, there could be unwanted health consequences. Also, if a worker gets exposed to asbestos on the job, the asbestos fibers can stay on the worker’s clothing and end up in the family home, harming other members of the household. A high number of American workers still get exposed to asbestos in the workplace.

    How a Legal Advertising Agency Can Help Lawyers Who Handle Mesothelioma and Other Asbestos Cancer Lawsuits

    At X Social Media, we can help lawyers find potential clients who have developed mesothelioma or cancer caused by asbestos, or those who have lost a loved one to one of these diseases.

    We can target the specific audience your law firm wants through ads on social media and other marketing strategies. We can help you grow your practice. Call us today at (888) 670-0006 to get started.

  • human traffiicking

    Published on: 06/26/2020

    Who Can Be Held Responsible For Human Sex Trafficking?

    A person might face criminal charges and civil lawsuits for human sex trafficking in one state but not in another. Every state writes its own definition of what constitutes trafficking in their human trafficking state laws. The legal definitions vary from one state to another.

    Some of the descriptions of human sex trafficking include coercing the victim by:

    • Taking the person’s driver’s license, passport, immigration papers, or other government documents
    • Forcing the person to work in the sex trade to pay off an actual or purported debt
    • Using or threatening physical harm to the victim or another person
    • Blackmailing the person
    • Kidnapping or abducting the victim
    • Using drugs and addiction to control the person
    • Manipulating the victim through fraud, deception, duress, or financial hardship

    The actual trafficker can be liable both criminally and in civil court if the conduct satisfies the state’s human or sex trafficking statutes.

    The Liability of Businesses for Sex Trafficking

    Although many sex traffickers are individuals or small groups of criminals, a business can be engaged in this practice. Some states provide criminal and civil penalties against business entities that knowingly participate in these crimes. Depending on the state, a company could lose its business license, get dissolved or reorganized by the court, and/or face fines as well as criminal charges.

    Some commercial establishments appear to be legitimate businesses but are actually fronts for sex trafficking. Also, reputable companies in the hotel and hospitality industry might not participate actively in sex trafficking, but their employees turn a blind eye to suspicious behavior.

    Since the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000, there have been many additional legislative developments to ban and penalize human sex trafficking. Hotels can face criminal and civil liability if they notice possible trafficking but fail to act.

    The justification for this liability is that failing to act allows the crimes to take place at the hotels. The perpetrators rent rooms at the hotels, which means that the venues receive financial gain from the illegal activity on the premises.

    Indicators of Sex Trafficking at Hotels

    Hotels should train their employees to report instances in which they observe possible indicators of sex trafficking. Traffickers seldom bring their sex workers to the front desk of the hotel, so hotels need to be vigilant.

    The workers who are most likely to notice suspicious activities are room service and housekeeping employees. Some examples of these factors include:

    • A “Do Not Disturb” placard on the door for several days or refusal of housekeeping services
    • Men frequently coming and going from the room
    • Several men waiting in the hallway outside of a room
    • An unusual amount of cash kept in the room
    • A woman who enters the room and then does not leave for an extended period
    • An underage boy or girl who spends a long time in the room unattended by an adult
    • A room gets rented for several days or weeks, but the occupant brings little if any luggage or personal items

    Of course, some of the more obvious signs of sex trafficking include when the victim looks frightened or anxious, wears inappropriate clothing, or gets mistreated in public by the trafficker. Many criminals, however, make an effort to hide their conduct.

    How Lawyers Can Help Fight the Battle Against Sex Trafficking

    Attorneys can increase the awareness of human sex trafficking issues through social media that targets trafficking victims and hotel employees. You can generate leads that provide evidence that a hotel ignores suspicious behavior that endangers the victims of these crimes.

    How X Social Media Can Design a Targeted Marketing Campaign

    At X Social Media, we specialize in helping businesses grow through the savvy use of social media advertising on Facebook and Instagram. We take pride in delivering personalized service.

    Every client receives a Dedicated Digital Marketing Manager. When you have a question or need help, you know who to call. You do not have to waste your time going through an endless loop of automated options.

    We can create a Facebook page for you with a custom landing page tailored to the type of clients you seek. The landing pages serve multiple purposes, including:

    • Drawing the attention of potential clients through the use of stunning, professional graphics
    • Asking a few simple questions to pre-qualify individuals as potential clients
    • Capturing contact information that helps you convert interested people into clients
    • Boosting your online presence and visibility
    • Guiding traffic to your law firm website

    One of the techniques we use is the Facebook Marketing Tool. Our expertise with this and other strategies can help increase your conversion rate. Because we pre-qualify leads, you do not waste hours of your precious time on people who do not fit the parameters of your goals.

    You can call us today at (888) 670-0006 to get started. We are passionate about helping lawyers become more successful.

  • Multi-District Litigation

    Published on: 06/26/2020

    What Steps Lead to a Multi-District Litigation?

    The term multidistrict litigation (MDL) refers to many individual cases that get transferred from multiple districts around the United States to one federal district court because these cases involve at least one common factual question. MDL cases originally get filed in state and federal courts around the country.

    When the legal community realizes that there are hundreds or thousands of similar cases making similar allegations against a defendant or group of defendants, the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) decides whether to consolidate and transfer the cases to one federal district court. This is among the steps that lead to a multi-district litigation.

    The United States Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation

    Since 1968, the United States Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (also called the MDL Panel) has evaluated whether to transfer individual lawsuits to one federal district. The rationale behind this process is that doing so:

    • Avoids duplication of discovery because the parties only have to collect the information need to gather the evidence to prove their case one time for all the consolidated claims. If the cases did not get consolidated, the parties in the hundreds or thousands of individual cases would have to go through the same discovery steps in each separate lawsuit.
    • Achieves more consistent outcomes. One complaint about America’s legal system is that one judge might dismiss a lawsuit, and a different judge might award $1 million in damages on cases with identical facts. When one judge or a small number of judges working together handle all of the transferred cases, the court rulings are more likely to be consistent and fair.
    • Saves money, since handling hundreds or thousands of trials is extraordinarily expensive for the court system as well as the plaintiffs and defendants. By consolidating cases, specific facts need only get proved one time, not many times in separate lawsuits. For example, hiring one expert witness to testify one time in the consolidated cases costs far less than hiring experts separately for each of the lawsuits.

    The MDL Panel has two tasks:

    1. Decide if multiple cases should get transferred to one federal district because the lawsuits all contain at least one common question of fact, and
    1. Choose the judge or judges who will handle the consolidated or coordinated proceedings after such transfer.

    When the MDL Panel answers the first question of common factual issues as “yes,” the individual lawsuits get transferred to the federal district the MDL Panel selected. Unlike a class action case, however, MDL lawsuits are still individual lawsuits. Any claims that do not get dismissed, settled, or resolved at trial in the MDL coordinated proceeding get transferred back to the courts where the plaintiffs filed them.

    Types of MDL Cases

    MDL cases tend to center around products or events that allegedly harmed a large number of people. Prescription drugs, medical devices, chemical substances, and natural or environmental disasters can lead to MDL cases.

    The Steps of Multidistrict Litigation

    Identifying, transferring, and administering large numbers of lawsuits from many different judicial districts around the country requires the consistent implementation of an organizational strategy. The stages might differ, depending on the subject matter of the individual lawsuits. Here are the MDL steps the courts follow in managing multidistrict litigation in products liability cases:

    • The MDL Panel becomes aware of multiple lawsuits in different districts centering on a common issue, like the asbestos injury litigation begun in the 1980s.
    • The MDL Panel evaluates whether the individual lawsuits should get consolidated into one MDL case.
    • If the MDL Panel decides to open an MDL action, the Panel files a transfer order in the office of the clerk of the court where the plaintiff filed the original lawsuit. The order transfers the case to the judge who will handle the consolidated cases.
    • From that moment, the original court no longer has jurisdiction of the case.
    • After the MDL Panel creates the MDL case and transfers cases to it, lawyers and parties who have similar cases can request transfer to the MDL case.
    • The judge in the MDL case (transferee judge) has the same authority as in any other federal lawsuit.
    • The transferee judge handles all pretrial matters, including discovery, disputes about evidence, and ruling on motions. This judge can hold trials on a few selected cases, called bellwether cases. Bellwether cases can help the parties and the court learn essential information about whether plaintiffs can prove their claims and if the defendants have a valid defense.
    • After a few bellwether trials, the transferee judge can instruct the attorneys and parties to try to resolve their individual cases consistent with how the bellwether cases went. Bellwether cases help to set a value on some claims and show which cases should get dismissed.

    There might be hundreds or even thousands of individual lawsuits consolidated in one MDL action. Very little will happen in the vast majority of those cases until after the bellwether trials. The unresolved cases that get transferred back to their original courts from the MDL action can go to trial in those courts.

    How a Legal Advertising Agency Can Help With MDL Lawsuits

    A legal advertising agency can help you reach potential clients for lawsuits that could become part of MDL litigation. At X Social Media, we help law firms target an audience for specific kinds of legal claims. Call us today at (888) 670-0006 to find out how we can help you grow your practice.

  • What Is a PNC?

    Published on: 06/26/2020

    What Is a PNC?

    A PNC is what lawyers refer to as a potential new client. For lawyers, a PNC is considered a “good lead” or a qualified lead. When looking to increase their qualified lead generation, lawyers can attract a PNC with advertising that targets a specific audience.

    If your law firm is looking to attract PNCs for a mass tort, ads can be strategically placed across social media channels to pinpoint individuals that may require your law firm’s services.

    One method of doing so is via social media advertising, such as through Facebook and Instagram. These popular platforms have millions of users across the U.S. and lend helpful tools that allow your marketing team to measure user engagement and client conversion.

    Using Facebook and Instagram Ads to Attract a PNC

    With so many daily active users, Facebook and Instagram are considered marketing giants in today’s digital advertising world. In fact, according to Facebook’s fourth-quarter 2019 report, the site features over 1.66 billion daily users worldwide.

    Facebook and Instagram are constantly collecting user information, some of which is voluntarily given by an individual user, some of which is generated based on their search history.

    The user metrics on Facebook and Instagram allow you to target users based on their:

    • Geography
    • Demographics, including gender and age
    • Interests
    • Behaviors
    • Search history

    When your law firm is ready to run an ad campaign around a specific practice area or mass tort, your ads can be hyper-focused to attract qualified leads. For instance, if your law firm is looking to run an ad campaign for a specific product liability tort, your ads can be tailored around the product itself or the manufacturer through various user metrics.

    Furthermore, you can improve your law firm’s PNC count by diving into the enhanced audience data gathered from your ad campaign. This data can tell your law firm about the types of users that clicked on or engaged with your ads. From there, you can track which ads have worked and which ads have not.

    PNC’s and Custom Landing Pages

    Once a PNC encounters your ads on social media, they will need a call to action that influences them to follow through with your services. After clicking on your ad, they can be directed to your law firm’s custom landing page.

    Custom landing pages are a tool used to determine whether or not a PNC is qualified to participate in a mass tort based on their answers to various questions. These inquiries can relate specifically to your ad’s purpose, such as the side effects of a drug, damages from a product, and other valuable details. Many custom landing pages also ask for a PNC to provide their contact information, which then allows your law firm to directly follow-up with your services.

    Increase Your Law Firm’s Reach With X Social Media

    At X Social Media, we understand the potential that advertising on Facebook and Instagram has to offer. Our goal is to create a digital marketing campaign that puts your law firm on the newsfeeds of millions of users at any given time. Not only can this work to boost your client conversion, but it can also help to establish your brand and image at the same time.

    Right now, you might be seeking to gather clients for a mass tort. Yet, no matter how genuine your intentions are or how dedicated your law firm is, if you cannot reach the people where they are, you risk being invisible.

    Some of the ways that we can promote your law firm’s success include:

    • Creating a Facebook and/or Instagram page for your firm
    • Building content that represents your services and practice areas
    • Designing dynamic ads that target social media users long after they have logged off the platform
    • Creating a custom landing page that allows PNCs to share information regarding their eligibility to participate in a mass tort
    • Following Bar marketing standards for all created content

    We wxrk with you and your team to make sure that PNCs get through your funnel and convert.

    Call X Social Media Today to Learn More

    At X Social Media, our passion is to see your law firm grow its reach across the web, while also providing you with a customized experience. We use our expert industry knowledge to review what digital marketing plan you already have in place and, from there, take measures to boost its influence.

    Each client gets their own account manager who will serve as your point person for any questions or concerns you may have as we implement your social media marketing plan. If you want to find innovative ways to attract people to your law firm through pre-qualified leads on Facebook and Instagram, call an X Social Media Xpert today at (888) 670-0006.

  • Why Is Social Media Important for Law Firms?

    Published on: 06/26/2020

    Why Is Social Media Important for Law Firms?

    There is no single reason why social media is important for law firms, but some of the reasons are that social media:

    • Identifies and engages a target audience
    • Builds brand awareness
    • Increases client leads
    • Improves ROI (return on investment)
    • Expands your business and your reach

    Social media is a valuable tool for law firms because it can attract the right potential clients that your law firm is seeking. Whether you are running an ad campaign for a specific practice area your law firm represents—or you need to promote a mass tort—social media advertising allows for a customizable approach to identify your ideal target audience.

    Social Media Helps You Reach the Right Audience

    Even by posting your website’s blogs or videos on social media, you are releasing this content to people that may already be watching your firm. According to Facebook, you can even boost Facebook posts through the platform so that your posts and content can reach new audiences that could potentially require your services.

    You may already have a fairly good understanding of social media advertising, but when you are looking for a more focused option, Facebook ads can be a possible solution. This is because Facebook ads allow you to post and target your ads based on four key traits of users, which include:

    • Geography
    • Demographics
    • Interests
    • Data that Facebook has collected on users

    All of this information allows your law firm to utilize a Facebook ad campaign that is focused on the type of target audience you want to reach. For instance, if you are specifically looking to target a product liability case in a certain city, your Facebook ad campaign could be set to only run in this location—and can even pinpoint Facebook users who have interest in the party the mass tort may be filed against.

    You can also potentially amass a larger following on social media platforms when you begin to boost Facebook posts or run ad campaigns. With more followers, you can expand your reach and likely be viewed as a credible and reliable source of information.

    Your law firm can begin to engage your target audience by simply posting your web content (like blogs and videos) on Facebook and other social media pages. In turn, you will have created an account that potential clients can turn to when they require legal services that relate to your practice areas. Your content should be engaging and relatable, answer relevant questions, and potentially resolve their legal issues.

    Social Media Can Aid in Lead Generation

    Facebook ads (and social media in general) are not only a great tool to target the right audience for your campaigns, but to also add new clients to your firm’s roster. For instance, in 2018, the American Bar Association found that 35% of law firms that used social media professionally earned new clients.

    A great way to begin the process of earning a new client is by implementing custom landing pages through your Facebook ads. When a user clicks on a Facebook ad, it can direct them to a custom landing page that may ask them several questions—typically Yes/No questions that relate directly to a practice area or a mass tort campaign.

    These questions are a great way for your law firm to identify and qualify potential leads. After the user answers the qualification questions on your law firm’s landing page, they can then provide their contact information. From here, you may have identified a potential lead, received their questionnaire answers, and can later decide whether to contact them.

    Social Media Can Help Improve Your ROI

    Social media is important for lawyers because it can also improve their ROI over time. By identifying qualified leads with Facebook ads and custom landing pages, your law firm may start to experience higher conversion rates. In turn, your law firm can experience a price advantage and increased ROI when starting a mass tort ad campaign or simply by promoting your practice areas.

    When using social media for marketing, law firms can track their ROI in a variety of ways. One way to track ROI is by looking into your website traffic when users are referred by social media sites. You can also measure your exposure over time, such as by number of followers or your law firm’s reach across the web.

    Additional metrics to consider when using social media to increase your ROI are:

    • Conversion ratings
    • Audience engagement
    • Generated leads
    • Revenue tied to social media

    Grow Your Law Firm with Facebook Ads and X Social Media

    At X Social Media, we understand just how important social media marketing is for law firms. We offer a variety of services for those looking to expand their business with Facebook ads. Every new account includes ad spending management, custom audience cultivation, dynamic ad creation, Facebook pixel implementation, and more.

    Call X Social Media today at (888) 670-0006 to get started.

  • What Is an MDL?

    Published on: 06/26/2020

    What Is an MDL?

    According to the Legal Information Institute, multidistrict litigation, also known as an MDL, is a combination of similar and individual civil lawsuits that are overseen by a single federal court. An MDL is mainly used to conserve the resources of the courts, so similar legal conflicts can be addressed at once. The outcome has the potential to influence future court rulings with related allegations.

    For example, let’s say that a faulty product has injured multiple claimants. Instead of having each case be assigned to different courts, all cases are wrapped into one case. While some claimants prefer having their individual case be recognized by itself, MDL offers many distinct benefits, including the ability for lawyers to work together, pieces of evidence shared among claimants, and cutting costs.

    Further Examples of MDL Cases

    There are several types of MDL cases that are frequently on dockets. An MDL will typically arise when many people are affected by the same product or involved in the same accident. The key for an MDL is that the cases must include one or more questions of fact.

    According to information provided by the United States Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, some MDL cases are based on:

    • A catastrophic event
    • Contract-related disputes
    • Employment practices
    • Intellectual property
    • Product liability
    • Sales practices
    • Securities

    This, of course, is not an exhaustive list of the types of cases that can be classified as an MDL.

    Social Media Advertising for MDL

    Advertising for an MDL can quickly become competitive. Many law firms have mass torts as a part of their practice area and employ measures that are designed to recruit clients long before the judicial system even recognizes a tort. For this reason, not only do you want your ads to reach as many people as possible, but you also want your ads to be based on verifiable data.

    In the digital age, many businesses (including law firms) are turning to social media advertising. These platforms not only allow your ads to be seen by millions of users at once, but also allow access to user metrics that measure ad engagement, performance, and relevancy.

    Facebook Ads

    Millions of people use Facebook every day, scrolling past an infinite number of ads during their interactions with family and friends. To make the most of your marketing budget, you want your ads to only target users who are eligible to participate in various MDLs and mass torts. Facebook allows businesses to access user data so that you can determine what is your desired demographic and implement a marketing strategy based on this information.

    For example, if your law firm wants clients to participate in a mass tort for a product that was discontinued in the early 2000s, you would not want to target your ads at users who never encountered the product during its use.

    Some information that Facebook’s user metrics allow businesses to see include:

    • What demographics are actively interacting with your ads
    • What audiences are most likely to follow up with your services based on their search history and purchase patterns
    • What ads are being clicked on versus what ads are not

    When marketing on Facebook, you even have the ability to target users in a certain geographic region, so that your content retains impact and relevancy.

    Custom Landing Pages

    Once a user clicks on your Facebook ads, they can be directed to a landing page, which prompts the user with various questions regarding their eligibility to partake in legal actions. Your law firm can create a customized landing page based on the details of the MDL you are undertaking.

    Some questions that you may ask on your landing page could include:

    • The date of when a user sustained injuries or damages associated with a negligent party
    • User demographics that are not provided by Facebook, including age, gender, and race
    • Contact information, which can be later used to follow-up with the potential client either via email or over the phone

    A customized landing page allows your law firm to weed out qualified clients from those who have limited eligibility.

    Grow Your Law Firm with a Legal Advertising Agency

    At X Social Media, we consider ourselves digital marketing experts. Not only can we implement various advertising strategies on Facebook, but we can also integrate ad creation onto Instagram.

    We understand that right now, you may have a law firm that wishes to get more clients to participate in an MDL. As the advertising landscape adjusts to current marketing trends, one element is clear: advertising on social media has unique benefits that are not associated with traditional forms of advertising.

    When you call one of our Xperts at X Social Media, our goal is to create a unique marketing strategy that is designed to put you ahead of the competition. We use our expert industry knowledge to determine your target audience and launch a campaign that resonates with them.

    If you want your law firm to engage in innovative ways to attract more people to your law firm through pre-qualified leads on Facebook and Instagram, call the X Social Media team today at (888) 670-0006.

  • What Are 3 Ways to Qualify a PNC?

    Published on: 06/26/2020

    What Are 3 Ways to Qualify a PNC?

    Law firms can qualify or even disqualify a potential new client (PNC) using custom landing pages in three ways:
    • Begin with 3-4 simple starter questions
    • Ask focused questions
    • Collect contact information (e.g., name, phone number, address, email, etc.)

    Landing pages are a sufficient tool used to qualify a potential new client, or a “qualified lead,” because they include focused questions that relate to your ad campaign’s purpose or theme.

    When your law firm wxrks with our legal marketing agency to generate custom, super effective landing pages, your vision is represented to your liking. By working closely with one of our designers, you can approve the layout, design, and questioning used to turn page visitors into clients.

    If your law firm is running an ad campaign on mass torts covering a specific medication that has caused serious side effects, landing pages with these three guidelines can help you qualify or disqualify a PNC, based on their responses. Our custom landing pages go beyond asking the visitor for contact information, as only asking for a client’s contact information will not help your law firm know whether they are a PNC with proper qualifications.

    Create Custom Landing Pages With Starter Questions

    To begin qualifying a PNC, you need to attract people to your law firm’s website. Online ads should include a call to action (CTA) that directs the user to click on your ad. From here, the ad will take the user to a custom landing page, which will represent your law firm and the ad campaign you are focusing on.

    A PNC can start being qualified with roughly three or four simple Yes/No questions. For example, if you are running a mass tort campaign on a recalled knee replacement system, the custom landing page may ask the following starter questions:

    • “Have you had knee replacement surgery before?”
    • “What year was your knee replacement surgery?”
    • “Have you had a knee replacement revision surgery or discussed one with a doctor?”

    From here, the user can submit their Yes/No questions and potentially move further in your custom landing pages to questions that are more focused to the ad campaign.

    Enhance Custom Landing Pages With Focused Questions

    When looking into creating focused questions for a custom landing page, it is best to ask specific questions related to your practice area or mass tort. For instance, these focused questions may ask about a side effect to a medication or injury to target a key demographic.

    These responses can give your law firm a better idea of the PNC you are working with, and you can determine if they are qualified for your services.

    Always Try to Obtain the PNC’s Contact Information

    The third way to qualify a PNC is by obtaining their contact information. This process allows you to further message the PNC after they have completed answering focused questions on your custom landing page. This step also allows you to contact them if you feel they are qualified for a consultation.

    This approach will not only help your law firm intake more PNCs and qualified leads, but it can also increase your conversion rates from page visitors to clients. By using active custom landing pages with dynamic content and questioning, visitors can become invested in filling out a submission form to your law firm.

    Using Facebook Ads With Custom Landing Pages

    When using Facebook ads, these links can directly transfer visitors to your custom landing pages once they have clicked on your ad. Much like custom landing pages, Facebook ads can be designed to your law firm’s liking while still remaining focused on a practice area or mass tort.

    With 1.6 billion people around the world connected to a small business on Facebook, ads on this platform present a valuable opportunity to reach and educate PNCs. The more a PNC reacts and invests in your ads, the more likely they will be qualified for your law firm’s services.

    By focusing on both your law firm’s practice areas and mass torts, our legal marketing agency’s Facebook ad management helps you generate more qualified leads with higher conversion rates. We can tell an engaging story revolving around a practice area or mass tort through dynamic content creation, your law firm’s Facebook ads, and custom landing pages. This allows us to create content entirely around the PNC, which relates to your branding, creative material, and questionnaires.

    Filter Qualified Leads for Your Law Firm With X Social Media Today

    At X Social Media, our Facebook ad agency’s specific focus on a law firm’s various practice areas and mass torts has helped us find potential new clients for law firms. Our qualified lead generation services are optimized for high conversion rates, and our ability to create hyper-focused Facebook ads helps support your ROI.

    Call X Social Media today at (888) 670-0006 or contact us online to begin a new campaign order.

  • How Does the Facebook Pixel Work?

    Published on: 06/26/2020

    How Does the Facebook Pixel Work?

    According to Facebook itself, Facebook pixels work by collecting online data when users access your website and perform an action. With law firms, this could potentially include when a user reads a practice area blog, completes a contact form, or when they access a landing page.

    Facebook pixels are also used as a method of measuring the success of Facebook ads, as the data the pixel reports can inform you of when a potential client takes action after seeing an advertisement.

    Essentially, Facebook pixels are used as codes within your law firm’s page that allow you to:

    • Measure the success of cross-device ads in relation to client conversions
    • Expose your ads to the right individuals that are likely in need of your services
    • Build new, custom audiences
    • Discover information about your website’s traffic

    Facebook allows users to implement up to 100 pixels on a piece of media. However, depending on the needs of your law firm, this may not be necessary.

    Facebook Pixels on Custom Landing Pages and Websites

    For the Facebook pixel to work, your law firm will need to implement the pixels on both your custom landing pages and across your website. From here, the cookies embedded in the Facebook pixel can go to work by tracking your website users while they collect information from your various pages.

    These cookies will also track users while they navigate your entire website. The cookies can even collect data on how users interact with your customized Facebook ads. Today, Facebook uses a custom audience pixel. This tool can also be used to track conversions while also segmenting your users based on the actions they have taken across your website or custom landing pages.

    But first, your law firm will need to establish who is the audience you are trying to reach through your marketing campaign. After this is completed, you can begin to optimize your Facebook ads so that they match your desired demographic.

    How Law Firms Can Use Facebook Pixels

    Many law firms choose to create their own marketing strategies in-house with various results. Some find that a limited client base serves the needs of their firm. Others want to learn more about how innovative marketing practices can expand their practice through digital media.

    An additional benefit of the Facebook pixel is that it allows you to view user data and then convert it into tangible marketing strategies. Facebook has created a list of 17 “standard events,” which are actions website users take on your site. Your law firm can also create your own customized actions to be traced.

    Here are Facebook’s 17 pixel actions you can trace on your website:

    • Add payment info: collecting a user’s payment information
    • Add to cart: adding an item into your electronic shopping cart
    • Add to wish list: adding an item to your wish list
    • Complete registration: client provides information in exchange for a service from your law firm
    • Contact: a method of communication between your law firm and a client
    • Customize product: using a configuration tool to customize products
    • Donate: donating money or funds to an organization or charity
    • Find location: helping potential clients find your location via the web
    • Initiate checkout: begins a checkout process
    • Lead: contacting a potential client at a later date
    • Purchase: receiving confirmation after a purchase
    • Schedule: booking a time to visit or for an appointment
    • Search: using a search bar to perform searches within your website
    • Start trial: an option to begin a free trial service
    • Submit application: allowing users to submit an application for services or products
    • Subscribe: beginning a paid subscription plan
    • View content: an option to see if someone visits your page’s URL

    If successful, the implementation of the Facebook pixel into your digital marketing strategy can boost your online presence and attract potential clients to your law firm.

    Get More Qualified Candidates Using Facebook Ads with X Social Media

    When looking into the implementation of Facebook ads for your law firm, consider the Facebook pixel. The pixel can even help you create more effective Facebook ads because of the data it collects on your current website with embedded cookies. The Facebook tracking pixel can help you target your ads to the right people.

    If your law firm is interested in running Facebook ads or creating a Facebook pixel, call X Social Media today at (888) 670-0006.

  • penil

    Published on: 06/26/2020

    How Do I Promote My Law Firm?

    There are many ways in which you can promote your law firm, such as advertising on television or on the internet. However, by using online ads—such as on Facebook and Instagram—your law firm may be able to lower your cost per acquisition compared to running conventional television ads.

    Once your law firm has a website built, you are ready to begin promoting with content creation. Content such as blogs, landing pages, videos, and other media can promote your firm across the web—to grow your firm’s reach. When looking to promote your law firm to a specific region or group of people, Facebook can be used to send your custom ads to those users’ timelines.

    Law Firm Marketing with Facebook Ads

    Business Insider

    reports that Facebook has amassed 2.3 billion users worldwide. According to Facebook, 1.6 billion of those users are connected to a business on the platform. With so many potential clients available through your law firm’s exposure on Facebook, it presents an opportunity to educate those users about your law firm’s practice areas or mass torts.

    By engaging with potential clients on Facebook and Instagram, you will begin to grow your business. Facebook helps law firms grow by allowing ads to be targeted based on:

    • Demographics
    • Interests
    • Location
    • Contact information

    With so many users across the planet, your law firm will be able to expand your reach to new potential clients in your service area. This can be utilized to your law firm’s advantage, especially when looking to advertise a mass tort campaign.

    For instance, your law firm can use Facebook ads to create a custom advertisement that is targeted to match the interests of people who may be affected by a mass tort. This could potentially include a drug, pharmaceutical product, product liability case, etc. By doing so, your law firm can potentially generate more qualified leads with higher conversion rates.

    You can also promote your law firm by advertising rich content on Facebook. When using relatable imagery with authentic messages about your law firm, Facebook can become a storytelling medium for your business. These ads can also be used to guide your potential clients to custom landing pages.

    Custom Landing Pages for Law Firms

    Another way to promote your law firm is to incorporate custom landing pages via social media or from your website itself. Custom landing pages can be designed to meet a client’s specific needs using related questionnaires, branding, dramatic images, and more.

    A custom landing page is the site that your potential client lands on after clicking on your advertisement. From here, your law firm can filter out leads with a qualification process built into your landing pages. Some landing pages can include questionnaires that relate to a specific practice area or a mass tort campaign. After answering several questions, the potential client can provide you with their contact information.

    Custom landing pages are a tool used to promote your law firm that can potentially convert page visitors into clients. These pages also present an opportunity for your law firm to show its vision with custom graphics, messages, or any other content that you would like featured.

    Build Your Website with Quality Content

    An effective way to promote your law firm is by utilizing your own website as well. You can do this by publishing content, which potential clients can refer to for knowledge while viewing your law firm as the expert. For every practice area your law firm offers, your website can include:

    • Web page content
    • Blogs addressing specific practice areas
    • How-to articles
    • Legal news articles

    These blogs, articles, and web pages can all include specific calls to action to further promote your law firm. Each call to action can be either a link on the web page or written copy within the content.

    Your law firm may also consider search engine optimization (SEO) when building your website. Your SEO refers to your website’s search ranking on major search engines like Google. To improve your SEO, begin by creating a new and effective website design. You may also be able to grow your website’s organic search traffic by including popular keywords within your blogs and other web content.

    Grow Your Law Firm with Facebook Ads

    If your law firm is ready to start identifying more qualified leads with Facebook, X Social Media can help. Our team of ad specialists will help you take your vision to social media, with active Facebook posts and custom landing pages that reach potential new clients at scale.

    Our Xperts are waiting to discuss your law firm’s advertising goals and budget. To get started, call X Social Media today at (888) 670-0006.

  • Are Lawyers Allowed to Advertise?

    Published on: 06/26/2020

    Are Lawyers Allowed to Advertise?

    Yes, lawyers are allowed to advertise, but there are several rules and regulations by which law firms must abide. For instance, state and national Bar Associations dictate what exactly a firm can say in specific formats of media. For instance, the American Bar Association (ABA) lists out advertising rules in the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct. Rule 7.1 states that lawyers may not falsify their services while advertising.

    The ABA’s Rule 7.2 states that lawyers have the right to advertise their services through any media, along with other regulations that address compensation for recommending a lawyer’s services, giving gifts for appreciation, identifying yourself as a certified specialist, and identifying your law firm in ads.

    The ruling of Bates v. Arizona State Bar resulted in the Supreme Court determining that legal advertising was protected under the First Amendment, as affirmed by the Legal Information Institute.

    How Lawyers Can Advertise

    There are a variety of ways in which lawyers can advertise, but it is important to note that your state bar association can regulate legal advertising as well. Some common ways for law firms to advertise include:

    • Television ads
    • Billboards
    • Radio ads
    • Print ads
    • Direct mail
    • Law firm websites
    • Social media
    • Referral services

    Your law firm’s website and social media are two great places to begin advertising because they allow you to connect directly with your current and potential clients. By using blogs, videos, social media posts, and ads, your law firm can begin to attract new clients to your business by providing leads with information or services they might need.

    Leads could potentially become clients if you utilize inbound marketing to your landing page through social media platforms. When you are trying to attract the right customers to your law firm—such as ones affected by a similar personal injury or mass tort—you should produce relevant content on your website and social media platforms.

    Once you have created digital content such as blogs or videos, you can begin to share them across social media, to filter more page visitors directly to your landing page.

    Using Facebook to Advertise Law Firms

    Law firms use advertisements for many reasons, one of which likely includes growing their business. The goal of Facebook ads is to do just that—and the features incorporated within Facebook make it simple and effective for law firms to grow their reach online.

    When your law firm begins working with Facebook’s interface to produce ads, the possibilities are seemingly endless when it comes to reaching a target audience. That is because Facebook ads allow you to target an audience based on a user’s:

    • Geography
    • Demographics
    • Personal interests
    • Behavior data provided by Facebook

    Facebook ads allow law firms to circulate hyper-focused advertisements that reach the right audiences, at the right time. When a mass tort begins scouting participating clients, your law firm can create the Facebook ad and choose the exact locale in which you would like to advertise, which helps your ROI (return on investment).

    Ad Tracking on Facebook

    You can also track how effective your Facebook ads are, instead of doing the guesswork often required by other modes of advertising. Facebook allows you to track how successful an ad is in real time, which you cannot do with print ads or even TV ads. When data is available this quickly, you can make any needed changes to your ad campaigns quickly as well.

    Ad Engagement on Facebook

    Facebook ads also allow you to engage with your target audience. Once a user clicks on your Facebook ad, it can direct them to your law firm’s custom landing page (which can be used to further pinpoint qualified leads). Your firm can also establish credibility via social media (or on your own website) by connecting with potential clients via postings or by using your legal knowledge to answer questions.

    Educate Potential Clients with X Social Media

    Now that you know how lawyers are allowed to advertise, you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

    At X Social Media, we specialize in designing and implementing Facebook ad campaigns for the legal industry. Our team of in-house ad specialists creates your ads and your campaigns with your law firm’s vision and approval every step of the way.

    To learn more about X Social Media’s Facebook advertising opportunities—and other legal marketing services we offer—call us today at (888) 670-0006.

  • macbook

    Published on: 06/26/2020

    Why a Feedback Loop Is So Important in Mass Tort Marketing

    In marketing, a feedback loop is essentially the process of using potential customers’ responses to ads to determine which ads get results for your business and which ones do not.

    Feedback loops have the ability to:

    • Gain real-time visibility into ad performance
    • Change ads in accordance with user interaction and reach
    • Monitor ad spending across multiple media channels
    • Give insight into cost-per-lead and ad spending
    • Offers a look into key performance indicators (KPIs), including total ad spending, signed cases versus declined cases, and other valuable metrics

    With mass tort marketing, Facebook ads have become a helpful tool that law firms can use to grow their legal practice. The site’s unique user metrics, data analysis, and access to user information allow you to take data-backed action in real-time.

    Law firms that are seeking to supercharge their legal advertising results can look to feedback loops as a potential solution. This tool can also help law firms determine an advertising approach to increase their number of qualified clients.

    The Benefits of Using Feedback Loops For Mass Tort Marketing

    Feedback loops can make marketing more efficient for law firms looking to grow their mass tort practice by focusing on data, monitoring ad performance, conducting routine testing, and more.

    Here are a handful of benefits your law firm can enjoy by using feedback loops for mass tort marketing:

    Keeping an Eye on Performance

    The most important goal of mass tort marketing is to determine how many qualified clients turn into signed cases. With feedback loop marketing, you can focus on what matters most by monitoring the performance of your ads.

    Feedback loop marketing solutions include in-depth dashboard reporting tools, which helps keep all of your performance data organized. You do not have to switch back and forth between analysis programs to gain insight into the effectiveness of your various ad campaigns.

    Omnichannel Coverage

    Law firms can utilize feedback loops across their media channels with Facebook, Instagram, Google, and more. This allows you to arrange ad-tracking data and spending with one solution.

    Unified Data Collection

    You want consistent ad campaigns across various social media programs. You do not want to send mixed messages about your services to users as they interact with your ads on different social media sites. Unified data collection allows for consistent ad taxonomy to ensure that your message and brand remain the same across all platforms.

    Real-time Case Cost Analysis

    Feedback loops allow you to react to data and case costs in real-time, which is helpful for law firms that publish many different ads for mass torts. The user-friendly feedback loop dashboard can also allow your law firm to react quickly to cost-per-lead changes in marketing campaign costs.

    Every report that is located within the feedback loop updates in real-time as new case data gets funneled into the system. This can save your law firm time and effort so you can focus more on turning leads into clients.

    Continuous Testing

    The moment you publish an ad to a social media site, you want to know whether or not it’s going to reach users, promote engagement, and ultimately increase your bottom line. Continuous testing lets you do that. Feedback looping allows your law firm to test paid media campaigns time and time again while using real-time tracking. This data allows you to identify ads that have the potential to increase your firm’s overall reach.

    Lower Client Acquisition Costs

    Spending too much money on acquiring clients can hurt your business in the long run. A feedback loop shows you exactly where your law firm should be investing its marketing money to maximize conversions while also cutting wasteful spending.

    Easy to Install

    Feedback loops allow for quick and easy access with its hosted service and minimal application programming interface (API) connection. For easy access, your law firm can see data on a multitude of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

    X Social Media Feedback Loop

    Designed to optimize your end results, the X Social Feedback Loop identifies the best-performing paid media campaigns and ads in your media mix in real-time. This allows your law firm’s overall marketing performance to increase based on actual real-time data, not guesswork.

    Fast data feedback helps X Social Media managers wxrk in a nimble, focused environment, which can help save your law firm valuable campaign money.

    To find out more about how our Xperts can help, call our team at X Social Media at (888) 670-0006.

  • church

    Published on: 06/26/2020

    Are Churches Behind More Mass Torts? Mormon and Catholic Churches Ties to Mass Torts

    Back in 2002, The Boston Globe unleashed a story that highlighted sexual abuse from Catholic priests, which led to a wave of mass torts and class-action lawsuits.

    Just recently, in 2019, The Associated Press (AP) reported that a string of sexual abuse cases surfaced against the Catholic Church, which could end up costing the church more than $4 billion in legal fees. When abuse does take place, victims can file a personal injury lawsuit against the church. AP also reported that, in the past two years, 15 states revised their statute of limitations laws to be either suspended or extended. These revisions allow child sexual abuse victims to file a sexual abuse claim against the Catholic Church even if the alleged sexual abuse occurred decades prior.

    This is leading to new cases and mass torts popping up across the United States. Until recent years, younger victims of abuse at the hands of either Mormon or Catholic churches could not file a lawsuit if they did not bring up their claim within the statute of limitations, which in many states was two years.

    Mormon and Catholic Churches Battle Against Sexual Abuse Claims

    While the First Amendment watches over churches for government intrusion, it cannot hold back sexual abuse victims from bringing up a lawsuit against them. With some states instilling new statute of limitations laws, Mormon and Catholic Church sexual abuse mass torts may continue to spike.

    The Mormon church, also known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), has faced its own troubles with sexual abuse cases. Most recently, the Mormon church was handed a class-action lawsuit that claims their church is a “scheme of lies.” Furthermore, a recent report from VICE News found that the Mormon church has funneled sexual abuse claims directly to clergy lawyers only and not to law enforcement.

    Mass Torts and Class-Action Lawsuits Against Churches Reveal Sexual Abuse History

    There have been many mass torts and class-action lawsuits filed against both the Catholic and Mormon churches over the years. In the Catholic Church, over 7,000 priests or clerics have been accused of sexual abuse toward minors between 1950 and 2019.

    Back in 2018, a Pennsylvania grand jury determined the Catholic Church protected over 300 priests who were sexually abusing victims. The case also revealed that over 1,000 young victims were identified. The church created an environment that allowed for priests to get away with sexual abuse while the crimes were never reported properly to law enforcement.

    Victims Can Pursue Sexual Abuse Settlements Against Churches

    When victims pursue a mass tort for sexual abuse against churches, financial compensation may become a source of justice. While money will not heal any deep wounds from sexual abuse, it can help survivors pay for current or future medical expenses they may experience due to the abuse. Financial compensation may also support a sexual abuse victim with pain and suffering or even for damaged personal relationships.

    Over the years, there have been some large settlement payouts for victims of sexual abuse in churches. For instance, an archdiocese in St. Paul, Minnesota, paid out $210 million to abuse victims back in 2018, according to NBC News. That same year, the New York Post reported that an archdiocese paid 278 abuse victims nearly $60 million within the past two years. Back in 2015, an archdiocese in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, agreed to a settlement package with 330 sexual abuse survivors. The settlement reached $21 million and also included a $500,000 therapy fund, according to The New York Times.

    Settlements over the years against churches have continued to result in massive payout for survivors, as exemplified by the cases mentioned. Ultimately, financial compensation can help sexual abuse victims find justice.

    Educate Potential Clients on Mass Torts With X Social Media

    At X Social Media, our legal industry practice uses Facebook to increase your law firm’s number of qualified clients. We also use social media to educate and inform potential clients on new mass torts, such as sexual abuse from churches. Our qualified lead generation program is designed to advertise around mass torts and lead to higher conversion rates. X Social Media can also support your law firm with dynamic content creation, custom landing pages, custom audience creation, and more.

    Call X Social Media today at (888) 670-0006 or contact one of our XPerts online with your advertising goals and monthly budget information.

  • scout

    Published on: 06/25/2020

    The Boy Scouts Bankruptcy Filing and What This Means For Mass Torts

    Potential plaintiffs might have less time to file claims or bring lawsuits against the Boy Scouts of America for sexual abuse because the organization filed for bankruptcy. There are about 300 lawsuits against the Boy Scouts of America from now-adult men who claim that they were sexually abused while in the Boy Scouts.

    Time Limits and Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

    In the past, the statute of limitations of each state controlled how much time a person had to file a sexual abuse lawsuit. Often, the deadline is only a few years. The deadline would pass without the people responsible for sexually abusing children having to answer for their actions. A child cannot file a lawsuit, and many children did not tell their parents about their abuse—or they were not believed when they (tragically) did inform their parents.

    In response to the public outrage about the Catholic Church and other large organizations getting away with protecting these sexual predators, some state legislatures passed laws that allow some sexual abuse victims to sue their abusers years later—when the victims became adults. For example, the New York State Senate passed the Child Victims Act, which opens a “look-back window” that allows victims of childhood abuse one year to pursue justice. Many victims finally get a chance to hold abusers accountable.

    Insurance Coverage for Sexual Abuse Claims

    Some groups, like the Boy Scouts, relied on their liability insurance to pay claimants who alleged sexual abuse. Eventually, the insurers refused to cover subsequent claims, saying that the insurance policy required the Boy Scouts to notify the insurance company of potential claims. Insurers say that the Boys Scouts was aware of the sexual abuse but did not provide the required notification of events that could lead to liability claims.

    The Assets and Revenues of the Boy Scouts Organizations

    Without the liability insurance coverage footing the bill for the sexual predators within the youth organization, the Boy Scouts has to pay litigation costs and out-of-court settlements out of its own funds. The entity had revenues exceeding $285 million a year, based on a recent tax return—according to National Public Radio (NPR) reporting. The organization’s total assets are more than $1.4 billion. Local clubs and related groups have around $3.3 billion in assets.

    The Bankruptcy Case

    NPR states that the Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy and set up a trust fund to pay claimants. As with any bankruptcy case, creditors will have a deadline by which they must submit claims to the court. Depending on the deadline the court approves, a sexual abuse victim might have less time than he might otherwise have to bring a formal claim for compensation.

    The Boy Scouts filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. There are several different types of bankruptcy, and each kind has different rules. Under a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the debtor (the Boy Scouts, in this case) gets to spread out its payments to creditors over time. The Boy Scouts can reorganize its business and stay open during this process.

    The National Chair of the Boy Scouts of America, Jim Turley, acknowledged in a public letter to people who were victimized while in the Scouts that some volunteers and employees ignored the organization’s procedures or looked the other way. Turley called these acts heinous and unforgivable. NPR reports that he said that the Boy Scouts “failed the very children [they] were supposed to protect.”

    Turley expressed outrage at the actions of those volunteers and employees and apologized to the victims. He said that the organization is setting up a trust fund and urged victims to file claims for compensation.

    How the Boy Scouts Bankruptcy Affects Sexual Abuse Claimants

    Mass tort lawyers can help to get the word out to potential plaintiffs that there is a compensation fund, and they have only a limited time to file claims. If a victim does not file a claim by the deadline, there might not be sufficient funds remaining to pay compensation. Also, the Boy Scouts of America could dissolve the organization—even though only they filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case.

    X Social Media Can Help You Reach Potential Mass Tort Plaintiffs

    We can design and build a marketing campaign that goes after potential plaintiffs who might have a sexual abuse claim against the Boy Scouts of America. Time is critical because of existing statutes of limitations and similar time limits or “look-back windows”—like that of New York’s.

    X Social Media is an advertising agency that specializes in Facebook and Instagram marketing strategies and implementation. We can create original content that educates the public about the Boy Scouts’ trust fund for claimants and guides potential plaintiffs to your website.

    We help lawyers all across America grow their law practices through targeted advertising. Whether you want to generate brand new leads or market to entirely new demographics, we can help.

    At X Social Media we take pride in delivering top-shelf service to our clients. Every client has a Dedicated Digital Marketing Manager—your Xpert—who works directly with your firm. Our work can capture information about leads and direct interested individuals to your website, or a landing page we can create for your specific mass tort case.

    Call us today at (888) 670-0006 to get started.

  • lawyer

    Published on: 06/25/2020

    Do Facebook Ads Work for Lawyers?

    If your law firm is just starting out with social media, such as Facebook or Instagram, you may ask yourself, “Do Facebook ads really work for lawyers?”

    The answer is yes.

    There are about 214 million Americans who use Facebook. That is a large percentage of the entire U.S. population. Because there are so many Americans using Facebook on a regular basis, it presents a great opportunity for law firms to advertise their practice while educating current and potential clients.

    Per the Facebook Help Center, a user’s activity will influence when they are seeing ads from an advertiser on Facebook which could potentially benefit your law firm. Facebook shows ads to users that they feel will interest them based on:

    • A user’s activity with all Facebook products
    • A user’s activity with other businesses
    • A user’s location

    Lawyers can tailor their ads to these three stipulations that Facebook uses when dishing out ads across a user’s timeline. But before you begin running ad campaigns, you need to ensure that your law firm’s Facebook page is regularly posting rich content. Blogs are a great tool for law firms as they can educate and promote clients on your practice.

    You can also boost a Facebook post, which could include a blog from your law firm or other marketing content. By boosting a post, your law firm may gain more exposure for your content while also potentially reaching new audiences in various locations, depending on where your target location is set.

    Keys to Facebook Advertising for Lawyers

    Facebook ads are focused on targeting users based on their demographics, location, and interests. When you run a Facebook ad, you can choose the exact location in which you are looking to promote your law firm. From there, you can identify a specific age group, gender, languages, and other details about your target audience.

    Lawyers can also advertise with Facebook based on a user’s interests. This means you can target your ads directly to people who may potentially need your legal services based on your practice areas. You can even identify where you would like your ads to be placed on Facebook, such as on a timeline or with Facebook Page Stories.

    Your Facebook ads should be as entertaining as possible, as social media users typically use it for entertainment purposes. The tone of your ads is also key, along with the content type you are promoting. When running a Facebook ad, look for trends in how users engage with your ads.

    Above all, Facebook ads should include a message, a benefit, and a call to action. You will want the user to take the next steps by either calling your law firm or by filling out a contact information sheet to get the on-boarding process started. You should keep branding, marketing, and sales tactics in mind when you release an ad campaign.

    Videos and optimized images will also help your Facebook ads stick out and become more memorable to a user. Per a Facebook for Business post, Facebook even provides access to millions of stock photos that can potentially help more users connect with your ads.

    Build New Audiences with Facebook Ads

    Facebook ads can potentially help your law firm with both prospecting and building new audiences online. Additionally, Facebook’s Custom Audiences created from customer lists allow lawyers to connect with users who have already shown interest in their firm through social media. From there, lawyers can start to retarget their audiences with new marketing content. Once you pick a specific audience you want to target with ads, you can begin to use Facebook for both retargeting and prospecting. With the right audience in mind, you can begin to run appropriate Facebook ad campaigns that connect with them.

    Run Facebook Ad Campaigns with X Social Media Today

    Facebook ads do work for lawyers. To learn more about all the advertising possibilities for your law firm with Facebook ads, contact X Social Media today. One of our main goals is to help your law firm get more qualified leads by using Facebook ads.

    Not only can we help lawyers find their right target audience with Facebook ads, we can also assist with content creation for your social media accounts. Even if you do not have a Facebook page, X Social Media will create one that is tailored to your law firm with custom landing pages. Call an X Social Media Facebook Xpert today at (888) 670-0006 for more information.

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    Published on: 06/25/2020

    Why Are Facebook Reviews Important?

    Facebook reviews are important because of the power they have on influencing how other people conduct business. People who interacted with your business have the chance to convey their experience to others by leaving a review on this social media platform.

    Positive or negative, Facebook reviews can make or break your commercial goals. With millions of Americans logging into Facebook every day, a Facebook review can be their first impression of your business and determine whether they will follow through with your services.

    Facebook allows business owners to report written reviews that they believe do not accurately represent their services. However, in the event that a business’s overall star rating is low, there is not much they can do. For this reason, some businesses forgo having Facebook reviews altogether.

    Why Facebook Reviews Matter

    When it comes to researching a product or service, more people are turning to their smartphones than ever before. According to an article published by Forbes in which they surveyed Facebook users, 84% of participants reported that they trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations.

    Customer satisfaction with your firm is easily conveyed to others through the Facebook review process. Leaving feedback—whether positive or negative—is a voluntary action that consumers take to evaluate a business. With Facebook, consumers can leave a written review and/or apply up to five-stars rating their experience.

    Facebook prominently displays the reviews, making it essential that your page is closely monitored for this important form of customer feedback. Positive reviews identify what you are doing right, and negative reviews alert you to potential issues with customer service. Addressing a negative review immediately is a proactive approach to protecting your firm’s reputation.

    Facebook Community Standards

    Understanding the rationale behind a negative review is not always easy, and some negative reviews can be either inaccurate or unfair. Recommendations and reviews for businesses must follow the Community Standards set by Facebook.

    These include:

    • The feedback must focus on the services the business offers.
    • The review or recommendation is based upon the personal experience of the person leaving the feedback.
    • The person leaving the feedback should not serve as an administrator of the businesses’ Facebook page.

    Violating Community Standards can result in the review or recommendation being removed from your page by Facebook.

    X Social Media, LLC Specializes in Legal Marketing & Facebook

    No matter where you are with your firm’s Facebook page, we can help. From establishing a page to enhancing what already exists, X Social Media can work to meet your business goals.

    Our team works with clients throughout the United States. Our focus is on the creation of Facebook and Instagram advertising that reaches and resonates with clients searching for legal assistance in mass torts.

    Some of the tasks our team can perform include:

    • Building a Facebook or Instagram page designed to outline your firm’s services.
    • Designing original content for these pages.
    • Improving your existing website or social media page.
    • Using search engine optimization (SEO) tools to boost your firm’s name in a web search.
    • Analyzing user data to determine how effectively your marketing strategies are reaching people, and then moving forward with a plan of action to address those needs.
    • Targeting your desired demographic, and then moving forward with a related marketing strategy.

    At X Social Media LLC, our team develops authentic content designed to generate leads for your firm. With approximately 214 million Americans on Facebook, having your law firm present in the online market is of crucial importance. In the digital age, if you are not present on social media, you risk being inaccessible to thousands of potential clients.

    Call X Social Media Today

    Facebook reviews are important when it comes to attracting new clients. The increased reliance on social media reviews for finding products and services are transforming the way we view online marketing.

    With more than 300 clients and over 33,000 leads generated, X Social Media, LLC takes great pride in the individual attention we give each client. Each account has an account manager to give your business the attention it deserves.

    Account managers begin by listening to your goals and needs, then relay this information to a team dedicated to integrating your brand, creating landing pages, and implementing advertising strategies specific to Facebook audiences.

    Facebook is one of the most widely used social media channels. Do not let your competition pass you by. Contact X Social Media, LLC now to start utilizing Facebook to attract new clients today.

    To speak with one of our Xperts, call us at (888) 670-0006.

  • Published on: 06/25/2020

    Is Facebook Advertising Effective for Lawyers?

    As a form of marketing, Facebook advertising is effective for lawyers as part of a greater strategic plan to reach potential clients. According to Facebook, there are 50 million active business pages that receive over 2.5 billion comments each month alone. Forbes reports that this number is only expected to increase as time goes on.

    What this information tells us is that digital marketing is booming. To reach a wide number of prospective clients, many law firms are establishing themselves on various social media with promising results.

    Benefits of Facebook Advertising

    Facebook has features that make itself more conducive to online marketing than other social media platforms.

    Some of these advantages include:

    • Offering data and analysis of user information
    • Facebook’s microtargeting capabilities, which allows you to zero in on your desired demographic
    • Having your advertisements seen by thousands (if not millions) of users in any given day
    • Allowing you to create a page that includes reviews, customer feedback, contact information, office hours, and additional information
    • Using dynamic ads to keep them fresh in the minds of those who already viewed them, improving your conversion rate
    • Increasing your chances of being found in a traditional search engine query

    With 81% of the U.S. population being active on Facebook, this audience is too large to ignore. While you may have your own personal Facebook page for keeping in touch with friends and family, a business Facebook page has its own place in the social media world.

    How to Advertise your Law Firm’s Services Online

    You may have a law firm that seeks to help claimants participate in mass torts. While you may be ready to go to court and fight for justice, you may be facing one problem: your law firm is not getting the desired results from your current marketing strategy. To expand your client base, you should consider having a social media presence. In the digital age of smartphones and round-the-clock internet access, most users get their information from online sources.

    The Pew Research Center reports that only 10% of adults do not use the internet, meaning that an overwhelming population relies on the web for a majority of their services and information. While you might see results by advertising on the radio, print media, and cable television, these traditional marketing trends are slowly on the way out.

    When making the decision to work with a digital marketing agency, here are some elements you may want to consider:

    • How much you want to spend on advertising
    • What other marketing strategies you would like to emulate or implement
    • Current short and long-term goals
    • A timeline for meeting those goals
    • Your brand’s voice and original content

    When you partner with X Social Media, you can take the first steps towards connecting with the public and establishing your online presence.

    Advertising on Facebook for Increased Reach and Engagement

    At X Social Media, we help businesses by targeting—and retargeting—audiences seeking information about your services. By working with you, we identify key information relating to your desired demographic and then develop new ways to create advertisements that resonate with them.

    Our team uses a variety of social media marketing techniques to promote your law firm’s online presence.

    This includes:

    • Building a website or social media page for your firm
    • Making improvements to your existing pages
    • Generating leads that could boost your conversion rate
    • Directing potential clients from your social media pages to your firm’s website
    • Assigning each account their own manager for quality assurance
    • Implementing marketing strategies that promote your mission and brand name

    Our goal is to turn your everyday Facebook user into a client for your firm. If you are looking to increase your clientele, you could benefit from working with X Social Media.

    Using Facebook Advertisements to Target Potential Law Firm Clients

    When Facebook first started in 2004, it was difficult to imagine the impact the platform would have on advertising and business visibility. Today, Facebook welcomes approximately 500,000 new users every day, with as many as six new profiles added every second.

    These stats are often overwhelming to those who only use Facebook for personal use. At X Social Media, we know how to streamline Facebook advertising campaigns that target potential clients for mass tort litigation.

    The complexity of reaching target audiences in a geo-specific area can be difficult to do without working knowledge of Facebook’s algorithms. Thankfully, our team provides Facebook advertising services designed for your local audience.

    Facebook users in and around your specific area may not realize they could participate in a mass tort case for example––let alone know that it even exists. Using Facebook ads to educate users about class action lawsuits is just one of the many ways you can begin investing in your marketing plan.

    Trust X Social Media for Your Facebook Advertising Needs

    X Social Media has expert industry knowledge to utilize your advertising dollars to reach more people. Our goal is to generate content that results in quality leads for you.

    As a lawyer, you have enough on your plate by serving your local community. You may not have the time to navigate the ever-changing social media world or develop an in-house marketing strategy. When you work with our team, you can leave that to us.

    To learn more about how X Social Media can take your Facebook account from just a page to an important marketing tool, contact us today at (888) 670-0006.

  • Published on: 06/25/2020

    What Role Does the FDA Play in Mass Torts?

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a federal government agency that plays an essential role in mass torts. Many of the items that become the subject of mass tort lawsuits fall under the regulation of the FDA.

    The FDA’s job is to make sure that products that get sold in the United States are safe for consumers in the following categories:

    • Our nation’s food supply
    • Drugs intended for use by humans
    • Veterinary drugs
    • Tobacco products
    • Medical devices
    • Cosmetics
    • Biological products
    • Radioactive products

    The FDA is supposed to regulate how companies make, market, and distribute products.

    The FDA can request that a corporation issue a voluntary recall of an item if the company:

    • Produces a product in a shoddy manner to the extent that the item is dangerous when the consumer uses it as directed
    • Contains contaminated ingredients or substances that are inherently harmful
    • Makes deceptive claims in its marketing about how effective the product is
    • Fails to disclose known problems with the product
    • Does not provide accurate information for doctors and patients to make an informed decision about drugs and medical devices

    If the corporation refuses to issue a voluntary recall and correct the problems with the product, the FDA can issue a formal recall.

    Information the FDA Posts About Recalls, Market Withdrawals, and Safety Alerts

    You can glean a wealth of information about a product from this FDA database: “Recalls, Market Withdrawals, & Safety Alerts.” Using the search bar, you can look up items that have been the subject of past recalls.

    Upon finding that a product has been recalled, you can review the following information:

    • The date the FDA issued the recall or other action
    • The brand name of the product
    • A description of the product
    • The category, like “Drugs,” “Food & Beverages,” and “Medical Devices”
    • The reason the FDA issued the recall, like the presence of E. coli or an undeclared ingredient that could cause an allergic reaction
    • The name of the company that makes, markets, or distributes the product, depending on the specific problem

    Here is an example of an FDA recall:

    Date of Recall Publication: 1/10/20

    Brand Name: LIFEPAK 15

    Product Description: LIFEPAK 15 monitor/defibrillators

    Product Type: Medical Devices

    Recall Reason Description: Failure to deliver a defibrillation shock after the

    “Shock” button on the keypad is pressed

    Company Name: Stryker

    By clicking on the link in the recall, a reader can get far more information about the situation. For example, in the LIFEPAK 15 recall, the company announced that it issued a “voluntary field action” on some of the units.

    Stryker notified specific LIFEPAK 15 customers about the problem and explained a possible cause. Stryker is replacing the keypads. The company urged customers to perform routine daily testing of the device to ensure that it works correctly before and after the keypad replacement.

    Stryker provided contact information for people who have questions for the company. The corporation also gave the details a person would need to report adverse reactions or events to the FDA.

    This is a perfect example of the role the FDA plays in mass torts.

    How a Mass Torts Lawyer Can Use the FDA Website Information

    When a lawyer learns about a problem with a product, whether from clients, the news, or some other source, they can perform a search on the FDA website to gather more information relating to that item. This is why the FDA plays a vital role in mass torts. When a company continues to make and sell products with known problems, they put themselves at risk of financial liability for any ensuing damages.

    A mass torts lawyer can also stay ahead of the curve by regularly checking the FDA website for reports of problems with products before the competition. It can be an advantage to be one of the first law firms to advocate for people who get hurt by a harmful product.

    FDA Information Increases the Mass Tort Lawyer’s Credibility

    The FDA requires that the information on its website is accurate and has a scientific basis. The reports also contain some background information on how the issues developed.

    Such data is useful in a trial when establishing causation and liability. In addition, a savvy mass torts lawyer will include FDA information when informing the public about a harmful product and advertising for new plaintiffs. The mass torts lawyer who uses FDA data gets to speak with authority rather than relying on general assumptions. It’s clear that the FDA plays an important role in mass torts.

    How We Can Help Mass Tort Lawyers

    You have a business to run and a caseload to manage. Advertising and marketing for mass tort plaintiffs can take an outrageous amount of time if you try to do this on your own.

    X Social Media is an advertising agency. We specialize in Facebook and Instagram marketing because your target demographic scrolls through those social media venues frequently. We can grab their attention and direct their interest to your law firm’s website through our customized landing pages.

    Call us today at (888) 670-0006 to find out how we can help you grow your business.

  • Published on: 06/25/2020

    How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency

    The right digital marketing agency can help your law practice bring in more clients. The wrong agency will merely waste your money and possibly damage your professional online image.

    When you want to grow your law firm business, you probably have little time to devote to online marketing tasks. You know that digital marketing can increase your client base, but you did not go to law school to do advertising or marketing work.

    It can help if you know how to choose the right digital marketing agency that will be the right fit for you and your goals. Here are some suggestions of things to look for when trying to find the right digital marketing agency.

    Know Your Online Marketing Needs

    Just as you would not go car shopping without knowing what vehicle best suits your lifestyle, you would not begin working with a digital marketing agency without knowing what your end goals are.

    Some law firms want an agency that can develop a digital marketing strategy, build them a website and Facebook page, manage their advertising, create graphic designs, and write ongoing original content. Another lawyer might already have an online presence but want help targeting a specific mass torts audience. Before reaching out to an online advertising company, think about what services you need first.

    Set a Budget for Marketing and Advertising Your Business

    You need to know how much you can spend before you talk with an advertising or marketing agency. By telling the organization upfront how much you are willing to invest, they can let you know what they can do for you based on your budget.

    Make a List of Potential Digital Marketing Agencies

    You can find a mountain of internet marketing agencies online. Rule number one is that if you cannot find the agency in a Google search, then no one would be able to find you online if you work with that company. A good digital marketing agency will always be visible.

    Make a list of the marketing agencies that promote themselves well online, then be ruthless in striking contenders off of the list. Working with an efficient agency could mean the difference between having a handful of clients versus an extensive client base.

    Trust Your Instincts When Speaking with Digital Marketers

    Pay close attention to what you think and feel when you deal with each agency on your shortlist. If the agency’s contact person makes you feel as if you are a low priority, strike through that company’s name on the list.

    Go to the agency’s website. Ask yourself what vibe the agency website creates. The online marketing website should pique your interest and provide the information you are looking for. The agency should present itself as highly knowledgeable, competent, and professional.

    How to Know When Online Marketing Agencies are a Sham

    A legitimate digital marketing agency will, justifiably, be proud of its work and track record. The agency will want the world to know about its team and accomplishments. You should be able to put a face to the name and understand each person’s role.

    If there is little, if any, information on an agency’s website about who works there and the functions they perform, you may be looking at an inexperienced marketing team who may not fulfill your expectations. The right digital marketing agency will showcase their achievements to demonstrate their ability to get you the results your firm needs.

    Your Law Practice Deserves the Best Digital Marketing

    Anyone can set up a basic website and claim to be a marketing agency. Some people have multiple pages, all claiming to have expertise in many different fields. If you could peel back the veneer, you would find that some of these people are making it up as they go.

    You went to school for a long time to become a lawyer, and you worked long hours to build a law practice. After all that sacrifice, you deserve a digital marketing agency with the skills and experience to promote your online presence.

    Find Out More About How Our Xperts Can Help

    At X Social Media, our mantra is that we consistently deliver exceptional service to our clients. Every client has a Dedicated Digital Marketing Manager whom the client can contact directly with questions or ideas.

    We have a vibrant, growing team of smart, talented people who love to help law firms grow. We get excited about designing the tools that will help you succeed in today’s market. Our advertising agency specializes in Facebook and Instagram marketing to bring your message to your target audience.

    Call our X Social Team at (888) 670-0006, to find out how we can help your law firm thrive.

  • mass tort lawyers

    Published on: 06/25/2020

    Why All Personal Injury Lawyers Should Consider Becoming Mass Tort Lawyers

    Personal injury law and mass tort law include different processes and lead generation. However, moving from practicing personal injury to mass tort law really only requires you to broaden the scope of cases that you are willing and able to add to your roster. If you do choose to make the leap into mass torts, there are several low-cost, highly-effective routes by which you may be able to attract clients.

    The Benefits of Mass Torts for You and Your Clients

    Consolidating multiple client cases into a single mass tort has benefits for both you as a lawyer and any clients that join your mass tort lawsuits. From your perspective, a mass tort:

    • Allows you to focus all of your attention on a single case, with a single judge and jury, as opposed to fashioning several different cases based on alternating variables
    • Increases the notoriety of your firm or law group, as any high-profile settlements you negotiate will likely be publicly significant
    • Allows you to provide justice for a larger number of victims of negligence without expending the extra man hours and resources that would be required of separate lawsuits

    Your clients will also see several benefits from your status as a mass tort lawyer, which is why all personal injury lawyers should consider becoming mass tort lawyers. These benefits may include:

    • The ability to be represented in court against powerful defendants without having to pay exorbitant legal fees
    • Peace of mind knowing that they can stand with other people (who were also harmed by the defendant) in seeking damages
    • Only having to wait for one case outcome, instead of each individual victim waiting for the outcomes of their own cases

    There are nearly countless reasons why a mass tort may be necessary. Should you choose to equip yourself to represent plaintiffs in mass tort lawsuits, it could open you to accepting cases that you previously did not.

    Circumstances That May Warrant a Mass Tort

    You will determine which mass tort lawsuits are relevant to your client base, as your firm begins representing mass tort plaintiffs. According to the individual characteristics of mass torts, the necessity for a mass tort may vary by your firm’s region, ideal clientele, and other factors, but the prevalence of tort lawsuits is why all personal injury lawyers should consider becoming mass tort lawyers. Some forms of mass tort include legal action over:

    • Systematic firing of employees without adequate causation
    • Mass contamination causing health problems in numerous people
    • Discriminatory action against one or more classes of people
    • Defective products that cause harm
    • Environmental hazards

    These are just a few of the possible case types you may find your firm trying as you begin your time as a mass tort lawyer.

    Considerations that you will have to make as a mass tort lawyer include:

    • How to determine an appropriate advertising budget to attract clients for your mass tort
    • The best avenues in which to invest your advertising dollars

    Considering that social media is a crucial element of any effective digital marketing campaign in this day and age, your practice will need to formulate a social media marketing plan. This will allow you:

    • To have a digital approach and message to prospective clients that is cohesive and focused
    • To provide a unified goal of funneling leads from all of your social channels through to your website or a landing page for your mass tort case

    Facebook and Instagram as Marketing Tools for Your Practice

    Advertising your practice on Facebook and Instagram may produce substantial returns in terms of new clients interested in mass torts, which is why all personal injury lawyers should consider becoming mass tort lawyers. Benefits of these social media platforms include:

    • Access to hundreds of millions of daily users in the United States alone
    • A suite of marketing and advertising tools that not only improve your odds of having prospective clients see your Facebook and Instagram ads, but also provide you invaluable information about to whom your advertisements are (and are not) appealing
    • Targeted, relevant messaging towards many demographics

    Marketing specific mass tort cases (and your law firm more generally) on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is—simply put—the wave of the future in legal advertising. Do not miss the wave.

    Allow the Team at X Social Media, LLC To Start Your Campaign Today

    Our team of social media marketing aficionados will work within your budget to formulate and implement a digital marketing strategy that shines a bright light on your firm’s value proposal to prospective clients.

    Some of our offerings include:

    • A comprehensive Facebook advertising strategy
    • A steady stream of attractive, actionable Instagram content aimed at attracting new clients to your practice
    • Customized landing pages for customer conversion
    • Metrics that show you the value of your investment in social media and other forms of digital marketing

    Do not allow your firm to fall behind because you are not taking advantage of the potential of social media marketing. Call our team at X Social Media today at (888) 670-0006 to learn more about our vision for your practice’s continued success. Wxrk with us today!

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    Published on: 06/25/2020

    What Types of Ads Should Lawyers Use?

    Law firms may benefit from multiple advertising approaches, and social marketing—including advertising on Facebook and Instagram—is among the channels that may help your firm attract new clients and increase awareness of your firm. The types of ads lawyers should use, such as Facebook and Instagram ads:

    • Provide access to a substantial digital user base
    • Provide real-time metrics about user interaction with your ads
    • May be one of the most cost-efficient ways to market your firm

    Social platforms are one of the truest direct-to-potential-client channels for marketing specific torts, class action lawsuits, and your firm more generally.

    Traditional Advertising Is Dying

    As digital advertising spending rises, businesses of all sizes and functions are realizing that digital marketing is the way of the future—and the present. Even large corporations with far more money to spend on marketing than your firm are increasingly migrating away from traditional means of advertising.

    There are several reasons why television, print (such as newspapers and magazines), radio, billboards and other means of advertising that once dominated marketing have become increasingly less appealing. Some limitations of these media include:

    • No truly accurate metrics that show how effective a given advertisement is at increasing business
    • No ability to target specific demographics (at least not in any significant way)
    • A high cost of advertising space, as traditional advertising platforms generally have limited space

    Digital media—and the advertising that you can place on digital outlets—take all of these limitations and turns them on their head.

    Digital Advertising Is the Present and Future

    With traditional advertising, you generally do not know exactly what returns for which you are paying. Digital advertising—especially ads deployed on sophisticated marketing platforms such as Facebook—provide you far greater insight into your advertisements’ performance.

    Some of the general benefits of allotting your marketing dollars to campaigns focused on digital platforms include:

    • The ability to collect ad performance metrics in real time, and quickly pivot if you believe that your strategy is not proving effective (or to double down if a certain ad or approach is performing well)
    • A greater opportunity to target specific user demographics based on the clientele that you hope to attract to a lawsuit, or your firm in general
    • Access to users’ online behaviors—including their likes and dislikes—to craft intelligent advertising campaigns
    • A confluence of perks that allow you to target customers in a more specific way, meaning that fewer of your marketing funds are wasted

    Listeners are abandoning AM and FM radio for a variety of reasons. Newspaper revenues and circulation are down across the industry, according to the Pew Research Center. Social media user bases continue to grow, however. The types of ads lawyers should use are all linked to social media. The path for your firm’s marketing efforts is clear: go digital.

    Outsource Your Digital Marketing to the Pros

    It is the rare law firm that can apply in-house advertising that is as effective as the services they could receive from digital marketing professionals. Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms for digital marketing are effective, but crowded. Without the help of those who are intimately familiar with the best advertising practices on these platforms, your firm’s ads could get lost in the weeds.

    Advertising professionals can maximize the tools available (through the likes of Facebook and Instagram) to drive your customer conversions.

    Facebook as a Marketing Tool for Your Firm

    Facebook is among the digital platforms that should be an integral part of your firm’s digital marketing strategy. Tools that Facebook offers include:

    • Facebook pixels, which are codes that provide insight into how and why users convert into customers. (You can add pixels to various pages on your website, with the general rule that the greater number of pixels you have, the more data you are collecting from your marketing efforts)
    • Dynamic ad targeting, which allows you to target customers based on a plethora of digital data (such as shopping habits, age, gender, education level, and geographic location)
    • Advertisement retargeting, from Facebook for Business which allows your advertisements to appear on internet windows beyond the Facebook platform

    Facebook represents one of the most densely populated, attention-holding platforms in all of the digital ecosystem. It is a platform that you must advertise on if you hope to remain at pace or ahead of your competition.

    Let the X Social Media Team Craft Your Digital Strategy

    Our team of Xperts will help you move social media users through your funnel into conversions by:

    • Creating Facebook and Instagram pages for your firm if you do not already have them
    • Creating custom landing pages aimed specifically at converting users into new clients
    • Using our expert industry knowledge of Facebook, Instagram, and other digital advertising to boost your firm’s client acquisition
    • Providing a dedicated Digital Marketing Manager who can provide regular updates about the success of your marketing campaigns
    • Deploying a calculated, budget-maximizing digital marketing campaign at scale

    We are familiar with best practices for marketing law firms on social media, and the process of moving social users from platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to your website.

    Call Our X Social Media Team Today

    To find out more about the types of ads lawyers should use, call our X Social Media team at (888) 670-0006 today. Ask your Xpert about our Feedback Loop technology which enables us to advertise based on real-time conversions.

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    Published on: 06/25/2020

    What Is a Dynamic Ad Target?

    A dynamic ad target allows a platform to direct your advertisements towards internet users based on various criteria. These criteria may include:

    • Information that they search for on Google, Facebook, or other platforms
    • Location
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Education level
    • Job title
    • Online behaviors
    • Additional criteria that may be relevant to your advertisement

    Ad targeting allows your advertisement to reach a narrower base of internet users that may be more likely to respond to the service that you offer. As a law firm seeking clients for a mass tort or your firm in general, targeted advertisements can be an invaluable resource.

    Use Ad Targeting to Maximize Your Marketing Budget

    Gone are the days when it was necessary to take out an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine—or on a radio or local television station—to reach an untapped audience of potential clients for your firm. Those advertising methods represented casting a vast net based solely on:

    • Where the publication was circulated
    • Who the perceived demographic of a radio station or television channel was
    • Where a television or radio station aired

    While factors such as one’s geographic location may still be relevant to your marketing efforts, means of targeting potential customers are far less crude than they once were. Digital advertising targeting through platforms such as Facebook take far more information about a user into account, such as:

    • Geographic location—down to a street or even house number—which is far more precise than a mere city or state
    • Their internet searches, including but not limited to Google searches
    • Other internet behaviors—such as purchases—that may give insight into their likelihood of responding to your advertisement
    • Demographic information; such as their age, occupation, friend group, level of education, and gender

    Often, your law firm may want to target a specific demographic, whether for a mass tort or another purpose. For example, a mass tort based on a defective blood pressure medication may generally appeal to an older demographic, to which you would want to dedicate more of your marketing budget.

    The ability to use dynamic ad targets is just one of the many reasons why marketing your law firm on social media could provide a significant boost in quality plaintiffs for your law firm.

    The Benefits of Marketing Your Firm on Social Media

    Social media offers your firm a number of benefits in addition to targeted advertisements. Some of the perks of social media marketing include:

    • Real-time metrics about how a user base is responding to your advertisements (on the Facebook platform, these tools are referred to as Facebook Analytics)
    • The ability for your advertisements to achieve an exponential reach as users share your advertisements at no additional cost to you
    • The ability to purchase dynamic advertisements that follow the user even after they have left the social media platform on which you purchase advertisements
    • The ability to scale campaigns depending on your marketing budget
    • The ability to reach a younger audience of potential clients, if that is one of your firm’s goals

    It is in most law firms’ interest to adopt the ways of digital marketing—and social marketing in particular—as the popularity and functionality of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram continue to expand by the day.

    Harness the Power of Social Marketing With Help From the Pros

    As a lawyer, your professional responsibility is to know the law. Generally, it makes sense for a law firm to turn to digital marketing professionals to deploy the most effective, cutting-edge digital marketing practices in service of your firm.

    In order to catch the attention of users on social platforms (such as Facebook) that are increasingly populated by advertisements, rely on those who can deploy your firm’s message with intelligence.

    How the X Social Media Team Can Enhance Your Digital Marketing

    Our team at X Social Media consists of:

    • Facebook Marketing Xperts
    • Digital marketing specialists
    • Advertising specialists
    • Dedicated account managers

    We will aim to boost your client conversions by:

    • Create Facebook and Instagram pages for your firm (if you do not already have them)
    • Build custom landing pages to direct users to your website
    • Move prospective clients through your sales funnel to the conversion phase
    • Employ a comprehensive advertising strategy at scale that targets your desired client demographic
    • Assigning a dedicated Digital Marketing Manager to ensure that we meet your needs

    Call Our Team at X Social Media Today

    Our team of Xperts will work with you and your team to move digital users through your funnel and convert them into clients. To find out more about how our Xperts can help your firm expand their reach, call our team at X Social Media today at (888) 670-0006.

  • Published on: 06/25/2020

    Is it Legal to Advertise on Facebook?

    Yes, advertising on Facebook is legal. Not only is it legal to advertise on Facebook, but Facebook advertising is one of the most effective means of digital advertising today. Any business can benefit greatly from a strategic approach to Facebook advertising (and Fosocial media advertising more generally).

    Harnessing the Facebook User Base for Your Business

    The digital space is the modern advertising frontier, but as was the case with geographic frontiers of the past, the word has gotten out that there is gold to be mined. As a result, the digital advertising landscape is increasingly crowded and competitive.

    The presence of an increasing number of players in the space is not a reason to avoid digital advertising (including Facebook advertising) completely. Such a decision would be a massive missed opportunity to gain client leads. Instead, you should focus on deploying a digital marketing strategy that is smart, efficient, and ultimately effective.

    Why a Business May Want to Market Their Services Through Facebook

    Marketing your business on Facebook provides several benefits when compared with digital advertising more broadly. Some of these include:

    The Site’s Design Encourages It

    Facebook users have already provided a plethora of information to the social platform about:

    • Their buying habits
    • Personal likes and dislikes
    • Needs as consumers
    • Other details relevant to marketing your business

    The platform stores this information for advertisers to benefit from choosing relevant demographics when advertising on the site or using their Business Manager function. Facebook offers advertising services that extend beyond your presence on Facebook alone, such as the ability to retarget an audience.

    Easy Accessibility to Relevant Details

    Many of the details provided by Facebook users are available to you in a completely legal manner— which minimizes the trouble that most marketers face: learning more about the potential customer who views their advertisements.

    Detailed Information is Stored

    Facebook’s analytics-focused tools provide valuable information about who has interacted with your ads, how long those interactions lasted, whether the interactions led them to your business page or company website, and more.

    It is critical that you partner with those who know Facebook’s best advertising practices in order to harness the above benefits. There are simply too many potential customers on Facebook not to tap into the social network with every resource you have at your disposal.

    The Facebook User Base is Massive and Ever-Growing

    According to Facebook’s in-house metrics from the third quarter of 2019 earnings presentation, there were 189 million daily users in the United States and Canada alone, while 247 million logged on each month. Depending on the reach and nature of your company, you may be interested in the fact that nearly 2.5 billion global users logged on each month.

    Your business may be missing out on revenue if you do not have a well-planned, consistently-executed approach to marketing your business on Facebook. Even a local business may have a better chance of reaching a potential customer across town through Facebook than through traditional marketing means. Some of the reasons for this are that:

    • Digital Facebook advertisements use the abundance of available location data to identify demographics.
    • While individuals passing by your firm on the street may miss your business’ physical sign, they could come across your advertisement on your Facebook feed later on.
    • A mobile phone or computer screen magnifies the attention a person pays to ads, as the advertisement takes up a larger proportion of their field of focus (than if they were looking at a newspaper or riding a bus, for example).

    To reiterate, it is completely legal to advertise on Facebook. Facebook is set to remain among the most popular and densely-populated social platforms well into the foreseeable future. Start creating or revamping your Facebook marketing strategy now to maximize your customer base and business revenue.

    Facebook Marketing Xperts Can Help Virtually Any Business

    The population of Facebook is much more than a mere subset of America. You can focus your advertising on a large demographic that will share the unique circumstances for which you are looking. Some of the business types that may see significant returns from Facebook advertising include:

    • Law firms
    • Retailers
    • Small businesses
    • Doctors’ offices
    • Restaurants

    Regardless of what you do, Facebook advertising holds a lot of promise for lead generation and growth.

    X Social Media Specializes in Facebook Marketing

    We serve all businesses, but take special pride in serving the legal industry, which provides essential services to all Americans in their times of need. We provide several benefits to our clients, including but not limited to:

    • Implementing targeted, intelligent Facebook advertising campaigns
    • Creating or revamping company websites, including a lead-driving landing page
    • Creating other social marketing campaigns for Instagram, should you choose
    • Providing up-to-date, continuous metrics documenting the results of such campaigns

    We will work with you to formulate and implement digital marketing strategies that reflect and benefit your company. Call us today.

    Call Our Team at X Social Media Today

    Your company may not be doing all that it can to identify, target, and convert online users of Facebook, Instagram, and the internet more broadly into clients. Call X Social Media today at (888) 670-0006 to speak about our digital marketing vision for your company.

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    Published on: 06/25/2020

    How Much Should My Law Firm Spend on Marketing?

    There is no correct, blanket answer for how much your firm should be spending on your marketing efforts.

    Deciding on a proper marketing budget for your law firm will require you to consider:

    • What competitors with successful campaigns spend on advertising
    • What amount of marketing will provide the best value
    • How much revenue your firm is bringing in
    • What you are aiming to achieve with your marketing efforts
    • Which avenues you are willing to consider and ultimately invest in

    It is important to identify the forms of marketing that will provide you the greatest returns on investment. In today’s digital marketing world, you may want to consider investing in Facebook and Instagram, since their combined active users total over 300 million nationwide.

    Reaching Potential Clients Through Facebook

    Facebook is more than just a marketing tool; it has evolved into a verifiable marketing ecosystem, with a built-in, billion-plus-member customer base ripe to receive your law firm’s messaging.

    Per their own in-house metrics, Facebook has:

    • More than 189 million daily users in the U.S. and Canada alone
    • More than 247 million monthly users in the same region
    • A user base that is projected to grow indefinitely

    These numbers alone suggest that your law firm could benefit from marketing through these social media platforms. Beyond the substantial user base, Facebook is, for many businesses, a successful method of reaching potential clients.

    Some of the features of Facebook that make it conducive to advertising include:

    • The fact that Facebook users often make information about themselves readily available, much of which could be valuable in informing your marketing strategies
    • Advertising analytics tools which allow you to access anonymous data that may ultimately improve your ability to target users and retain clients
    • Facebook’s user interface allows for advertisements to be easily accessed by a wide audience of users
    • Advertising on Facebook does not come with the typical constraints of other platforms
    • Facebook users, according to data collected from eMarketer, spend more than 30 minutes per day on the site, increasing your advertisements’ visibility
    • Advertisement retargeting is a Facebook-offered marketing tool that can help extend your ad’s reach beyond the platform itself

    Facebook could be a promising marketing ecosystem for your law firm. If you have yet to utilize Facebook as an advertising platform for your business or are interested in doing so, consider moving forward today.

    Instagram is an Emerging Giant in Digital Advertising

    Another strong and still-emerging marketing asset for your law firm is Instagram. The app-based platform, Instagram, is undoubtedly dominated by a relatively younger demographic, specifically 18 to 34-year-olds. For many law firms, this demographic can be elusive for several reasons.

    They may be difficult to market to effectively because:

    • They are less likely to interact with cable television, AM/FM radio, and print media
    • They may require non-traditional forms of advertisement to increase user engagement
    • They spend a significant amount of time on platforms where many law firms have not been proportionally represented

    This audience could be a valuable source of clients for your law firm. By coming up with an advertising campaign that takes user demographics and preferences into account, Instagram marketing has the ability to give you an advantage over your competitors.

    Take Measures to Elevate Your Social Marketing Efforts

    Some businesses make the mistake of coming up with their own marketing campaigns in-house, compromising quality and effectiveness in the name of saving money.

    Our digital, social media-minded marketing team can:

    • Invest your digital marketing budget in Facebook, Instagram, your website, and other relevant channels
    • Take advantage of Facebook and Instagram advertising tools to present advertisements in the hopes of attracting customers to your firm’s site
    • Update your website and create a custom landing page to which your social media followers will be funneled
    • Provide a path for social users to become clients, increasing your conversion rate
    • Give you updated metrics that illustrate the impact that our digital marketing strategy is having on your targeted demographic

    Do not sell your firm short. Reach out to those who can promote your firm’s online presence.

    Call X Social Media Today

    Our team is ready to get started on your marketing campaign today. When you work with us, we have the tools you need to make your law firm visible to thousands of social media users each day.

    To get started, call our team at X Social Media today at (888) 670-0006.

  • Published on: 06/25/2020

    How Many Facebook Pixels Do I Need?

    The Facebook Business Manager tool allows your website to have up to 100 pixels, though your need for pixels will depend on your firm’s client acquisition needs.

    Speaking with those who specialize in Facebook Business Manager tools, as well as other facets of social media marketing, will allow you to better determine precisely how many Facebook pixels your business could benefit from.

    Explaining Facebook Pixels

    The Facebook pixel is a tool offered by the popular social media site.

    The details of these pixels can quickly become complex, but the basics include:

    • A Facebook pixel is a code that you can place within your website.
    • The pixel allows you to collect valuable data about how visitors to your website are interacting with your advertisements.
    • You can place multiple Facebook pixels on your web page, depending on the amount and type of data that you aim to collect.

    Facebook pixels are among the suite of tools available to you when you advertise on the platform. The goal of this tool is to measure how users are responding to your digital marketing campaigns and allow you to make adjustments as needed.

    Additional Benefits of Facebook Advertising

    Facebook pixels are just one puzzle piece of the benefits provided to those who market their business on the social platform.

    Those who choose to market their business using Facebook advertisements enjoy:

    • The ability to access Facebook Analytics, which provides detailed, actionable metrics about how users are responding to your advertisements
    • The ability to target prospective clients based on a wealth of data that users voluntarily provide, such as their education level, geographic location, internet habits, and searches
    • The ability to employ dynamic ads, which remind users about your product and services even after they have logged off of Facebook
    • Access to Facebook’s widespread user base

    Digital advertising grows more sophisticated by the day. You could argue that with the evolution of artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms, it grows more intelligent by the minute. Your business may want to consider taking advantage of high-powered advertising tools and metrics that have the ability to market to millions of users at any given time.

    Instagram as Another Outlet for Your Digital Marketing Needs

    Facebook is not the only social media site that allows businesses to target potential clients. One of these examples is Instagram, which provides business owners with an array of metrics designed to promote their bottom line.

    Your firm could benefit from the various forms of Instagram advertising if:

    • You are making a concerted effort to increase your brand awareness among younger demographics
    • You want to expand your digital marketing strategy to include multiple social media platforms
    • You believe that marketing your firm on a youth-centric platform could enhance the relevancy of your brand

    Some law firms allow a lack of familiarity with social media to hold them back from engaging in current marketing trends. In the digital age, many consumers are shying away from traditional marketing methods and are turning to the web for products and services. To promote your law firm’s success, you likely want to be ahead of the marketing curve and be visible where the most amount of people are.

    This is where X Social Media can step in and take care of your digital advertising needs.

    Digital Marketing Xperts Can Assist Your Firm

    Facebook, Instagram, and the internet at large are well-established as a means of marketing law firms and other businesses. Attempting to handle your digital marketing in-house could put you behind your competitors. You want a marketing team that understands Facebook Business Manager and other relevant tools to make the most of your advertising budget.

    Our team of Xperts at X Social Media can help spread the word about your firm by:

    • Creating Facebook and Instagram pages for your firm
    • Creating custom landing pages with Facebook pixels and other data-capturing tools
    • Conducting your social advertising purchasing and deploy those advertisements in a strategic manner at scale
    • Working alongside your team to move social users through your sales funnel to conversion

    Our team can provide additional services to the ones we have listed here.

    Call Our Team at X Social Media Today

    At X Social Media, our ultimate goal is to attract more clients to your law firm who are interested in participating in mass torts. When you work with us, each account gets a dedicated manager who seeks to continuously improve your bottom line and cost per lead. We can review your marketing goals and, from there, determine how many Facebook pixels you need to promote your law firm’s success.

    If you want to find out more about how we could help you increase your digital presence and client conversions, call our team of Xperts today at (888) 670-0006.

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    Published on: 06/25/2020

    How Do I Start a Successful Law Firm?

    Starting a new law firm that you hope to be successful often requires spreading the word about your business and using digital marketing to accomplish that goal can be a sound approach. Building a successful law firm through word-of-mouth alone is difficult, and traditional advertising methods are slowly becoming obsolete. You may want to consider employing digital marketing strategies by using social media (such as Facebook and Instagram) to get qualified leads.

    Marketing your firm on social media can help you acquire new clients who can further your brand’s standing in the communities in which you operate. There are several distinct benefits of social media advertising that could help build your firm’s reputation and client base.

    The Legal World is a Competitive Market

    Information from the American Bar Association reports that as of 2018, there were over 1.3 million active lawyers practicing nationwide. What this means for your law firm is that to make the most of your advertising budget, you want an innovative marketing strategy that has the ability to reach the largest market of potential clients at any given time. Many law firms choose to do their marketing in-house with varying levels of success.

    Yet, for whatever reason, this may not be an attractive option for your law firm. But do not worry, as there are experts in digital marketing who can ensure that your law firm’s message reaches potential clients by:

    • Understanding your firm’s mission and values
    • Targeting your law firm’s ideal demographic
    • Making the most of your firm’s marketing budget
    • Deploying proven, cost-effective measures to spread the word about your firm

    You want your firm to be successful, and a well-conceived strategy for digital marketing is an indelible part of reaching that goal. Consider the value of Facebook and Instagram as methods for raising public awareness of your capabilities.

    Facebook May Be a New Law Firm’s Best Friend

    As a new law firm, you may have several goals. If you are targeting potential clients who wish to take place in mass torts or class action lawsuits, you likely want to increase your client conversion rate and bottom line in a cost-effective manner. To do this, you may want to use the user metrics and tools that Facebook has to offer.

    Some facts about Facebook that can be utilized to market your law firm include:

    • The ability to create dynamic ads that target users long after they have logged off Facebook
    • Facebook advertising tools, such as the Facebook pixel, which allows you to access detailed information about audience interaction with your ads
    • Being able to market to millions of users at any given time

    Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, and many users see it as an integral part of their lives. Consider the value of hiring Facebook marketing experts who could help your firm get the most out of its digital advertising budget.

    Instagram is Becoming a Digital Marketing Giant

    Traditional forms of advertising are on the way out. Methods of marketing that once dominated television, the airwaves, and billboards are quickly proving to be archaic methods of reaching the public. To reach potential clients, in addition to advertising on Facebook, you may want to consider marketing your services on Instagram as well.

    This popular platform could benefit your law firm if:

    • You want a variety of advertising designs that allow for images, videos, and user interaction
    • You want to target a younger demographic of social media users to promote your brand’s relevancy
    • You want another set of user metrics so you can cross-examine data from both Facebook and Instagram

    If you want to start a successful law firm, you want to leave no stone left unturned when it comes to getting your name and services out to the public.

    Call X Social Media for Your Digital Marketing Needs

    At X Social Media, we consider ourselves to be Xperts when it comes to boosting your online presence.

    When you work with us, we can:

    • Create custom landing pages where users can easily navigate from your advertisement to an action page
    • Create Facebook and Instagram accounts for your firm
    • Use our expert industry knowledge to help social media users move through your sales funnel and convert to clients
    • Work with you and your team to deliver success metrics and strategic updates regarding your advertising campaign
    • Assign a dedicated digital marketing manager to your account
    • Have your content abide by bar marketing standards

    If you are looking to start a successful law firm, we can help make your vision a reality. Call our team at X Social Media today at (888) 670-0006 to learn more.

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    Published on: 06/25/2020

    How Do Facebook Ads Help Businesses?

    If you have not advertised your business on Facebook, you may not be aware of the advantages this social media platform could lend to your marketing strategy.

    Some of the ways Facebook ads help businesses include:

    • Millions of daily users
    • Tools that allow you to access anonymous user information and then channel that information into your marketing strategy
    • It allows businesses to establish an online presence and interact with potential clients
    • Lends itself to search engine optimization (SEO), meaning that your business can be found on websites like Google or Bing

    You are likely aware of the rapid migration toward digital-focused marketing, but without knowing how to do this, you could be doing your business a disservice. Facebook can be a crucial component of a digital marketing strategy as there are numerous ways Facebook ads can help businesses. If used effectively, you could see an increase in your client base and return on investment.

    Law Firms Are in a Competitive Marketing Space

    The team at X Social Media helps law firms differentiate themselves from their competitors by getting their brand out into the digital marketplace.

    Digital advertising is an area where law firms can set themselves apart. While 77% of law firms have a website, far fewer are relying on digital consultants to help their online marketing strategy reach more users. Too many law firms are content to simply exist online.

    These firms may:

    • Pay for an encompassing website that does little more than confirm their firm’s existence
    • Fail to capture crucial metrics about who is engaging with their site, how users are responding, and what such engagement means for the effectiveness of their marketing
    • Have little to no presence on two of the most popular marketing platforms available today: Facebook and Instagram.

    There are over 1.3 million licensed attorneys practicing law in the United States, according to statistics from The American Bar Association (ABA). This data suggests that the legal marketing space is undoubtedly crowded, and potential clients have many options when seeking legal assistance. Advertising on Facebook can present your law firm and the services you provide on a larger scale.

    Marketing Has Gone Fully Digital

    Marketing is unique in that it always has to adapt to rapidly evolving changes and consumer preferences. For most businesses, Facebook ads can help because social marketing is key to getting your brand name out into the market.

    Social media has become the epicenter of marketing, and it represents an emerging growth opportunity for businesses (including law firms) seeking new customers. This is true whether your business is local, national, or global in scale.

    If you are able to reach even one customer through a social platform such as Facebook, they may:

    • Share your advertisement, company Facebook page, or company website at no cost to you
    • Post about their positive experience with your company, leading other Facebook users who interact with the post to also check out your firm’s digital pages

    According to the ABA, roughly 40% of law practices do not have Facebook pages. Those that do may not fully understand the tools—analytic and otherwise—that Facebook advertising has to offer. By using this platform to your advantage, you have the ability to reach more people than you would with traditional forms of advertising.

    A Comprehensive Digital Strategy Can Reach Untapped Demographics

    Your law firm could make a lasting impression on social media users by incorporating this element into your marketing strategies.

    You could potentially benefit by:

    • Preparing your firm for the future, when about three-in-ten U.S. adults say they are ‘almost constantly’ online, becomes critical to your firm’s overall success
    • Adapting to an age where marketing is increasingly digital, and services may be offered and rendered through a virtually all-digital framework

    Young people spend up to six hours per day on digital media, according to the University of Oxford. This rise of social media habit is unlikely to change as time goes on. Your ability to communicate the mission of your law firm could be the missing piece of client growth that you may have been searching for.

    The Team at X Social Media is Ready to Help You Grow

    Our mission is to create a marketing strategy that helps you reach your goals.

    When you work with X Social Media, some of the ways we can promote your online presence include:

    • Deploying our team’s knowledge of Facebook advertising practices to create or overhaul your marketing strategy
    • Funneling social users from Facebook (and Instagram should you choose) to your website where they will then be directed to your firm’s landing page
    • Building custom landing pages to promote customer conversions
    • Ensuring your social channels and website are reflective of what attracts your targeted demographic

    To get started, call an X Social Media Facebook Xpert today at (888) 670-0006.

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    Published on: 06/25/2020

    How Can I Grow My Local Business With Facebook Ads?

    There is a massive difference in marketing your business on Facebook and marketing your business on Facebook in an intelligent, targeted fashion. The latter is one of the most tried and true methods for local businesses to tap into the sleeping giant of local customers who you have failed to reach through other advertising and marketing avenues.

    Facebook advertisements can be well worth the investment, and can tangibly increase your customer base—if you are dispatching the advertisements in the most effective possible manner.

    Every Local Business Should Be Advertising on Facebook

    According to Facebook’s metrics in their Q3 2019 Earnings Presentation, there are 247 million monthly users on the platform. This figure is projected to increase steadily as the population grows, access to steady, high-speed internet becomes more accessible, and the marketplace turns increasingly digital.

    Facebook also has a significant market share of digital advertising. Few other sites provide the guarantee of eyeballs that Facebook does. There are several reasons why virtually every company—including but not limited to your local business—could benefit from Facebook-based advertising. Some of these benefits include:

    • Facebook ads can direct platform users to content on your company website or landing page, creating value beyond the advertisement itself.
    • Users can share your company’s advertisements, potentially creating exponential ad reach at no additional cost.
    • The platform provides you with a suite of advanced analytics that provide insight into those who engage, or do not engage, with your advertisements.
    • Features such as ad retargeting, that provide you benefits even once the user has left Facebook.
    • Advertising that works to capture both mobile and desktop Facebook users.

    While it started as a true social network, Facebook has evolved into one of the most robust, advanced platforms for businesses aiming to acquire more customers—more specifically, customers who deliver the level of value that can take them to another level.

    Local Businesses Must Pull Out All the Stops

    As the world becomes increasingly digital, established brands have the upper hand. Establishing and maintaining a customer base as a local business can be difficult. For those who do not take advantage of current and next-gen marketing tactics such as Facebook advertising, sustainable customer retention can be nearly impossible.

    Fortunately, local businesses of various sizes are paying attention to the digital marketing revolution. Consumers are increasingly relying on digital means (such as Facebook) to discover new brands, make purchases, and form their buying habits. Small businesses—including local businesses—are increasingly relying on social media as a means of driving revenue and obtaining new customers.

    So you are aware that Facebook is one of the key pillars in marketing your business. What do you do with this revelation?

    Facebook Marketing Experts Will Dispatch Your Ad Dollars

    Facebook advertising is an invaluable pipeline to prospective customers, but it is also a competitive landscape. Spending your advertising budget on a Facebook marketing strategy requires deliberation and thought, if it is to ultimately prove effective.

    In order to make the most of your Facebook advertising budget, you should rely on Xperts who:

    • Are familiar with the variety of tools—analytic and otherwise—offered by Facebook.
    • Can construct and deploy a comprehensive marketing strategy, including but not limited to Facebook advertisements.
    • Know how to squeeze the greatest amount of relevant information out of every digital interaction with your advertisements.
    • Have a proven track record of delivering for business owners and operators such as yourself.
    • Are willing and able to dispatch the resources required to help you reach key performance indicators.

    These are non-negotiables for businesses looking to make the most of their Facebook advertising spending—and their advertising budget more broadly. Consider how the team at X Social Media can fulfill these prerequisites and take your advertising operations to a new level.

    X Social Media Specializes in Growing Your Local Business With Facebook Ads

    The team at X Social Media will assign a dedicated account Xpert to oversee your marketing strategy. Beyond managing your Facebook advertising operations, we will:

    • Revamp your website with client retention in mind.
    • Create a custom landing page.
    • Overhaul or start an Instagram marketing account, if you choose.
    • Provide regular updates on your advertisements’ performance and our strategy for improving such performance.
    • Work with you to provide clear, on-brand messaging within an effective, multi-faceted digital marketing approach.

    Allow us to ensure that you are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to growing your local business with Facebook ads.

    Call X Social Media Today

    Our team is ready to improve your Facebook advertising strategy today. Call X Social Media at (888) 670-0006 now to hear more about how we will create a personalized, comprehensive marketing approach to growing your business.

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    Published on: 06/25/2020

    Should You Consider Mass Torts for Your Firm?

    Mass torts are lawsuits in which several individually-recognized plaintiffs bring a single lawsuit against a common defendant. Your law firm may want to consider adding mass torts to your offerings if:

    • You want to represent a greater number of clients whose needs are similar and may be collectivized under a single lawsuit.
    • You want to maximize the amount of justice you can provide for the greatest number of people.
    • You believe that your firm could benefit in one or more ways from adding mass torts to your repertoire.

    If you’re wondering how should you consider mass torts for you firm, you should think about how your clients may benefit from your ability to practice mass tort litigation.

    The Benefits of Mass Torts for Lawyers and Their Clients

    Mass tort litigation generally involves several victims of harm initiating lawsuits at the same time against a common defendant. The benefits of mass tort litigation include:

    • The simultaneous launching of multiple lawsuits puts pressure on a defendant that may encourage them to offer a settlement
    • The aggregation of multiple individuals’ lawsuits alleging similar circumstances may collectively strengthen the case of each individual plaintiff

    As a lawyer, mass tort litigation may allow you to:

    • Become familiar with a specific case and then use the knowledge you gather to represent numerous clients engaged in the mass tort
    • Provide representation for a larger number of clients than you normally would if you were representing drastically different case types in the same period of time
    • Ultimately expand your client base and generate greater revenue from your firm

    From your clients’ perspective, your ability to represent them in mass tort proceedings may:

    • Allow them to benefit from a lawyer’s familiarity with the issue that necessitated a mass tort
    • Provide their lawsuit added credibility through the common idea that there is strength in numbers—in this case, numerous lawsuits against a common defendant
    • Result in a judgement or settlement, if the mass tort proves successful

    When a Mass Tort May Be Warranted

    Mass torts are generally called for when numerous plaintiffs are harmed by a common defendant, often in a similar way. Should you consider mass torts for your firm? The answer is yes if you have many clients that have been victims of mass harm because of:

    • A defective product
    • A defective drug
    • Negligent practices by a medical professional
    • Mass contamination
    • Environmental hazards
    • Systematic discrimination

    Additional circumstances may warrant mass tort litigation. If you do ultimately choose to add mass torts to your law firm’s offerings, you will need a marketing strategy for acquiring plaintiffs.

    Social Media is the New Standard for Plaintiff Acquisition

    Marketing your law firm on digital channels—and social media specifically—is an effective way of attracting plaintiffs for your mass torts. Two social media platforms stand out as cost-effective means of advertising your law firm:

    • Facebook
    • Instagram

    Facebook Is a Reliable, Evolved Digital Marketplace

    Facebook is a commonly used social media platform (and it offers wide-ranging user demographics). There are many Facebook users in the United States, and many of those users dedicate a substantial portion of their time to the platform each day. Should you consider mass torts for your firm if you advertise on Facebook? Definitely.

    Facebook advertising offers your law firm:

    • The ability to deploy custom advertisements at a large scale
    • The possibility for users to organically share your advertisements, which spreads your firm’s message without any additional cost to you
    • A number of in-depth metrics about user engagement with your advertisements These metrics allow you to gauge the effectiveness of your advertising campaign and make tweaks to improve your approach
    • The ability to use dynamic Facebook ads, such as advertisements that retarget Facebook users once they have left the platform (which extends your advertisement’s reach beyond your firm’s page)

    A team of experts who are familiar with best Facebook advertising practices could provide a tangible improvement in your firm’s client retention, including the acquisition of plaintiffs for specific mass torts that your firm brings.

    Instagram Could Also Be a Boon for Your Firm

    Lawyers who want to cover all of their digital advertising bases will consider the value of Instagram advertising in attracting plaintiffs who may dedicate more time and attention to their Instagram feed than any other social platform.

    Visually appealing advertisements may help your brand awareness, particularly with an Instagram user base that could be demographically different than the average Facebook users.

    Allow the X Social Media, LLC Team to Boost Your Firm’s Digital Presence

    Our team of Xperts will work with your sales team to move potential plaintiffs through your funnel and convert them into clients for your mass tort. We can:

    • Create Facebook and Instagram pages for your firm
    • Create custom landing pages aimed specifically at converting users into your clients
    • Employ a strategic approach to ad purchases on the major social platforms
    • Ensure that your firm’s vision and message is being represented as you would like it to be
    • Follow bar marketing guidelines in all that we do

    To find out more about how our Xperts can help, call our X Social Team at (888) 670-0006 today.

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    Published on: 06/25/2020

    How Do You Create a Dynamic Facebook Ad?

    A dynamic Facebook ad that converts into clients includes:

    • Qualified lead generation
    • Personalized dynamic content
    • Content-relevant images
    • Law firm-specific branding
    • Custom-built audiences

    Our agency specializes in Facebook marketing. We show you how to create a dynamic Facebook ad that guides new traffic to your website.

    Your Target Market Is Already Using Facebook

    If your law firm is considering dynamic Facebook ads as a way to increase your client acquisitions, you are in the right social space. According to Pew Research, seven in ten adults in the US use Facebook. Facebook has approximately 214 million American consumers in their ranks, which represents about 81% of the US population.

    That makes Facebook an ideal marketing tool to grow your firm. By investing in Facebook ads, you reach millions of people who are continuously scrolling through their Facebook feeds on computers, smartphones, and other mobile devices. With ads optimized for mobile performance, your law firm can capitalize on the opportunity to educate potential new clients about your law firm and its practice areas.

    We focus on law firms and these advertising areas:

    • Mass Torts Advertising
    • Lawyer Marketing
    • Mass Torts Leads
    • Mass Tort Marketing
    • Mass Tort Generation
    • Single Event Cases Marketing
    • Single Event Case Leads
    • Law firm legal marketing

    If your law firm wants to use storytelling through Facebook ads as a way to educate potential clients about individual lawyers, specific practice areas, or specific case studies, then dynamic Facebook ads can do it.

    We Give You a Customized Facebook Experience

    Your brand profile is an important part of your social media presence. When you are ready to use dynamic Facebook ads to grow your law firm, we guide you through the process of creating the ads your firm needs to reach target clients.

    We provide personalized social media experience that treats each law firm like the individual client it is. We assign each client a dedicated account manager, who will walk you through your campaign’s creation and answer any questions you have about the mechanics and functionality of your ad spend.

    We do not create ads and leave you to figure out the rest. Instead, we free your time to focus on your client base while we streamline your Facebook marketing experience. If your law firm does not have an existing Facebook page, we will even set that up for you.

    We are careful to follow bar marketing guidelines all law firms must adhere to on every Facebook ad we create. We do not take over the management or control of your Facebook account. We simply create ads for your law firm and follow-up tools that lead to individual ad and campaign success.

    Monitor Your Facebook Ad Campaigns With Our Feedback Loop

    Creating dynamic Facebook ads is only one part of an entire marketing picture. It is also extremely important to carefully monitor your ad’s performance and identify its real-time reach. Those important measurements dictate how you make future marketing decisions and can influence the growth of your law firm.

    Our Feedback Loop puts these marketing matrix benefits at your disposal:

    • Real-time monitoring via detailed reporting on key performance indicators like total ad spend, cost-per-lead, signed and declined case ratios, and cost-per-signed-case
    • Omnichannel coverage for tracking Facebook ad spend and data cleansing for aggregating critical information prior to analysis
    • The ability to repeatedly test ad performance, evaluate cost-per-lead changes, and effectively identify Facebook ad and campaign performance.

    Our easy-to-install Feedback Loop is a hosted service available on almost any browser. Ask our Xperts about how it can help you stay on top of the performance of your dynamic Facebook ads.

    Create Localized Facebook Ads for Optimal Reach

    Dynamic Facebook ads hone in on specific geographic locations to increase your ad’s appeal to your local marketplace. That is why we start campaign creation with a questionnaire that takes a deep dive into your law firm and equips us with the information we need to build dynamic, effective, and compelling Facebook ads.

    How do you create a dynamic Facebook ad? By getting help from an advertising agency that specializes in Facebook and Instagram marketing for law firms.

    Let X Social Media Develop Your New Dynamic Facebook Ads

    All social media has a reach and range that make the right advertising valuable and effective. With their scale and scope, Facebook ads can be a cost-effective way to reach new clients for your law practice. The key to reaching your target demographic is producing dynamic Facebook ads that catch their eye and compel them to click. So, how do you create a dynamic Facebook ad? Find out by calling X Social Media at (888) 670-0006 and get started on creating ads that hit their mark.

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    Published on: 06/25/2020

    The X Social Feedback Loop Explained for Mass Tort Lawyers

    Just as mass torts are specialized segments of your law practice, the marketing that powers this practice area must be specialized to reach its target segment. This short guide will help you understand the benefits and advantages of the X Social Feedback Loop for mass tort lawyers.

    The X Social Feedback Loop is designed to specifically optimize the end results of your marketing methods by measuring the performance of your digital marketing strategies. These critical measurements let you know where your advertising is most effective. For example, these tools can provide clarity on what is reaching your target users and what is not.

    Always up to date, the X Social Feedback Loop reads and reports media marketing campaigns in real-time. It lets you see your law firm’s highest-performing paid media campaigns and ads in your media mix. It also highlights your overall marketing performance so you can increase ad spending based on actual real-time data, not guesswork.

    Monitor Campaign and Ad Performance in Real-Time

    Monitoring your marketing strategies helps maintain focus, reach the right target audience, and grow your law firm with continual responsive feedback.

    With the X Social Feedback Loop, you can:

    • Easily keep an eye on real-time campaign and ad performance
    • Focus on critical campaign details and hone in on signed cases
    • Master key performance indicators (KPIs) with our detailed dashboard reporting experience

    The X Social Feedback Loop lets you measure your social marketing effectiveness in four key areas:

    • Total ad spending
    • Cost-per-lead
    • Signed/declined case ratios
    • Cost-per-signed-case

    Our feedback loop offers more than responsiveness; it offers current data relating to important statistics without relying on hours or days old spreadsheet calculations. It also puts data information at your fingertips.

    Key Feedback Loop Features

    The X Social Feedback Loop gives your law firm marketing transparency and real-time insight into true ad performance with these additional features:

    • Omnichannel Coverage. This provides constant monitoring of ad tracking and spending. Omnichannel coverage gives you a central place to monitor media across multiple platforms, including Facebook and Google. We are also adding new media channels every day to make this feature even more robust.
    • Unified Data Collection. This tool provides a data-based, statistic-backed classification of your media ads across a multitude of digital platforms. Unified data collection means your data is collected and classified so you can see it in one location without jeopardizing ad effectiveness or constantly switching between user metric platforms.
    • Data Cleansing. This compiles media spending information prior to data analysis, evaluation, and assessment. The data cleansing feature gives you a look at your law firm’s marketing campaigns as a whole to create a clear financial picture of your advertising strategies.

    These features are designed to promote your bottom line and turn clicks into clients.

    Boost Your Marketing Reach And Results With X Social Feedback Loop

    The X Social Feedback Loop supercharges your legal advertising results with real-time metrics so you can act and react according to the most recent data.

    It gives your marketing team the ability to:

    • Analyze information
    • Act immediately on your behalf
    • Understand your marketing’s cost-per-lead
    • Make calculated changes in marketing campaign costs

    The reports and metrics in the X Social Feedback Loop continually update for seamless, case-by-case, data-driven conversions. This tool identifies ad campaigns that have the potential to increase overall reach and lets us react to that information for optimal performance.

    Fast data feedback means X Social Media managers have an advantage because we can work in a flexible, focused environment that works to maximize your marketing dollars and save your law firm money.

    The Marketing Advantage of the X Social Feedback Loop

    In addition to its many features, the X Social Feedback Loop gives you the opportunity to implement measures designed to reduce client acquisition costs. Your marketing team will have the ability to identify your best and worst-performing campaigns and ads. The X Social Feedback Loop will show you precisely where to focus your marketing dollars to maximize conversions and eliminate wasteful spending.

    The X Social Feedback Loop is easy to install because it is a hosted service with a minimal application programming interface (API) connection, which makes access quick and easy. You can access and use the tool from almost any browser on your laptop, mobile device, or tablet.

    Optimize Your End Results With The X Social Feedback Loop

    Advertising is only effective if it hits the right target. Measuring your marketing matrix could be an effective way to make sure that your marketing is hitting its mark. With comprehensive, easy-to-understand dashboard reporting, you can optimize your marketing results with the X Social Feedback Loop. We wxrk hard to provide each client with a truly customized marketing experience.

    Contact X Social Media today at (888) 670-0006 to find out how this marketing and measuring tool can help your law firm grow.

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    Published on: 06/25/2020

    Legal Marketing Tactics to Find Mass Tort Clients

    Knowing your legal practice needs to find mass torts clients and knowing how to find those clients are two very different things. Knowing the legal marketing tactics to find mass tort clients can help your law practice reach this specialized group of men and women is critical to marketing and advertising success.

    Once you understand the impact mass tort marketing can have on your law firm and on its growth potential, you can complete our questionnaire and start the process of working with us to develop marketing tactics that lead to new mass tort clients. Start by deciding which types of mass tort cases you want to represent.

    Choose Your Mass Tort Practice Area

    Mass tort cases cover multiple clients with the same underlying grievance against the same company. They are born out of flawed, faulty, or otherwise defective products that cause unexpected harm or injuries to unsuspecting consumers. Mass tort claims can involve medication side effects, medical device failures, or even damaging sexual abuse.

    The diversity of potential mass tort claims means your law firm has to define which cases you want to pursue, so you can then target your ads. Of course, your firm can represent more than one type of mass tort lawsuit, but you can make custom, personalized ads for each of your mass tort practice areas.

    Delving into legal marketing tactics to find mass tort clients means your firm knows the scope and reach of effective marketing. It also means you know the value and importance of defining your ideal clients through dynamic ads and compelling landing pages.

    Define Your Ideal Client to Generate Quality Leads

    Defining your ideal client is a key component of marketing for any business. It carries even more importance when your law firm is attempting to market to potential mass tort clients. For your clients, their product use and their subsequent injury, harm, side effects, and danger are critical to your marketing.

    For potential mass tort clients, their hope for recompense through financial compensation and their realization that they are not alone in their injuries (or in their fight for compensation) are also key marketing points.

    When your firm commits to legal marketing tactics to find mass tort clients, all these elements of the ideal marketing plan come into play. They are also relevant to the imagery and content that builds landing pages and social media ads in order to reach potential clients, convert them into actual clients, and add them to existing mass tort claims or build new mass tort claims around them.

    Reach Your Potential Clients Where They Are

    Your law firm can use legal marketing tactics to find mass tort clients and position yourself where your clients already are. With the number of Facebook users in the United States nearing 221 million, you may want to include dynamic Facebook ads in your marketing repertoire.

    Another legal marketing tactic you could use is custom landing page creation. You can direct social media users to a website that allows you to gather their information, so you can determine if their case fits your mass tort needs at a later date.

    Reach Mass Tort Clients With Specialized Legal Marketing Tactics

    At X Social Media, our Xperts wxrk hard to leverage legal marketing tactics that find mass tort clients via landing pages and social media marketing methods. With a dedicated account manager and a customized ad creation experience, your law firm can stand out in an already crowded marketplace.

    Get the Custom Care You Need to Create Effective Mass Tort Marketing

    We go the extra mile to make sure your ads meet state bar association marketing guidelines—even if you market in more than one state. We wxrk hard to ensure you receive a personalized experience built on your law firm’s brand and the types of mass tort claims you represent.

    We are prepared to customize your experience with a marketing campaign that helps you effectively recruit new plaintiffs for mass tort litigation. Your dedicated account manager will explain the process and answer any of your questions.

    We also set up a Facebook page (if your firm does not already have one) and create custom landing pages that drive traffic to your website, gain qualified leads, and capture relevant lead information. Called landers, these pages help your law firm capture qualified leads with a 2-step lead qualification process. Years of extensive testing led to our landing page designs which build on your law firm’s vision and our expertise.

    Facebook and Instagram marketing is our specialty. We use our knowledge and experience in this industry to show you how to grow your law firm by investing in Facebook ads and marketing campaigns geared specifically toward mass tort client acquisition.

    Call X Social Media, LLC today at (888) 670-0006 so we can start building landing pages and social campaigns that help grow your law practice.

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    Published on: 06/25/2020

    How to Market a Mass Torts Practice Area

    Is your law firm looking for new, innovative, proven ways to reach new mass tort clients? At X Social Media, we know the strategies and components that go into making a successful plan to market a mass torts practice area for your firm.

    Your law firm should have a landing page and social media presence specifically geared toward reaching and retaining potential clients for the mass torts area of your law practice.

    Our strategy is to create the mass tort marketing products your law firm needs with a focus on your online and social presence, geographic location, and target audience. After we delve into learning about your law firm and compile the data we need, we get to wxrk creating a mass tort marketing plan geared toward your firm and built with our expert industry knowledge.

    Develop A Full Mass Tort Marketing Plan

    Mass tort lawsuits bring multiple clients together in pursuit of a common defendant. From a marketer’s perspective, that understanding is the first identifier of your target demographic. It gives us a starting point for crafting exceptional campaigns that focus on your law firm and its needs.

    We start with a landing page that is based on expansive testing and honed to convert. We are also a specialized advertising agency with a focus on Facebook and Instagram marketing for law firms. We take your existing online presence and optimize it to grab attention and generate qualified leads.

    When you need to know how to market the mass torts practice area of your law firm, you want X Social Media. Our landing pages and social media ad campaigns create connections and clicks that convert into clients.

    Landing Mass Tort Clients With Landing Pages

    We know the power and draw of an attention-grabbing landing page, so we wxrk hard to create the right combination of content, imagery, and calls to action on the landers we create for you. The custom landing pages we construct for your law firm:

    • Feature two-step lead generation
    • Are optimized for lead conversion
    • Are based on your vision
    • Are built with our expertise

    After the design of your landing page is complete and your landing page is live, we stay by your side. We stay with you to ensure your landing page turns clicks into conversions and potential clients into signed clients. Our landing page designers wxrk hard to build a landing page with your vision and our knowledge of how to market a mass torts practice area.

    Facebook Marketing That Drives Conversions

    With 214 million Americans on Facebook, your target audience is there, too. That means Facebook is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for your law firm to get noticed by your potential clients when they are already browsing social media.

    Part of the marketing appeal of Facebook is its portability because your target audience is carrying it around in their hands on their smartphones and mobile devices that rarely leave their side. Our individually handcrafted Facebook ads provide your law firm with an ROI on your mass tort ad campaigns.

    Each campaign is stocked with ads that generate qualified leads, high conversion rates, and increased client lists with engaging storytelling and masterful brand appeal. No second-guessing or generic ads here–we start off with an informative questionnaire that tells us your company’s specific needs, your target market’s makeup, and your client acquisition goals.

    The X Social Media Marketing Edge

    When your law firm adds mass torts to its practice areas or is ready to grow its existing mass tort practice area, invest in Facebook advertising with X Social Media. We even set up a Facebook page for you if you do not already have one and build custom landing pages that drive traffic to your website.

    What we do is very different because of the scale of our ads and our ability to wxrk with you and your team to make sure your mass torts marketing converts ad clicks into clients.

    Ask your XPert about the Feedback Loop technology that enables us to advertise based on real-time conversions that increase your ROI. If you want to find innovative ways to attract people to your law firm through custom landing pages and pre-qualified leads on Facebook, call an X Social Media Facebook Xpert today.

    Build Your Mass Torts Practice Area With Strategic Marketing

    When your law practice is ready to gain new clients for its mass torts practice area, the right marketing mix might be just what you need for success. Explore new marketing methods and learn how to market a mass torts practice area with the team at X Social Media. Call us today at (888) 670-0006 to start building or growing this important area of your law practice.

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    Published on: 06/25/2020

    How to Find Roundup Cases With Facebook Ads

    When you are ready to grow your firm and its mass tort clientele by investing in Facebook advertising, X Social Media can help. Mass torts are a savvy way to grow your law practice—especially when you combine them with the power and impact of social media marketing. With our guidance, you can learn how to find Roundup cases with Facebook ads.According to the Pew Research Center, roughly 69% of American adults use Facebook, and nearly 3/4 of those users visiting the site on a daily basis. With access to this robust volume of traffic, your law practice can find its target audience. The right marketing mix means that your law firm can grab the attention of the millions of people scrolling through their Facebook feeds every day.

    Do not miss out on this great opportunity for your law firm to educate potential new clients on the dangers of Roundup and their potential to participate in a financial settlement.

    Roundup Mass Tort Marketing Best Practices

    With recent studies providing evidence of a link between exposure to glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, and certain types of cancer, your law firm can gain clients with short- and long-term exposure to the harmful effects of this dangerous chemical.

    The key to finding new Roundup clients is educating them on the financial benefit of joining a Roundup mass tort claim. We are an advertising agency that specializes in Facebook and Instagram. When we help your law firm find Roundup cases with Facebook ads, we follow these legal marketing principles:

    • We know the importance of sticking to the law, so we follow all bar marketing guidelines for every ad and campaign we create.
    • We do one thing and we do it well: paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram that produces targeted, profitable results.
    • If you do not have an existing Facebook business account, we will help you set one up.
    • We do not take brand management or social media control out of your hands by taking over your Facebook page.

    We create concentrated Facebook ads and campaigns that speak to the needs of clients who were harmed by Roundup’s products and their desire to be compensated. The targeted ads get clicks that convert to clients and provide you with the custom client experience your law firm deserves.

    Roundup Marketing Via Facebook Ads

    The X Social experience does not create generic Roundup ads. We treat each client like the individual law firm they are and point out the benefits of working with YOU. We target potential clients in your geographic area—even if you have more than one—and drive traffic right to your website.

    We also build, analyze, and upload customer lists. These lists let us know which customers to target, which to exclude, and how to reach them on your behalf. We speak to your potential clients’ pain points, appeal to them with a feasible solution, and capture vital lead information.

    We know the keys and algorithms that play a huge role in how to find Roundup cases with Facebook ads. Maximizing your ad spend and ad scope are the goals of an effective Roundup marketing campaign. When we craft your Facebook ads, we provide you with a dedicated account manager, and a tracking experience monitors your Roundup ads and makes real-time adjustments along the way.

    Power Up Your Roundup Ad Campaign

    When the team at X Social Media creates a Roundup campaign for your law firm, we custom design a campaign to recruit plaintiffs for Roundup mass tort cases. We specialize in campaigns that show law firms precisely how to find Roundup cases with Facebook ads.

    We create Facebook ads that target clients who used Roundup products, reach specific geographic locations, and produce viable leads that generate new cases. At X Social Media, we do not put up an ad and hope for the best. We wxrk with you and your team to make sure your funnel converts leads into clients. When you start a new Roundup campaign, ask your dedicated XPert about our Feedback Loop technology, which enables us to advertise based on real-time conversions.

    Find Roundup Cases With Facebook Ads

    Client acquisition is an important part of law firm marketing. While client acquisition takes on many forms, Facebook ads are one of the most effective. Contact our marketing firm when your law firm is ready to uncover new ways to make social media advertising wxrk for you. Learn how to find Roundup cases with Facebook ads that get quality clicks that lead to new clients. Call X Social Media at (888) 670-0006 to start generating interest in your firm’s Roundup mass tort cases.

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    Published on: 06/25/2020

    Should Lawyers Use Social Media?

    Lawyers should use social media, but in a way that benefits rather than harms your firm. If you’re on the fence and asking should lawyers use social media, the answer is yes because social media can be a powerful marketing tool for lawyers. While it is important that your firm or law group have a strong social media presence, it is equally important the right team develops and maintains it. We want to be that team for you.

    Using a professional Facebook advertising agency like X Social Media can reduce your headache when it comes to handling your marketing efforts. We have the industry knowledge regarding best practices for both Facebook and Instagram and we specialize in legal marketing.

    The legal sector is a competitive one and there is a complexity in answering the question of how should lawyers use social media. If you are not utilizing Facebook to attract clients, chances are your competition is. Do not let the competition outpace you in reaching the same target audience. Start utilizing Facebook as an important marketing tool now, with the help of X Social Media.

    Lawyers should use social media to build a strong client base, however, they should also trust the process to certified Facebook Xperts. To learn more about how X Social Media can help you with advertising your legal services, call (888) 670-0006 today.

    Massive Reach for Mass Tort Leads

    Facebook is built upon a system of likes, followers, comments, shares, and reviews. One of the most powerful components of this system is that of “shares”. There are a variety of reasons why people share a post. Some of these reasons include that a user:

    • Finds the information interesting
    • Wants to share information about something they care about
    • Wants to generate some type of feeling in their friends or family
    • Wants to share information that is useful

    Potential clients seeking your services are likely to rely upon the Facebook ratings and reviews left by past clients to determine whether to contact you. These are the clients who are actively searching for a lawyer regarding a mass tort case.

    Facebook advertising is a great avenue for reaching potential clients who do not yet realize they need a lawyer. Educating target audiences about legal action involving dangerous products is another valuable tool of Facebook advertising. Ignoring the potential of a whole new audience can’t be denied as a negative if you’re questioning should lawyers use social media.

    Utilizing Facebook to secure the best leads possible is only beneficial if used in a consistent and strategic manner. Clients who search for legal representation for a mass tort case can quickly lose faith in your services if your information is stagnant and out of date.

    X Social Media dedicates itself to the legal sector and specializes in building successful campaigns for mass tort cases. Our staff knows Facebook inside and out. From creating landing pages to directing traffic to your website, we understand the urgency and careful planning social media demands for your business to succeed. Call X Social Media at Call X Social Media at (888) 670-0006.

    Let X Social Media Handle Your Facebook Marketing

    At X Social Media, we understand that time is a precious commodity for you and your staff. A strong Facebook strategy requires careful thought and an ability to focus. Your potential clients’ cases demand your complete attention. In that same vein, we assign each of our own clients their own dedicated digital marketing manager, helping to put your mind at ease regarding your Facebook marketing.

    Posting to Facebook in a hurry or posting information that lacks the ability to engage potential clients can do more damage than good. One false step can lead to the wrong kinds of shares of your post and harm to your firm’s reputation.

    Facebook Advertising Done Right

    X Social Media takes great pride in serving law firms throughout the United States. Our handle on both the legal sector and Facebook advertising places our agency in the right position to help you.

    Facebook is here to stay, making it imperative that you add it to your list of important marketing tools. Mass tort cases are a great fit for a Facebook advertising campaign that can create awareness and generate leads for you.

    Our team creates effective questionnaires and incorporates your brand into campaigns for your Facebook advertising. We not only create content but analyze and deliver the results in a way that is easy to understand.

    Let X Social Media handle your Facebook and Instagram marketing plan by taking your accounts from the ordinary to the extraordinary. We use dynamic imagery, video, and relatable content that attracts the eye of clients searching for legal services.

    To learn more about how X Social Media can help you, contact us today. By learning more about your marketing goals, our team can begin work developing a campaign that reaches your target audience.

    Our friendly and professional staff enjoys making Facebook advertising work for legal offices of all sizes and in all parts of the United States. Contact X Social Media today: (888) 670-0006.

  • justice

    Published on: 06/25/2020

    How Can Law Firms Advertise Their Services?

    Like most businesses, law firms rely on advertising to get the word out about their services. They can do so in the following ways:

    • Advertising on the sides of buses, public benches, and billboards
    • Making and airing commercials for television
    • Buying web ads
    • Flying a banner behind a seaplane in a beach town
    • Using social media

    Unlike other businesses, law firms must follow strict guidelines set by the American Bar Association (and some by their own state bar associations).

    These guidelines are a list of rules regarding what law firms can and cannot do when developing advertising content for specific audiences. The popularity of social media sites like Facebook and Instagram makes advertising both an affordable and useful tool for reaching potential clients. Balancing bar association rules with your social media advertising is where X Social Media, LLC can help your firm thrive.

    At X Social Media, LLC we create campaigns for mass tort campaigns that include such features as compelling graphics and effective questionnaires. Our marketing and advertising team works with law firms throughout the United States.

    Law Firm Advertising Laws Have Adapted to Social Media Popularity

    The core rules that apply to law firm advertising on television, radio, or in print also apply to social media. The increased popularity of social media channels as a way to reach consumers prompted an update in advertising rules by the American Bar Association. These updates include:

    • Rule 7.1: Communications Regarding a Lawyer’s Services
    • Rule 7.2: Communications Concerning Specific Rules
    • Rule 7.3: Solicitation of Clients

    One of the key takeaways from these updated rules is the term “communications” replacing the previous language of “advertising”. Social media prompted this change, due to the fact that in addition to advertising on Facebook or Instagram, a simple post can violate some association rules.

    An example of such a violation could be a post regarding updated information about a mass tort case. The post may mislead followers or be a false statement—conduct that violates bar association guidelines.

    Social Media Can Be Confusing and a Necessary Advertising Medium for Lawyers

    Engaging potential clients on social media is especially tricky for law firms, due to the ethics and rules involved. Some state bar association rules add additional regulations regarding how firms can solicit and engage clients (like New York, for instance).

    However, a social media presence is a must for any business. With 81 percent of adults using Facebook, the social media giant isn’t going away anytime soon. Not having a Facebook or Instagram account for your law firm is an untapped resource for growing your client base. Having an account on both (yet neglecting them) can negatively impact public perception about your firm.

    Working with a marketing and advertising agency that specializes in social media advertising can relieve your confusion. The ever-changing world of Facebook and Instagram—when it comes to algorithms, privacy concerns, and other related issues—can be explained by social media experts.

    We Help Law Firms Advertise Their Services on Social Media

    At X Social Media, LLC, we understand the time constraints many lawyers experience on a daily basis. With court dates and client meetings, there is no time for posting, monitoring, or advertising a Facebook or Instagram account.

    Our professional online marketers combine their marketing skills and legal knowledge to create marketing plans and campaigns that reach potential clients. Our approach is specifically designed to enhance your firm’s brand and to comply with all bar association rules.

    X Social Media, LLC assigns each client their own account manager. This personalized service signals our commitment to helping you reach your marketing goals.

    No matter which state is home to your firm, we can help you reach the right target audience in your targeted community. From mass tort to personal injury cases, our team can help you promote your services ethically and responsibly. We can help your firm utilize Facebook and Instagram in a way that meets bar association guidelines

    Call to Learn More About Our Advertising Plans for Law Firms

    Your clients and their cases deserve your full attention. The team at X Social Media, LLC provides the social media presence your firm wants and creates campaigns designed to reach potential clients. Your account manager works with you to learn about your firm, team, and objectives.

    Facebook and Instagram advertising can streamline your message to potential clients about mass tort cases and more. Using social media to advertise what dangerous products are part of civil actions can serve to educate and inform those who used those products. Knowing there are options for pursuing possible justice can lead potential clients to your website for more information.

    Generating qualitative leads is what we do. Facebook and Instagram advertising plans are how we do it. Let X Social Media, LLC show you how we can help your firm with its social media goals by calling us today at (888) 670-0006.

  • public opinion

    Published on: 06/25/2020

    How Public Opinion Shapes Mass Torts

    The connection between public opinion and mass torts is clear. Through mass torts, millions of Americans become aware of the dangers of certain products. There is often a public outcry against the companies that manufacture items that harm many thousands of people.

    When investigations and the pre-trial discovery process in mass tort litigation uncover evidence that a company knew of the likely injuries but made and sold its dangerous products anyway—merely in the name of making money—the reputation of that corporation can become tarnished.

    When the general public begins to see a particular corporation as a heartless organization that does not value human life or safety, people may be less hesitant to file a lawsuit against that company. “Putting profits over people” is a popular phrase used to describe the kinds of actions that negligent companies exhibit after it becomes public knowledge that they acted in their own interest (to the detriment of the consumer). You often hear this language in mass tort advertisements that influence the public to get involved.

    How Mass Tort Advertising Educates the Public

    Nationwide advertising to recruit plaintiffs for a specific mass tort lawsuit circulated by personal injury lawyers—like the shingles vaccine cases—informs people who might otherwise not be aware that a product is unreasonably dangerous. Most people assume that there are some risks with any medical procedure. So, if they had an adverse outcome, these individuals might shrug their shoulders and think that they merely had terrible luck.

    When someone sees an advertisement about a product they used, the person might learn that the pharmaceutical company deceived doctors and patients about known risks of the product and how the liable company exaggerated the product’s effectiveness. Also, the legal ads might help a person connect their harm to the product that caused the damage.

    Let us say that someone died from a ruptured blood vessel after having a stent placed in his heart surgically. The surviving loved ones might not realize that some defective stents can come apart, and the sharp pieces of the stent can travel through the blood vessels, ripping them open. Only when they see a mass tort lawyer’s advertisement do the survivors realize that the stent might be the cause of their loved one’s death.

    Specific Examples of Public Opinion Guiding Mass Tort Litigation

    When public sentiment is negative about some segments of the business world, mass tort lawyers might be more likely to bring lawsuits against companies in those sectors.

    There was a great deal of ill will toward the banking industry after the great recession that officially began in 2007 in the United States. Greedy mortgage companies and other lenders issued high-risk mortgages that—along with mortgage-backed securities and derivatives—led to the collapse of the U.S. housing market.

    Fallout from the Great Recession

    Many people lost their jobs, homes, and life savings during the recession. Their credit ratings got slashed. They had to sell off their investments and cash out their retirement accounts at bargain-basement prices just to survive. The banking and investment companies, however, received massive bailouts—in addition to the extraordinary profits they had already made from their reckless actions that caused the economic crisis.

    It is no surprise that there has been a flood of lawsuits against banks for fraud, fake accounts, and other unethical behavior in the years since the recession. Wells-Fargo, for example, settled a civil lawsuit in 2020 for $3 billion for fraudulent business operations, according to NBC News reporting. Public sentiment tends to cheer on such lawsuits against huge corporations that treat individuals as if they have no value.

    Tailoring Mass Tort Advertising to Sync with Public Sentiment

    At X Social Media, we offer the full range of services that lawyers need when recruiting plaintiffs for mass tort litigation. We can create unique content that educates the public about dangerous products and the harm they can cause. We can craft a marketing plan and design a campaign tailored for the geographic markets you select.

    We can provide:

    • Mass Tort Marketing
    • Mass Tort Generation
    • Mass Tort Advertising
    • Mass Tort Leads

    These are but a few examples of the many advertising and marketing services we provide for law firms.

    Social Media and Mass Torts

    We specialize in Facebook and Instagram campaign planning because most of your likely clients spend time there regularly. Investing in well-written Facebook advertising can help to grow your business. We can create a Facebook page for you or optimize the one you already have. The landing pages we build can grab the attention of your target market and direct traffic to your website.

    When we handle your marketing, you can devote your time and attention to the practice of law. We know how busy attorneys are, and we respect that fact. We are an advertising agency that prides itself on delivering personal service that will amaze you. We assign a Dedicated Digital Marketing Manager to every one of our clients, so they always have someone to contact directly with questions.

    You can call X Social Media, LLC, today at (888) 670-0006 to get started.

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    Published on: 06/25/2020

    What Are Legal Ads?

    Legal ads are advertisements that help legal firms generate leads for new clients. They educate potential new clients about the existence of mass tort cases and guide them to a firm’s web pages. More of these ads are found on social media these days, like on Facebook or Instagram.

    If you are a law firm who wants to grow your client base, X Social Media, can help by designing social media ads based on your individual needs and company goals. Ads on social media reach are extremely effective and reach an ever-growing number of people. In fact, according to Investopedia, about 214 million Americans are on Facebook alone—about 81% of the population.

    Many who have problems with products and devices are unaware of the possibility of recovering damages through a mass tort lawsuit. An ad from your firm may educate them. It makes sense to be at the forefront by utilizing ads designed to catch their attention.

    How Legal Ads Secure New Leads

    Internet growth has been explosive in recent years, and with it comes an accompanying growth in internet advertising. For legal firms, advertising on web sites has replaced advertising in the phone book. Instead of competing for customers through print ads, the focus is now on search engine optimization (SEO). The goal is to have your website highly ranked on search engines for certain keywords so that potential new clients access your website.

    Legal ads on social media utilize the most popular sites—such as Facebook and Instagram—to drive potential customers to your website. Some law firms might not have yet discovered the benefit of social media legal ads.

    Many social media users are potential clients who do not even realize that they can be legally compensated for damages they have received from a defective medication, product, or device. Their injuries and pain and suffering may merit compensation through a mass tort lawsuit. The goal of legal ads is to catch the attention of these potential clients by:

    • Using eye-catching and relatable imagery that makes potential clients realize that there are others who suffered similar accidents as them who have collected (or are mobilizing to collect) compensation through a lawsuit
    • Including an effective questionnaire to screen potential clients and direct those who may qualify to your law firm’s landing page

    Social media legal ads are also quicker and easier to set up than ads on TV or radio, which can take days or weeks to prepare and run.

    How X Social Media, Helps Law Firms

    X Social Media, is an advertising agency that specializes in Facebook and Instagram ads for law firms. We start by assessing each law firm’s needs and areas of specialization. This information is then used to design social media ads that include:

    • Your firm’s branding
    • Dramatic images intended to attract attention from users
    • A short, easy to answer questionnaire that can guide users to your intake

    Once you have identified your focus topic, we design each page specific to your needs and the clients you wish to attract. Your ad should promote your specific practice areas and also use specific clients and their cases as examples, if possible. We may help you create a short video to attract more attention on social media than if we just use static images and text.

    We offer service nationwide, with focus on the following practice areas:

    • Mass torts advertising
    • Lawyer marketing
    • Mass torts leads
    • Mass tort marketing
    • Mass tort generation
    • Law firm legal marketing

    We can help your practice generate leads for other types of cases as well.

    Developing Your Firm’s Landing Page

    To create customized pages, you will work hand in hand with our designers so that we fully understand your vision and needs. When you hire us, you will be given a Dedicated Digital Marketing Manager to assist you and answer all of your questions.

    We will set up a Facebook page for you if you do not already have one. We provide live tracking reports so you can see what traffic you are generating. We can provide input on any trends that we notice.

    We can gear your pages to your specific firm’s needs by considering factors such as cost and client target. We can tailor a program based on your current budget and adjust it as your needs change and you can select the audience you hope to reach by:

    • Area and location
    • Financial bracket
    • Education level
    • Age and gender
    • Language and ethnic background
    • Types of legal need

    We are ready to hear how we can shape your legal social media ad campaign today,

    Get Help Attracting Clients Today

    Potential clients are waiting for you on social media, so do not miss out. Contact our X Social Team now to find out how we can help grow your law firm’s client base. Call an XPert at (888) 670-0006 to learn more today.

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    Published on: 06/25/2020

    What Is a Dynamic Facebook Ad?

    A dynamic Facebook ad is designed to target potential customers who have visited your website before. Since these individuals have already shown interest in your services, you can then spotlight similar offers geared to their interests and thereby increase the likelihood of follow-through.

    Dynamic ads may be used on other social media sites such as Instagram, Messenger, and the Audience Network. They look similar to other ads but utilize an ad template that automatically provides images for other products and services you want to advertise.

    Potential clients or customers see these follow-up ads on their Facebook and Instagram feeds the next time they log in, so they are reminded to reconsider the original service or a similar product. The ads also highlight special offers, show reviews, and give other information that makes users more likely to visit the ad’s landing page.

    How Dynamic Ads Benefit You

    The benefit of dynamic product ads is that they automatically show the right products, services, or information to people who have been searching for that item or ones like it. The potential customer or client may have moved on without making a decision, but the next time they log into social media, they will be reminded about their original search and others related to it.

    As a business owner, Facebook dynamic ads can benefit you by:

    Automatically promoting what is most relevant to a targeted audience

    Personalizing information geared to a user’s interests

    Increasing the chances of follow-through by reminders about the highlights of your product or service

    • Promoting all of your services and items with unique ads without having to configure each ad individually

    In the case of legal firms, potential clients commonly use the internet to find local attorneys who handle legal issues. Users may browse websites of multiple attorneys and put off making a decision for another time.

    Yet, by running a dynamic ad, your firm and its services will show up the next time they log on, increasing the chances they will revisit your site and call for more information.

    How to Get Started with Dynamic Facebook Ads

    According to Facebook, for dynamic ads to work best, you should have a strong feedback loop between your online service lists and your ads. Yet, this can be challenging to do without knowledge of digital marketing and social media trends. For this reason, many businesses opt to work with digital marketing consultants, who can provide more insight into which advertisements are the most effective.

    This knowledge can include:

    • Understanding how Facebook collects user information and channels that into ads
    • Creating a marketing strategy that reaches the demographic your business wants to reach
    • Having a comprehensive website or Facebook page that provides additional information
    • Using search engine optimization (SEO) tools to promote an online presence on popular search engines, like Bing or Google

    When your law firm partners with X Social Media, you can expect these services, among others, that are designed to promote your firm’s visibility on social media.

    What the X Social Media Team Can Do for You

    When you log into your own social media profile and see advertisements for other law firms, they probably did not develop a marketing strategy in-house. They likely worked with a digital marketing consultant group that was able to examine the firm’s goals and then create a plan designed to promote their interests.

    This is where X Social Media comes in. Our team has a pulse on social media trends and marketing strategies that promote your law firm’s online presence.

    We do this by:

    • Implementing actions designed to reach a wider prospective client base
    • Creating a Facebook or Instagram page that directs users to your website’s landing page
    • Analyzing user data to determine which marketing strategy can get you more leads
    • Assigning an account manager to your firm to answer any questions and provide you with updates
    • Designing advertisements that attract attention and pique user interest

    With over 1.3 million lawyers practicing nationwide, you do not want your law firm to get lost in the digital shuffle. Our goal is to create engaging content to meet your marketing needs while you focus on serving your clients.

    Get Started with X Social Media Today

    Dynamic ads have the ability to bring your law firm to the attention of users nationwide. You do not have to struggle with creating your own digital marketing campaign when there is help available.

    To get started, call X Social Media today at (888) 670-0006.

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    Published on: 06/25/2020

    How Can I Get a Facebook Pixel in 2020?

    If you are advertising on Facebook, it is essential to benefit from the many marketing advantages Facebook pixel offers (and make sure you are using it correctly). Before you can set it up, you will need a website for your law practice and a Facebook business page.

    You set up and install the pixel on your website or landing page from options within your Facebook account. However, if the thought of coding leaves you cold, you can partner with a certified Facebook expert agency that can manage all of those tricky back-end operations for you.

    This allows you to focus on helping the people who need your services. At the same time, the agency specialists connect you with more of those people using Facebook pixel to generate pre-qualified leads for your firm.

    Why Your Practice Needs Facebook Pixel

    The Facebook pixel is essentially a piece of code that tracks the people who visit your website and what they do while they are there. This enables you to advertise to them later (also known as retargeting). You can monitor your audience’s actions and use the pixel to:

    • Make sure your advertisements are being shown to the right people
    • Reach people who are more likely to pre-qualify as a lead using custom landing pages
    • Measure your conversation rates
    • Gain detailed insights into the performance of your advertisements and what happens when potential clients see them

    There are almost 2.41 billion active users on Facebook (according to Facebook Q4 data), and the numbers are growing every year. The planet presents the perfect opportunity to engage with a large amount of potential new clients.

    Showing Your Ads to the Right People

    Optimizing your marketing campaign and getting your message in front of the right audience is what matters most when it comes to engaging potential clients. Facebook pixel helps you to do just that.

    Being able to monitor the actions of people who visit your landing page for a mass tort, for example, can provide valuable information about a prospect’s readiness to sign up for your services.

    Using the mass tort example, you could then follow up by showing updated information about the tort using engaging content and targeted ads to the people who have already demonstrated an interest in your services. This enables you to re-capture their attention and prompt them to take action and sign up using a landing page.

    Increase Pre-Qualified leads

    Generating pre-qualified leads saves you time and money, because you are positioning your practice in front of people who are actively looking for specific information about the services you offer.

    Learning about your audience makes it easier for you to engage with them in a meaningful way and cuts down on time wasted chasing unpromising leads. It also means potential clients can learn about you and how your services can help them. The upshot is a much higher visitor-to-client conversion—a win for everyone.

    Measure the Performance of Your Advertising

    Working with a Facebook pixel marketing specialist who knows how to convert data into real business intelligence (tailored to your specific needs) can help you stay ahead of the competition.

    Performance tracking and lead feedback are essential parts of this process, allowing for changes to be made in response to your audience. It also provides highly detailed insight into which content yields the best results.

    Get the Best Quality Leads at the Lowest Prices with X Social Media

    Working with X Social Media helps you connect with the people who are most in need of your services. When we partner with you, we continuously innovate to make sure we deliver the highest quality leads to your intake and:

    • Organize your campaigns
    • Develop your bespoke online marketing strategy, using Facebook pixel and other marketing tools
    • Offer specialized tactical support and performance monitoring
    • Provide the tools and practices to supercharge your Facebook ad campaign
    • Make sure your online content is Bar Association–compliant

    Other benefits you can expect are custom audience creation, pixel implementation, dynamic ad creation, engaging content, live reporting, and custom landing pages.

    If you are searching for a specialist Facebook ad agency that can help you attract potential clients through high-quality, results-driven leads who can add significant value to your advertising ROI, we deliver. Find out more today by calling (888) 670-0006 today to speak to an X Social Media team member.

  • people

    Published on: 06/25/2020

    5 Reasons Why Your Law Firm Needs to Be Active on Facebook

    Before a potential client decides to reach out to you, chances are they are looking at your social media presence first. Facebook is a social media platform that has been generating a lot of buzz.

    With almost every target market and 2.41 billion active users (according to Facebook’s 2019 Q4 data), this giant’s growth is showing no signs of slowing, so you could be leaving money on the table if your law practice does not use Facebook as part of your marketing strategy. Here are the top five reasons why your law firm needs to be active on Facebook.

    Expand Your Online Presence and Educate Your Audience

    Facebook can help you position your practice in front of a broad base of people who are familiar with your brand and the services you offer. Posting new content regularly (backed up by Bar Association–compliant ads) can expand your online presence as an authority figure in your field.

    Facebook serves as a channel through which you can educate your audience. Being considered an expert in your field builds trust between you and your potential clients.

    If someone is not sure whether a medical drug or device is causing them health issues, you can capture them at this point in their client journey with informative and engaging content (if your specialist area is mass torts, for example). When clients can trust you, they are more likely to reach out.

    Increase Your Firm’s Online Interaction to Inspire Action

    When you share information and interact with Facebook users through engaging content, targeted ads, and by responding to your audience in real-time, it can inspire them to take action—such as by signing up with customized landing pages. The results are pre-qualified leads that have a good chance of turning into clients.

    To be effective, though, you will need consistency to make waves using Facebook. If you do not have the time to make this happen, it is worth outsourcing to a specialist agency that can help organize your efforts.

    Reach Out to the People Who Most Need Your Services

    When partnering with a specialist media agency and letting them put their expertise to work for you, the benefits you can expect are:

    • Implementation of innovative and performance-driven strategy to generate high-quality leads that are more likely to qualify for your services
    • Reaching your audience faster than traditional media
    • Ads that provide value through meaningful audience engagement
    • Serving as a “digital bridge,” connecting you with the people who most need your help
    • Ensuring compliance for your content, ads, and landing pages
    • Expert knowledge of the Facebook algorithm and the best policies, targeting technology, methodologies and tools to supercharge your media campaign
    • Extend your online reach, while being cost-effective

    With ads that are displayed to people who need your services (and these people fit your demographic and behavioral parameters), you can leverage the power of Facebook to get the most out of your digital marketing strategy.

    Customize Your Call to Action

    Once you share your message with a highly targeted audience, you can engage them with immersive content and inspire them to act. Your landing page will need to be carefully crafted to serve as the last critical stage in the process.

    Again, Facebook shines here as you can collect lead information straight from your ad. Potential clients can click on your customizable call to action, fill out a form, and then go right back to their feed without leaving the site. This serves as a means to provide actionable leads that get the right people knocking at your virtual door.

    Know What Is Really Driving Performance with Measurable Results

    Using social media effectively can serve as a significant undertaking—in addition to your other responsibilities—and requires specialist marketing skills to reap the best results. Without a media presence on Facebook (coupled with a talented ad agency tailoring your campaigns and helping you understand what potential clients want to see in their feeds) you could be missing out on critical leads and referrals for your firm.

    Also, you want to know how well your ads are performing and what the lead conversion rate is compared with your outlay. Being able to drive strategic decision making through access to rich social data and analytics is essential if you want high conversion rates. This allows you to benefit from actionable insights to strengthen your marketing strategy even further.

    Take Your Facebook Ad Campaigns to the Next Level

    Now that you know five reasons your law firm needs to be active on Facebook, you can get started. Partnering with X Social Media helps you to connect with potential leads. We:

    • Work with you to organize your campaigns
    • Develop strategies
    • Offer tactical support
    • Supply the tools and best practices for you to stay compliant
    • Leverage and develop opportunities from Facebook ads

    If you are searching for a specialist Facebook ad agency that can help you attract potential clients through high-quality leads with proven results, we can help. Find out more by calling (888) 670-0006. A member of the X Social Media team is waiting to hear from you.

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    Published on: 06/25/2020

    Can Lawyers Pay for Leads?

    Lawyers can pay for leads. However, some conditions and rules apply to stay compliant with the American Bar Association (ABA).

    To keep your marketing ethically sound, it is vital that you:

    • Understand how the lead generation service is structured
    • Are not paying to be recommended
    • Are not paying the service based on how much you earn from their leads
    • Keep up to speed with the ABA’s ethics regulations and rulings

    In addition to staying on the right side of the rules, you will also want to think about your capacity to service the leads, the methods you have in place for tracking, and how you will measure your conversion rate. You want to be compliant with the ABA when implementing measures to draw clients to your law firm. For whatever reason, if you are found in violation of these regulations, you could be subject to disciplinary action.

    Lead Generation Services Must Follow Bar Marketing Standards

    A lead is an inquiry from a person who shows interest in your services. The lead generation company serves as a digital bridge that connects potential clients to your firm through various measures. For example, some lead generation services may have potential clients fill out a form on a landing page, which will be turned over to the law firm. From there, the law firm can review the provided information and determine whether they want to follow up with the claimant.

    Essentially, it is a place for the prospect to fill in their details and request a free consultation with a lawyer to discuss a specific legal problem. But as with everything, lead generation companies can vary in quality of service.

    The ABA makes it clear under Rule 7.2 that a lawyer is permitted to:

    pay others for generating client leads, such as internet-based client leads, as long as the lead generator does not recommend the lawyer, any payment to the lead generator is consistent with Rules 1.5 (e) (division of fees) and 5.4 (professional independence of the lawyer), and the lead generator’s communications are consistent with Rule 7.1 (communications concerning a lawyer’s services).”

    The importance of understanding how your lead generation service is structured is vital. Additionally, it is important to consider that while generating leads can drive people to your door, you will still need to understand what will prompt them to take action by getting to know your audience and nurturing the leads.

    Finding a service that not only supplies data but turns it into real business intelligence can be key to your law firm’s client conversion.

    Choosing a Legal Case Lead Generation Company

    A potential client may ask you questions about your services, experience, and what you will do for them, the same should apply when you are searching for a lead generation company.

    Levels of expertise and costs can vary, so questions to ask a potential partner should relate to:

    • Experience. The lead generation service provider should be able to demonstrate that they have a full understanding of your services, your area of law practice, and your end goals.
    • The exclusivity of leads. You do not want to work with a lead generation company that shares potential leads with your competitors. You do not want to pay for a service, only to market yourself via email or over the phone to someone who is already considering working with another law firm.
    • Testimonials. You want your potential partner to be backed by positive reviews and proven results. If a company does not have any feedback regarding their services, you may want to reconsider working with them.
    • Bar marketing compliance. A reputable service will be able to demonstrate how they comply with the ABA’s rules.
    • Measuring performance. You want to partner with a lead generation company that you know has data-driven results. When considering a specific company, you want to ask about the number of leads generated for other clients, how many were qualified, how they were qualified, and how many resulted in conversion.

    While many services can generate legal leads, finding a partner who understands your needs and those of your potential clients, along with the continually evolving legal marketing environment, can be challenging. Still, researching the right service provider may pay off in the long run.

    Call X Social Media Today

    Attracting clients to your law firm not only allows you to continue serving your community but also can promote your bottom line.

    X Social Media was founded by Jacob Malherbe, author of “The Facebook Effect for Lawyers,” and winner of the 2018 Legal Services Innovation Award. We are a recognized legal advertising agency offering results-driven services that leverage the power of Facebook and Instagram to provide pre-qualified leads to our partners.

    If you are ready to reach specific groups of potential clients at scale, get in touch with our Xperts by calling (888) 670-0006.

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    Published on: 06/25/2020

    Why You Should Verify Your Law Firm’s Facebook Page

    When you verify your law firm’s Facebook page, you are building your profile’s credibility to potential and current clients. Getting your page verified is not as easy as it seems, though, because you will need to provide pieces of documentation to prove that your profile is legitimate and that you support the content you have created. From there, if Facebook approves of your profile, you will receive a “blue badge,” which will appear next to your page’s name. This assures users that you are a real business and that the information provided is not false or misleading.

    Some accounts are required to go through Facebook’s verification process to have their content go live. For example, law enforcement officials, city representatives, politicians, and elected officials all must have their pages verified.

    Law Firms and Facebook Verification

    You are trying to reach clients who want to participate in mass torts. Very likely, these audiences have already suffered a great deal of injustice and may be hesitant to reach out for legal assistance. By verifying your firm’s Facebook page, you can take the first step toward building trust with these potential new clients.

    Law firms that verify their Facebook pages also can rank better with search engines like Google or Bing. A verified Facebook page for law firms can essentially serve as an online billboard.

    Here are four elements Facebook takes into account when verifying a business’s profile:

    • Authenticity. Your page must represent a real business that provides real services. Pictures, videos, and user interactions all come into play when determining whether a business’s page is legitimate.
    • Uniqueness. Your page must be the only one like it. Your law firm cannot have multiple pages advertising the same services.
    • Completeness. Your page needs to have all the necessary fields filled out accurately. You need to have a completed “about” section, address, phone number, profile photo, and at least one recent post.
    • Notability. Your page must represent a relatively well-known brand or entity. Obscure content typically does not pass through the verification process.

    With Facebook verification, it is important to note that not everyone can get their pages verified. If this is the case for your firm’s page, then you may need to look into additional methods to boost credibility.

    Other Options for Verification

    Because Facebook takes verification so seriously, not every page has the ability to be recognized for its content. Facebook notes that they do not approve general topic pages because it usually cannot be tied back to a real person or service. If your law firm’s page cannot be verified, there are other options to boost your account’s credibility.

    These measures could include:

    • Including external links. Your law firm can link its Facebook page to additional social media platforms to further prove authenticity. This allows users to see that you are engaged in different forms of digital marketing and likely provide the services you have outlined in your Facebook posts.
    • Enhancing your existing page. Your page might not have been verified because it did not meet Facebook’s standards. By uploading new content, you could fill the gap that was missing the first time you requested verification.
    • User interactions. When you visit a page that does not have any user comments or feedback, it can be a red flag. By answering questions and providing useful information, you could begin building a relationship between your page and any potential clients. This would give users insight into how you interact with clients and establish brand trust.

    It is important to note that you cannot buy verification badges for your page. Only Facebook can determine when your page is ready to earn a blue verification badge. While a badge is a great way to show authenticity on social media, it does not guarantee your Facebook account will gain more followers automatically.

    Grow Your Law Firm’s Facebook Page with X Social Media

    At X Social Media, our goal is to boost your online presence through popular social media platforms. We understand the benefits of digital marketing and want to take your law firm’s brand to newer advertising heights.

    Some of the services we can provide include:

    • Building a Facebook or Instagram page for your law firm
    • Taking measures to promote your conversion rate
    • Funneling users from your social media page to your website
    • Improving your existing social media pages and sites
    • Utilizing user metrics so that you can target your desired demographic
    • Creating advertisements that represent your brand’s name and services

    When you work with us, each account gets its own manager, who oversees production and relays your feedback to our team. Our goal is to employ marketing strategies via social media that are designed to improve your bottom line and advertise for any mass torts you are representing.

    Call X Social Media today at (888) 670-0006 to get started with one of our Xperts.

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    Coronavirus Effect On Mass Torts

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    New Organic Social Media Posting

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  • Jacob Malherbe
  • Dr. Tyndall breaking news

    Published on: 06/26/2019

    Sexual Abuse Cases Perfect For Facebook and Instagram Adverting For Lawyers

    Law firms looking for victims of sexual abuse should be using Facebook and Instagram for their outreach to potential clients. As the #ME2 movement has swept the country over the last few years some very ugly truth has come to life about the sexual predictors in position of power praying on minors and college students. We had Michigan State as the first case and then USC and OSU all with the same problem. A well established doctor in the same position for 20-30 years praying on teenage girls and boys with the university turning a blind eye. As more and more information coming out about these cases it looks to be the same problems over and over again.

    As a law firm there are lots of victims to help and changes needs to be made to institutions allowing this kind of predatory behavior on their campuses. At X Social Media we have been helping victims connect to law firms since 2013. We know what is important for these victims and we know how to help them. As a victim of sexual abuse you are looking for change so no other victim has to go though what they had to go though. The settlement money is a distant secondary to the main goal of changing the establishment and punishing the people that knew but did not act.

    Facebook and Instagram’s targeting engine is setup in a way where everybody can be advertise to that went to a specific school or college. So when we place ads for women that went to USC we know that the women who see our ads has a possible interest in the ads we are showing them. They may not be a victim but they will know victims and they will “TAG” those victims by name in the comments under our ads so the victim see the ad on how to get help with their potential case against the university. Finding these victims on Facebook and Instagram is something we do everyday at X Social Media.

    We estimate that 80-90% of the victims we reach had no idea that they could file a lawsuit against the school and had no idea that help was available for them. They are so used to telling people in power at the University and nobody helping them that a law firm ad offering help is a god send for most of these victims.

    When news comes out that another doctor or teacher at a University or School have sexually abuse boys or girls X Social Media will be able to find your law firm those victims and connect them with your law firm.

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    Mass Torts On Facebook May 2019

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    Published on: 01/25/2019

    X Social Academy – Teaching Facebook Advertising for Law Firms.

    The X Academy Learning system is a 12 Lesson Interactive Class designed to teach you all aspects of creating a successful Lead Generation Campaign on the Facebook Platform.
    X Social Academy Website

    With Completion of the course, Certified Graduates will have the know how and capability to Manage all of the Firms Facebook Campaigns. Each Class contains the Live training session, Copies of course materials, support links for further review, and Lesson Exams to confirm knowledge of the lesson topic.

    The Academy is capped off with a Personal Live 1 on 1 session where our Facebook Advertising Expert will review your campaign set up and review the current statistical response, offering training and tips for improvement moving forward. (Live 1 on 1 sessions are available throughout the course at a 50% discount for current students.

    Replays are available for review at anytime. Check back quarterly for updated media to keep up to date with new information and changes on the Facebook Platform.

    Why Choose Us

    • Live Training Sessions
    • Student Support Group
    • Access to Course Materials
    • Productive Lesson Assignments
    • Replays Available for Review

    Learn to Advertise on Facebook

    12 Lessons designed to teach everything needed to effectively advertise on the Facebook Platform. You will learn everything needed to do this successfully using the tested process developed by X Social Media.

    1 on 1 Training and Optimization

    Get assistance from a Facebook Legal Advertising Specialist in personalized 1 on 1 sessions. This covers any topic related to Advertising or Optimizing the performance of your campaign on the Facebook Platform.

    Group Support

    Special Support group available to all members. This is where legal advertisers can collaborate ideas and support each other in a private group setting. The group is also monitored by Facebook Ad Specialists to help with the difficult topics and monitor feedback.

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    Published on: 10/03/2018

    Learn More About X Social Media

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