Why a Feedback Loop Is So Important in Mass Tort Marketing


June 26, 2020

In marketing, a feedback loop is essentially the process of using potential customers’ responses to ads to determine which ads get results for your business and which ones do not.

Feedback loops have the ability to:

  • Gain real-time visibility into ad performance
  • Change ads in accordance with user interaction and reach
  • Monitor ad spending across multiple media channels
  • Give insight into cost-per-lead and ad spending
  • Offers a look into key performance indicators (KPIs), including total ad spending, signed cases versus declined cases, and other valuable metrics

With mass tort marketing, Facebook ads have become a helpful tool that law firms can use to grow their legal practice. The site’s unique user metrics, data analysis, and access to user information allow you to take data-backed action in real-time.

Law firms that are seeking to supercharge their legal advertising results can look to feedback loops as a potential solution. This tool can also help law firms determine an advertising approach to increase their number of qualified clients.

The Benefits of Using Feedback Loops For Mass Tort Marketing

Feedback loops can make marketing more efficient for law firms looking to grow their mass tort practice by focusing on data, monitoring ad performance, conducting routine testing, and more.

Here are a handful of benefits your law firm can enjoy by using feedback loops for mass tort marketing:

Keeping an Eye on Performance

The most important goal of mass tort marketing is to determine how many qualified clients turn into signed cases. With feedback loop marketing, you can focus on what matters most by monitoring the performance of your ads.

Feedback loop marketing solutions include in-depth dashboard reporting tools, which helps keep all of your performance data organized. You do not have to switch back and forth between analysis programs to gain insight into the effectiveness of your various ad campaigns.

Omnichannel Coverage

Law firms can utilize feedback loops across their media channels with Facebook, Instagram, Google, and more. This allows you to arrange ad-tracking data and spending with one solution.

Unified Data Collection

You want consistent ad campaigns across various social media programs. You do not want to send mixed messages about your services to users as they interact with your ads on different social media sites. Unified data collection allows for consistent ad taxonomy to ensure that your message and brand remain the same across all platforms.

Real-time Case Cost Analysis

Feedback loops allow you to react to data and case costs in real-time, which is helpful for law firms that publish many different ads for mass torts. The user-friendly feedback loop dashboard can also allow your law firm to react quickly to cost-per-lead changes in marketing campaign costs.

Every report that is located within the feedback loop updates in real-time as new case data gets funneled into the system. This can save your law firm time and effort so you can focus more on turning leads into clients.

Continuous Testing

The moment you publish an ad to a social media site, you want to know whether or not it’s going to reach users, promote engagement, and ultimately increase your bottom line. Continuous testing lets you do that. Feedback looping allows your law firm to test paid media campaigns time and time again while using real-time tracking. This data allows you to identify ads that have the potential to increase your firm’s overall reach.

Lower Client Acquisition Costs

Spending too much money on acquiring clients can hurt your business in the long run. A feedback loop shows you exactly where your law firm should be investing its marketing money to maximize conversions while also cutting wasteful spending.

Easy to Install

Feedback loops allow for quick and easy access with its hosted service and minimal application programming interface (API) connection. For easy access, your law firm can see data on a multitude of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

X Social Media Feedback Loop

Designed to optimize your end results, the X Social Feedback Loop identifies the best-performing paid media campaigns and ads in your media mix in real-time. This allows your law firm’s overall marketing performance to increase based on actual real-time data, not guesswork.

Fast data feedback helps X Social Media managers wxrk in a nimble, focused environment, which can help save your law firm valuable campaign money.

To find out more about how our Xperts can help, call our team at X Social Media at (888) 670-0006.

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