Why You Should Verify Your Law Firm’s Facebook Page

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June 25, 2020

When you verify your law firm’s Facebook page, you are building your profile’s credibility to potential and current clients. Getting your page verified is not as easy as it seems, though, because you will need to provide pieces of documentation to prove that your profile is legitimate and that you support the content you have created. From there, if Facebook approves of your profile, you will receive a “blue badge,” which will appear next to your page’s name. This assures users that you are a real business and that the information provided is not false or misleading.

Some accounts are required to go through Facebook’s verification process to have their content go live. For example, law enforcement officials, city representatives, politicians, and elected officials all must have their pages verified.

Law Firms and Facebook Verification

You are trying to reach clients who want to participate in mass torts. Very likely, these audiences have already suffered a great deal of injustice and may be hesitant to reach out for legal assistance. By verifying your firm’s Facebook page, you can take the first step toward building trust with these potential new clients.

Law firms that verify their Facebook pages also can rank better with search engines like Google or Bing. A verified Facebook page for law firms can essentially serve as an online billboard.

Here are four elements Facebook takes into account when verifying a business’s profile:

  • Authenticity. Your page must represent a real business that provides real services. Pictures, videos, and user interactions all come into play when determining whether a business’s page is legitimate.
  • Uniqueness. Your page must be the only one like it. Your law firm cannot have multiple pages advertising the same services.
  • Completeness. Your page needs to have all the necessary fields filled out accurately. You need to have a completed “about” section, address, phone number, profile photo, and at least one recent post.
  • Notability. Your page must represent a relatively well-known brand or entity. Obscure content typically does not pass through the verification process.

With Facebook verification, it is important to note that not everyone can get their pages verified. If this is the case for your firm’s page, then you may need to look into additional methods to boost credibility.

Other Options for Verification

Because Facebook takes verification so seriously, not every page has the ability to be recognized for its content. Facebook notes that they do not approve general topic pages because it usually cannot be tied back to a real person or service. If your law firm’s page cannot be verified, there are other options to boost your account’s credibility.

These measures could include:

  • Including external links. Your law firm can link its Facebook page to additional social media platforms to further prove authenticity. This allows users to see that you are engaged in different forms of digital marketing and likely provide the services you have outlined in your Facebook posts.
  • Enhancing your existing page. Your page might not have been verified because it did not meet Facebook’s standards. By uploading new content, you could fill the gap that was missing the first time you requested verification.
  • User interactions. When you visit a page that does not have any user comments or feedback, it can be a red flag. By answering questions and providing useful information, you could begin building a relationship between your page and any potential clients. This would give users insight into how you interact with clients and establish brand trust.

It is important to note that you cannot buy verification badges for your page. Only Facebook can determine when your page is ready to earn a blue verification badge. While a badge is a great way to show authenticity on social media, it does not guarantee your Facebook account will gain more followers automatically.

Grow Your Law Firm’s Facebook Page with X Social Media

At X Social Media, our goal is to boost your online presence through popular social media platforms. We understand the benefits of digital marketing and want to take your law firm’s brand to newer advertising heights.

Some of the services we can provide include:

  • Building a Facebook or Instagram page for your law firm
  • Taking measures to promote your conversion rate
  • Funneling users from your social media page to your website
  • Improving your existing social media pages and sites
  • Utilizing user metrics so that you can target your desired demographic
  • Creating advertisements that represent your brand’s name and services

When you work with us, each account gets its own manager, who oversees production and relays your feedback to our team. Our goal is to employ marketing strategies via social media that are designed to improve your bottom line and advertise for any mass torts you are representing.

Call X Social Media today at (888) 670-0006 to get started with one of our Xperts.

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