advertising designed for automotive dealerships

We use the latest in targeting technology and dynamic ads to ensure we deliver qualified and motivated customers to your door. We then follow up with off-site conversion metrics to make sure your campaigns performed as expected.

We will set up your campaign, upload your current inventory of new and used cars, and use Facebook's dynamic ads to target the specific customer to the car he or she has shown the most interest in.

We will then run targeted traffic towards in-market buyers and other enhanced customer audiences to find the people that are most likely to buy a new or used car in the next 6 months. While the campaign is running our team will keep up with the comments, reply to the likely car buyers and delete any bad comments that may be coming in.

This will make your ads always look clean. Only the positive comments will be seen by potential new buyers.

We currently spend more then 1 million dollars on Facebook ads every month. Let us show you how you get the most milage possible out of your ad dollar!

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