Sexual Abuse Cases Perfect For Facebook and Instagram Adverting For Lawyers

Dr. Tyndall breaking news

June 26, 2019

Law firms looking for victims of sexual abuse should be using Facebook and Instagram for their outreach to potential clients. As the #ME2 movement has swept the country over the last few years some very ugly truth has come to life about the sexual predictors in position of power praying on minors and college students. We had Michigan State as the first case and then USC and OSU all with the same problem. A well established doctor in the same position for 20-30 years praying on teenage girls and boys with the university turning a blind eye. As more and more information coming out about these cases it looks to be the same problems over and over again.

As a law firm there are lots of victims to help and changes needs to be made to institutions allowing this kind of predatory behavior on their campuses. At X Social Media we have been helping victims connect to law firms since 2013. We know what is important for these victims and we know how to help them. As a victim of sexual abuse you are looking for change so no other victim has to go though what they had to go though. The settlement money is a distant secondary to the main goal of changing the establishment and punishing the people that knew but did not act.

Facebook and Instagram’s targeting engine is setup in a way where everybody can be advertise to that went to a specific school or college. So when we place ads for women that went to USC we know that the women who see our ads has a possible interest in the ads we are showing them. They may not be a victim but they will know victims and they will “TAG” those victims by name in the comments under our ads so the victim see the ad on how to get help with their potential case against the university. Finding these victims on Facebook and Instagram is something we do everyday at X Social Media.

We estimate that 80-90% of the victims we reach had no idea that they could file a lawsuit against the school and had no idea that help was available for them. They are so used to telling people in power at the University and nobody helping them that a law firm ad offering help is a god send for most of these victims.

When news comes out that another doctor or teacher at a University or School have sexually abuse boys or girls X Social Media will be able to find your law firm those victims and connect them with your law firm.

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