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We specialize in running advertising campaigns for law firms on Facebook. Finding clients for law firms via Facebook advertising is what we do on a big scale. We use the latest in targeting technology and landing pages with qualifying and dis-qualifying questions to ensure we deliver the best possible leads to your intake.

Mass Tort Lead Generation

Our specialized focus in the Mass torts and PI field of the law has provided us with a great deal of expertise in generating qualifying leads with a high conversion rate. Working with us gives you an unfair price advantage and ROI on your next Mass torts or PI project.

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Results-Oriented Service

We will set up your campaign with a Facebook page and a landing page. Both are made ready for bar approval. We will then make eye-catching images with your firm's logo and advertise it to audiences interested in the specific tort. While the campaign is running our team will keep up with the comments, reply to the likely cases and delete any bad comments coming in.

Our Featured Work

Examples of some of our ad creatives.

hernia mesh lawsuit
xarelto claims
personal injury lawsuit
Depakote birth defects
ford transmission claims
home owners insurance claim denied
maritime injury claims
overtime pay compensation lawsuit
eminent domain

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Mass Tort Facebook Lead Generation

  • Campaign Set up
  • Ad Creation
  • Tracking Installation and Testing
  • Campaign Launch
  • A/B Testing
  • Monitor Performance
  • Campaign Assessment
  • Analysis and Feedback

Mass Tort Facebook Campaign Setup Fee

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Graphic Design and Copy
  • Launch

FACEBOOK Lead Generation Page

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Graphic Design and Copy
  • Launch

Our Team

Jacob Malherbe

Roseanna Malherbe
Chief Visionary Officer

Andrew Giudici
Marketing Director

Aaron Vaaler
Production Manager

Floyd Bennett
Advertising Agent

Christian Cordero
Advertising Agent

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