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Mass Torts On Facebook May 2019

Posted on: May 30th, 2019 by Marc P No Comments
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In May, we saw a partial settlement offer on Bard IVC Filters mostly for the bigger PSC firms, and it increased IVC filter spend across Facebook and Instagram. We are also hearing rumors of possible Bard Hernia Mesh Settlement coming close behind the IVC settlement.

In May, we also saw a lot of the Sexual Abuse cases we are going after against colleges get into mediation and we saw more and more states changing their SOL on sexual abuse of minors. The latest states joining in are Ohio and Texas.

Other then the Top 10 torts that most law firms are going after, a few new smaller torts came along in May that people are also exploring.

Facebook and Instagram are showing constant growth month after month, and we are now deploying over 2 Million dollars a month with room to grow.

Live Stats On Our New Website
Right now we are showing the last 30 days for each campaign, but shortly you will also see historical data to determine our overall spend on each tort and what kind of data we generate for targeting on that tort. This will help you decide on running a specific campaign with X Social Media or with another agency.

Introducing Local And National Organic Reach

In the last 4 years, X Social Media has changed the case acquisition process for hundreds of law firms by getting the mass torts cases at a fraction of TV advertising cost by using Facebook and Instagram.

We are currently setting up a team dedicated to do Organic postings on Law firm’s Facebook and Instagram pages on a weekly scheduled basis. As Facebook is again giving more importance to reaching people with the most relevant content, we feel like this is the right time to introduce this service to our clients to get more from local advertising on Facebook.

Side Note: The reason for this shift can be found in the 2016 election where groups of like minded individuals trusted the fake news their friends where spreading. Facebook wants to get away from this dynamic because of political pressure and general pressure from our society for change.

This means that local awareness via Facebook and Instagram postings will become a lot better. We can now target the specific audience that we want Facebook to show posts to from page likes or follows. This means that if I’m putting up a post about Baby Swings that have been recalled, I can target the post to go to my followers who have kids between the ages of 0-2 years old. If you want to find victims, you could target with your organic post people that visited the Hospital or ER room in the last 28 days.

For the lawyers to be able to outsource this work to an agency, we are setting up 2 weeks worth of posting schedules for the law firm to approve, and we will then setup the technical targeting parameters. We have a whole list of topics to choose from in our postings, and again we would work with the law firms to get everything streamlined.

We would also have additional boosting options for each post to attract new followers to your Facebook page and to also find potential new clients either locally or nationally directly from Facebook.

This new service will be starting up Mid-June 2019, but if you want to be first to use this service please send an email and get on the list.

Best Tort On Facebook Right Now

With all the press on Round Up and the public finally understanding that Round Up might be more harmful than they thought, getting round up cases from Facebook and Instagram is not that hard right now. Many home owners use Round Up on their yard on a weekly basis, and we can target most of Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and other qualifying Lymphoma’s victims as well as “Look-a-like audiences” and via Interested based targeting. These campaigns are running strong and are ready for law firms to act before a potential settlement comes our way from Mr. Feinberg, who has now been appointed to mediate litigation.

Again we have stats available on our new Website that will show you how our Round Up campaign is doing. Find it here

About X Social Media

X Social Media is a Facebook Ad Agency that works exclusively with Plaintiff Attorneys. Our Model is very simple. We build a landing page for each client that advertises with us (cost:$750) and then we advertise to people who have a potential case. Those people will be directed to the landing page in order to qualify though a brief questionnaire. The people that qualify can fill out their personal information and a lead will be send directly to the attorney who owns the campaign. We charge 15% above the Facebook cost that we pay to Facebook, and that is our margin to manage the campaigns for the law firms.We currently run over 2 million dollars a month on Facebook and Instagram advertising for more then 250 law firms. We welcome new clients to try us out and compare the cost per signed case with any other vendor that you are currently using today. We hope to earn your business with our low cost model of finding many new clients for your law firm.

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