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Learn More About X Social Media

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We’re a Data Driven ad agency that specializes in running campaigns for Plaintiffpar lawyers on Facebook and Instagram. We are an experienced team of 15 people that  runs more then 1.5 million dollars worth of advertising dollars every month for about 150 law firms.

We have in house designers, coders and ad specialists to ensure your campaign will attract the right potential new clients that your criteria specifies. We have Facebook  data on about 65 different mass torts that we have run with success in the past. This data will be utilized when your campaign is ready to run, and it will ensure that your cost per acquiring new clients will be the cheapest possible in the mass torts advertising space.

We are a full-service ad agency that will produce and setup all the advertising creative and a specialized landing page. All customized for your firm and your specific campaign. All assets will be approved by your firm before we start running the campaign and most of the time your firm will have to send these creatives to the state bar for approval. Our focus in the mass tort industry will also give your firm an unfair advantage and we can provide for case referrals or case sign up services. Also, we have thorough knowledge and a deeper understanding about many breaking torts before anybody else knows about them. We can get your firm involved early on with a breaking tort. We pride ourselves in having a 2-3 day turn around on any campaign and a 24 Hour Express order guarantee on time sensitive matters ($500par extra).

 Facebook Targeting for Mass Torts Lawyers

On Facebook, we can target by Geographic, Demographic, Interests, and Behaviors based on Facebook tracking the user around the web and tracking their conversations on Facebook. Giving us the ability to target Diabetic, Cancers and any other medical details that you may be interested in. We have the ability to target people in a certain local, if a specific tort would require that. This is the basic way to find people to advertise to on Facebook. On top of that, we can use what we call enhanced audiences that are generated based on who responds to a certain ad. We can then go find more people similar to the people that converted. Example. We have seen more than 60,000 conversions on Hernia Mesh, so now we can ask Facebook for 2 million people that look similar to the 60,000 people that already converted. Facebook would match people (Big Data) on all the different data points that Facebook has on any users on its platform (more than 200 million in United States).

Landing Pages For Lawyers

The Landing page, we create at X Social Media are very special compared to normal landing page, you may have seen in the past. Our claim to fame is the ability to lead the  potential new client into giving us their contact information. On a regular landing page where you just ask people for their contact information conversion rates are around 1% of  all visitors to the page. On our landing page, we see between 3%-7% conversion rates because of the bread crumbs, we have laid out for the visitors to follow. As the visitor comes in, we ask them 3-4 questions that are easy for them to answer, mostly Yes/No questions but also questions about any side effects they may have had after taking a certain drug. We can then qualify or dis-qualify people based on these questions. After people hit submit without giving us any contact information, we then tell them on the next page, they “May” qualify and then ask them for their contact information. This simple approach not only helps both your intake in getting more qualified leads in, but also it increases the conversion rate as potential new clients gets invested in the submission of the form. We believe we have the best landing page system in the industry.

Check out our special Landing Pages here

 X Connect And Easy Way For Lawyers To Connect With Clients

If your intake prefers incoming calls we offer a system that will turn your web leads into direct calls into your intake. When a potential new client hits submit on the web form a call goes out to  your intake, this is where a computer voice announces the lead that just came in and asks if the intake specialist wants to talk to potential new client now! If the intake specialist presses 1 on their phone, a call goes out to the client that just filled out a lead. Our stats on our X Connect System is at 50% + connection rate. In doing it this way, clients are called back within 10 seconds of them filling out a lead. X Connect can also be used as a Text Message System where the client that just submitted a lead, next they will get a text message thanking them for submitting a lead, and then they will  be told that an intake specialist from a given number will call them shortly. This is a proven way to increase connection rates with potential new clients. X Connect will always use a different phone number for each law firm, so if a potential new client misses a call or text, and calls the number back, they will always reach the correct law firm that tried to get hold of them.

 X Social Academy For Lawyers

X Social Media was started as an Advocacy Agency and our goal was to help as many people as possible, and for those people to get help from a law firm. To reach this goal we need to teach more law firms about Facebook, so their in-house advertising teams can do what we do for the law firm. For that reason, we started the X Academy that will teach law firms personnel everything we can do to generate leads on Facebook. It a 12-hour live training course every Tuesday at 2pm that will take a student through the process of setting up landing pages to targeting potential new clients on Facebook. When students graduate from X Academy they will know everything we know about Facebook advertising for law firms.

To further help Law firms understand the new digital medium Facebook, we wrote a “How To” book that will explain everything about Facebook and how it works from a law firm’s perspective. Also, we give examples of different campaigns and how to target specific people on a campaign. Our hope is that people reading the book will have a better understand of advertising in a data driven environment where AI (Artificial Intelligence) will determine who will see your ad next. The Facebook platform being so far in front of any other way of generating qualified leads. It’s a must have tool for most law firms. The book will give your team the understanding of this epic shift in the way advertising dollars should be spend.

Get the book now

See Us At MTMP

For law firms that want to learn more about Facebook advertising to find new potential clients, we will be at MTMP this week and we hope that you will stop by our booth and have a talk about Facebook advertising. We are also involved in the conversation Wednesday with two talk on stage about Finding Mass Torts cases on Facebook.

We will also be honored with  the 2018 Innovator award at the Thursday Lunch at MTMP and we hope that many of our clients will be there as we could not have done this without our customers support.

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