Based on the total amount of advertising spend we manage:
OVER $250K SPEND PER MONTH - 15% Manangement Fee
UNDER $250K SPEND PER MONTH - 20% Manangement Fee

All Accounts Come With...

Manage Ad spending

We monitor your spending to ensure you are getting the best return on your investment.

Custom Audience Creation

We will upload your customer lists so they can be targeted or excluded from campaigns.

Dynamic Ad Creation

Generate more sales by remarketing the products that customers viewed on your website.

Pixel Implementation

We will install the Facebook Pixel on all of your custom landing pages and help integrate it on your own website.

Custom Landing Pages

We will build a custom landing page for each of your campaigns to help you qualify potential customers.

Tracking & Optimization

We maximize campaign returns with precise tracking and strategic optimization using the best technology and data algorithms.

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