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This PI Facebook Campaign Generated $4,224,783.58

Posted on: December 3rd, 2021 by Marc P No Comments
You’re not going to believe us when we tell you what is working in 2021.Advertising agencies have tried so many strategies over the years…Reliably getting cases from Facebook and other social media has been the “unicorn” of personal injury advertising. Social is exceptionally powerful for branding, but what about for directly getting PI cases?There’s a system that’s being used across various markets and practice areas that, when deployed over a long period of time, generates the all-desiring high-value cases.Justin Lovely of the Lovely Law Firm has used this system for the last 33 months and generated 12 cases. These cases totaled $4,224,783.58 in verdicts/settlements. That’s $1,408,261.19 to Justin.Clients in this program spend $2,000 per month for services and at least $2,000 per month on ads. At $4,000/mo, multiplied by 33 months, the investment is $132,000.That means Justin’s investment yielded a 10.7x return in motorcycle accident attorney fees. Additionally, Justin and his firm signed up multiple mass tort cases (including claims on 3M and PFAS) from the leads generated from this campaign.So what’s the system?It’s an age-old system used in so many different industries. It’s so “old school” that we almost feel like we’re telling you a joke that this is what’s currently working. Amidst all the different gimicky and tech-savvy marketing strategies lawyers are testing, we’re here to tell you that offering a free report (aka whitepaper or ebook) is what is driving massive results for lawyers around the country.Seriously? A free report paired with long-term email marketing and retargeting?Yes!This is not a “smash and grab” where you run the campaign for a few months and judge it. The lawyers who are seeing the biggest results have been running these campaigns for over a year. And they’re crushing it.1. These are time-tested materials.Both of these campaigns have been tested over years on Facebook for firms around the country, and they get results.2. We handle all of the technical setup.Once you review the materials, we will set up your 12-month system.This is a long-term play that builds trust in people who have already let you know they may need legal help.3. You’ll get to claim your DMA exclusively.You’ll know your direct competitors aren’t running the same types of ads. You’ll stand out in your market.Anyone serious about the health of their firm should pay attention to this.Here’s what Attorney Justin Lovely has to say about his Motorcycle funnel:“They’ve helped me build a list of motorcyclists in the area downloading a free book on motorcycle accidents while driving an increase in website inquiries. They never stop working on campaigns in order to maximize their success. It’d be easy for them to sit back and just send me stats. Instead, they’re always making improvements. I 100% recommend working with them if you’re looking at Facebook ads for your firm.”But here’s the deal, we’re running a MASSIVE end-of-year special with $28,964 in discounts if you sign up today.If you sign up now, you get ALL THIS FOR FREE:– We will WAIVE our $5,000 setup fee.– You’ll receive full access to the Russell Media Legal Marketing Vault ($497/month, $5,964/year value).– We’ll set you up with the full Spanish Motorcycle Funnel ($1,000/month, $12,000/year value).– We’ll test new ad platforms like TikTok in your market ($500/month, $6,000/year value).– You will be able to lock in your exclusive DMA before it’s claimed.Total discounts: $28,964Ready to secure your DMA?Please note that your most desired DMA may not be available. To lock out your competition, go to now, fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Not sure if this is for you? Have questions?We have loads of details about how this campaign works along with samples at don’t spend your time contemplating.This system has been deployed silently for recent years to great success. Now that we’re blowing open the doors and telling the world, you better believe your competition is going to be looking at this, too. Plus, the end-of-year special is incredible. You’re going to be at the forefront of personal injury advertising on social media.If you want to attempt to do this yourself, you can find the exact recipe at know…this takes a lot of work.If you want to get this started in your market so that you can start collecting those high-value cases through this long-term advertising strategy, give us a call today, hit reply, or better yet, go fill out the form at

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