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A New Way to Maximize Your Advertising Investment; by X Social Media

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Join us this week on Lawful Good to hear from Ken Hardison.

Ken is a lawyer and entrepreneur who has built and sold multiple law firms.

More than once, Ken has put everything on the line. He knows what it’s like to invest into your practice and feel like a failure. He also knows what it’s like to persevere and achieve financial success.

These days, Ken spends his time helping lawyers grow their firms through his organization, PILMMA. He has a passion for helping lawyers build profitable and sustainable practices.

In this episode, Ken and Luke explore the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey. We’ll hear stories like when Ken couldn’t get out of bed to go into the office to discovering a love of karaoke. Join us as Ken shares how he’s cultivated a perspective of gratitude in the face of heartache and loss.

After you listen to Ken’s episode, leave a review and learn how you could choose our season’s last guest!

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Would you like to double your number of cases—without lifting a finger? 

Every lawyer would.  But too good to be true?

Not at all.

Pintas & Mullins Law Firm occupies a unique space in the legal world, and will work with your firm to guarantee this astonishing—and proven–outcome.

We are one of the largest referring law firms in the country, and work with some 400 law firms across the country representing more than 30,000 clients.  We are also one of the largest advertising law firms in the U.S. Unlike a lead vendor or advertising agency, we spend our own money to acquire cases, carefully screen prospective clients, and co-counsel with top tier firms.  To make all this happen, we have a 15-person in-house marketing group made up of experienced professionals who run marketing campaigns as well as use top advertising vendors like XSM.  With our 50-person intake department, we screen and sign cases using customized criteria according to the exact needs of the top-tier trial firms we partner with.

Handling firms, non-handling firms, or even individual attorneys come to us to co-invest in acquiring cases, where we both contribute to the advertising spend.

We match their contribution dollar-for-dollar, guaranteeing them twice as many cases.  Because we already spend millions of dollars per month in advertising, we are extremely careful in choosing case types, criteria, and which handling firms to work with.

Major cases we’re currently working on include:  Nursing Home Abuse, Sex Abuse, Hernia Mesh, Lung Cancer, Zantac, Elmiron, Talc, PFAs, and Truvada.

In summary, we:

  • Invest and are invested in the outcome of every case, just like you, and are in it for the duration;
  • Guarantee the number of cases that will be signed up;
  • Maintain close client contact, stay on top of cases, and make sure the client receives an appropriate settlement;
  •  Keep our co-counsel firms and investors up-to-date on status and progress of every case;
  • Achieve typical returns of more than 300% on invested advertising dollars.

Feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in participating as a handling firm, investing firm , or individual attorney—or simply receiving case referrals.

Contact Stephane Kluver, our Director of Partnerships at Pintas & Mullins, by texting or calling (952) 239-9942 or at

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