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Social Media & TV Advertising
Finding clients via Social Media and TV
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At X Social Media, we’ve always offered Social Media advertising at Meta Cost +20%, and that will never change. However, as the market evolves,


Running 24-7

Save money and time with
pre-optimized campaigns.

Strong Co-Counsel

Vetted and set up the best
co-counsel for you.

Best Co-Counsel

Pre-negotiated deals ensure
optimal co-counsel splits.

Intake Process

All campaigns come with a
thorough intake process included.

Affordable Entry

With a $50,000 minimum spend,
X Select makes it accessible for
everyone to join.

X Select is an evergreen campaign already running,
allowing you to be up and running within one day. It offers several advantages over our traditional social media advertising model.

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Get More Qualified Clients Using Social Media & Digital TV

Finding clients via Social Media and Digital TV advertising is what we do on a BIG scale.

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