S1 E07 | LaRuby May

by Kirsten Stock | Jul 7, 2021
Listen and Subscribe Description LaRuby May was raised in the Florida panhandle by parents who had personal experiences with the legacy of American slavery and racism. Their stories, along with her upbringing in nearly all-white academic settings, shaped her…

S1 E06 | Amy Lawrence-Lovely and Justin Lovely

by Kirsten Stock | Jun 30, 2021
Listen and Subscribe Description Amy Lawrence-Lovely and Justin Lovely were born in the south and met during law school. Amy’s primary focus is in criminal defense and Justin’s is with personal injury. Together, they bring incredible insights to each other’s cases….

S1 E05 | Ken Hardison

by Luke W Russell | Jun 23, 2021
Listen and Subscribe Description Ken Hardison is a lawyer and entrepreneur who has built and sold multiple law firms. More than once, Ken has put everything on the line. He knows what it’s like to invest into your practice and feel like a failure. He also knows what…

S1 E04 | Sara Williams

by Luke W Russell | Jun 16, 2021
Sara Williams is a woman who embodies authenticity, boldness, and power. She grew up as a self-proclaimed Army brat, moving around the world with her family. Her original plan was to be an accountant, but, as you’ve already guessed,…

S1 E03 | Darren Miller

by Luke W Russell | Jun 8, 2021
Darren Miller’s parents met in England. They were both orphans from separate islands in the Caribbean and had moved to London seeking opportunity. His father was an engineer and his mother a midwife. After seven years in London, they…

S1 E02 | Anne Andrews

by Luke W Russell | Jun 8, 2021
Anne Andrews is a luminary in the world of mass torts. She has gone up against Vioxx, Perdue, and other major pharmaceutical companies. She is currently representing 10,000 clients in a bitter legal fight with the Boy Scouts of America…

S1 E01 | Mike Papantonio

by Luke W Russell | Jun 8, 2021
Many people know Mike Papantonio for his leadership and creative litigation strategies in mass torts. But…that’s only a tiny sliver of makes Mike Mike. He’s a proud father, jazz musician, pilot, oil painter, scuba diver, snowboarder,…

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