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The Social Revolution And What It Means For Your Law Firm.

Posted on: April 26th, 2019 by Jacob M No Comments

A change is taking place in society and just like all the ones before, it comes from free will, dreams, the desire to advance, and the need to have a voice.

People are become aware of the corruption, politics and equality problems of our society and they want to have a place to voice their opinions. Most people in the Social Revolution bond together with like minded friends and family members but shy away from those with differing politically and social opinion.

In the past, revolutions took place on the streets with demonstrations. Today, with the freedom on the internet, the revolution is taking place on social media, in particular on Facebook. People are able to question everything in society from their living rooms.

In this great country we have seen The Land Grabs, The Gold Rush, The Industrial Revolution, The Internet Revolution and now we can watch The Social Media Revolution.

In the past land grabs and gold rush was all driven by horse drawn wagons, bravery and courage from people that knew they could change society.

The industrial revolutions where driven by oil. Oil drove the machinery that powered us forward into the 21 century that we now take for granted.

This new revolution is being build on user data, where demographics, ideals, and words are there currency of social networks.
Without the user data the internet would not be free.  Big companies like Facebook wouldn’t have the profits or employ the amount of people they do without user data.
In return, without user data Facebook would not be able to give users this forum for self expression. The fuel and currency of this revolution is User Data.

Now, how can your law firm profit from this?

User Data and Your Law Firm

There are many different ways to profit from the changes in the way business is being done. Below are a few examples of what you and your law firm should be thinking about.

First, you want to be seen. The average American spends 40 mins a day on Facebook. That’s about 20 Hours a month to reach them with a sponsored messages, telling them how you can help them.
You also want to increase your content creation. This way, when you post a new article that you know people what to see, Facebook will show them. The first place a Law Firm would want to look for user data is your CRM or database, where you have current and past clients. This data can be segmented into Diabetics patients, Heart Attack patients, Personal Injury Clients and so on. Then the data can be uploaded to Facebook’s advertising engine as an “audience to keep in touch with”. That way, all those past and present client will remember you and be more likely to refer you to a friend or family member.

Second, you want to use all the user data that Facebook has collected to your advantage. When we look at really big data, like the 220 million Americans that are connected to Facebook, patterns start to show what people are doing and how they are doing it. For example: You upload 1000 of your Hernia Mesh clients. From those 1000 clients we would see patterns in things like what they do, sports, health, diet, hospitals they visited and probably 1000’s of other interest and behaviors they have in common.
Now Facebook would provide you with an audience of 2,000,000 people that closest resembles the audience you uploaded.

After you have exhausted your data, go look what data Facebook has that you could use. If we keep the Hernia Mesh example, you can find an audience of 8.8 million on Facebook that are interested in Hernia Mesh (in some way) and you would find 200,000 people interested in Inguinal hernia. This could be a great audience to get in front of with an offering on how your law firm can help them.

If this sounds like a lot, that’s where X Social Media, my company, comes in. We have been aggregating user data since 2013 in 130 different mass torts and personal injuries verticals. We have been tracking 100’s of millions of people though our plaintiffs law firm advertising and we have lots of user data. In fact, the user data we have is what drives our agency to connect with more and more law firms to help them lower their Cost per acquisition (CPA) and to find more clients for their Firm.

What ever you decide to do at this point, you now know where things are going and you have to make adjustments in your firm to follow this revolution and to always stay current with your potential new clients. You need to be where they are.

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