Why All Personal Injury Lawyers Should Consider Becoming Mass Tort Lawyers

mass tort lawyers

June 25, 2020

Personal injury law and mass tort law include different processes and lead generation. However, moving from practicing personal injury to mass tort law really only requires you to broaden the scope of cases that you are willing and able to add to your roster. If you do choose to make the leap into mass torts, there are several low-cost, highly-effective routes by which you may be able to attract clients.

The Benefits of Mass Torts for You and Your Clients

Consolidating multiple client cases into a single mass tort has benefits for both you as a lawyer and any clients that join your mass tort lawsuits. From your perspective, a mass tort:

  • Allows you to focus all of your attention on a single case, with a single judge and jury, as opposed to fashioning several different cases based on alternating variables
  • Increases the notoriety of your firm or law group, as any high-profile settlements you negotiate will likely be publicly significant
  • Allows you to provide justice for a larger number of victims of negligence without expending the extra man hours and resources that would be required of separate lawsuits

Your clients will also see several benefits from your status as a mass tort lawyer, which is why all personal injury lawyers should consider becoming mass tort lawyers. These benefits may include:

  • The ability to be represented in court against powerful defendants without having to pay exorbitant legal fees
  • Peace of mind knowing that they can stand with other people (who were also harmed by the defendant) in seeking damages
  • Only having to wait for one case outcome, instead of each individual victim waiting for the outcomes of their own cases

There are nearly countless reasons why a mass tort may be necessary. Should you choose to equip yourself to represent plaintiffs in mass tort lawsuits, it could open you to accepting cases that you previously did not.

Circumstances That May Warrant a Mass Tort

You will determine which mass tort lawsuits are relevant to your client base, as your firm begins representing mass tort plaintiffs. According to the individual characteristics of mass torts, the necessity for a mass tort may vary by your firm’s region, ideal clientele, and other factors, but the prevalence of tort lawsuits is why all personal injury lawyers should consider becoming mass tort lawyers. Some forms of mass tort include legal action over:

  • Systematic firing of employees without adequate causation
  • Mass contamination causing health problems in numerous people
  • Discriminatory action against one or more classes of people
  • Defective products that cause harm
  • Environmental hazards

These are just a few of the possible case types you may find your firm trying as you begin your time as a mass tort lawyer.

Considerations that you will have to make as a mass tort lawyer include:

  • How to determine an appropriate advertising budget to attract clients for your mass tort
  • The best avenues in which to invest your advertising dollars

Considering that social media is a crucial element of any effective digital marketing campaign in this day and age, your practice will need to formulate a social media marketing plan. This will allow you:

  • To have a digital approach and message to prospective clients that is cohesive and focused
  • To provide a unified goal of funneling leads from all of your social channels through to your website or a landing page for your mass tort case

Facebook and Instagram as Marketing Tools for Your Practice

Advertising your practice on Facebook and Instagram may produce substantial returns in terms of new clients interested in mass torts, which is why all personal injury lawyers should consider becoming mass tort lawyers. Benefits of these social media platforms include:

  • Access to hundreds of millions of daily users in the United States alone
  • A suite of marketing and advertising tools that not only improve your odds of having prospective clients see your Facebook and Instagram ads, but also provide you invaluable information about to whom your advertisements are (and are not) appealing
  • Targeted, relevant messaging towards many demographics

Marketing specific mass tort cases (and your law firm more generally) on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is—simply put—the wave of the future in legal advertising. Do not miss the wave.

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  • A comprehensive Facebook advertising strategy
  • A steady stream of attractive, actionable Instagram content aimed at attracting new clients to your practice
  • Customized landing pages for customer conversion
  • Metrics that show you the value of your investment in social media and other forms of digital marketing

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