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Roundup Still Going Strong

Posted on: September 11th, 2019 by Marc P No Comments

After our August 1 Newsletter showing you guys what happens when we spend 7 figures on Roundup in 30 days, things went really crazy in August and our total Roundup spend for August was 4.8 million with 17,254 leads coming in.

September until today we have spend 2.1 million on Roundup with almost 6,000 leads so far this month with great conversion rates.

For the law firms out there still doing Roundup here’s a deal for you all. We will supply the advertising on Facebook, a great intake center that can handle the volume, and we should be able to handle another 5 million in September in spend. Let us know if your firm is still doing Roundup, let us tell you what our price per conversion average is, and I think we can do business.

Stats for August is located here

Run A Round Up Campaign on Facebook?

Facebook and Instagram are the perfect place to find Round Up Claims.
To setup a new campaign with X Social Media, we will first build a landing page for your law firm at a cost of  $750. We then charge your firm a spend fee of Facebook cost +15%. We recommend a minimum budget of $50,000 per 30 days of advertising.

Out Sourcing Your Intake And Sign Up

Meet the people at Legal Conversion Center and especially Scott B that will be on top of your campaign from the start. We are fully setup with this new intake and they are doing a great job for our clients – signing up Roundup Cases right now.

If you are looking for new outsourced intake, try these guys out and you will not be disappointed. The price is also very good.
Check out their website:
Scott B for Personal Service:

X Social Media A Facebook Ad Agency

X Social Media started in 2015, and we are now working with 250 law firms doing direct advertising to consumers via Facebook and Instagram. All advertising we do is by direct response, and for every dollar we spend, we generate value by helping people get representation and compensation for whatever has happened to them.

In 2018, we wrote a book on how to use Facebook and Instagram to help generate cases for law firms. The Facebook Effect For Lawyers is now available on Amazon.

We are a full-service advertising agency that will spend $25 million this year in Facebook advertising. We have in-house Developers, Designers and Ad specialists to run your campaign as efficiently as possible and generate as many leads as possible.

We have a big network of friends in the Mass Torts Industry and can help you with introductions to tier 1 attorneys for case referral. We also have information about a lot of new projects that are running with very few firms involved.

We can be your Facebook ad agency, so take the first step and reach out to us via phone 888-670-0006 or email at:

Email: Call us: 888.670.0006
Website :
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