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January 25, 2019

The X Academy Learning system is a 12 Lesson Interactive Class designed to teach you all aspects of creating a successful Lead Generation Campaign on the Facebook Platform.
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With Completion of the course, Certified Graduates will have the know how and capability to Manage all of the Firms Facebook Campaigns. Each Class contains the Live training session, Copies of course materials, support links for further review, and Lesson Exams to confirm knowledge of the lesson topic.

The Academy is capped off with a Personal Live 1 on 1 session where our Facebook Advertising Expert will review your campaign set up and review the current statistical response, offering training and tips for improvement moving forward. (Live 1 on 1 sessions are available throughout the course at a 50% discount for current students.

Replays are available for review at anytime. Check back quarterly for updated media to keep up to date with new information and changes on the Facebook Platform.

Why Choose Us

  • Live Training Sessions
  • Student Support Group
  • Access to Course Materials
  • Productive Lesson Assignments
  • Replays Available for Review

Learn to Advertise on Facebook

12 Lessons designed to teach everything needed to effectively advertise on the Facebook Platform. You will learn everything needed to do this successfully using the tested process developed by X Social Media.

1 on 1 Training and Optimization

Get assistance from a Facebook Legal Advertising Specialist in personalized 1 on 1 sessions. This covers any topic related to Advertising or Optimizing the performance of your campaign on the Facebook Platform.

Group Support

Special Support group available to all members. This is where legal advertisers can collaborate ideas and support each other in a private group setting. The group is also monitored by Facebook Ad Specialists to help with the difficult topics and monitor feedback.

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