What Types of Ads Should Lawyers Use?


June 25, 2020

Law firms may benefit from multiple advertising approaches, and social marketing—including advertising on Facebook and Instagram—is among the channels that may help your firm attract new clients and increase awareness of your firm. The types of ads lawyers should use, such as Facebook and Instagram ads:

  • Provide access to a substantial digital user base
  • Provide real-time metrics about user interaction with your ads
  • May be one of the most cost-efficient ways to market your firm

Social platforms are one of the truest direct-to-potential-client channels for marketing specific torts, class action lawsuits, and your firm more generally.

Traditional Advertising Is Dying

As digital advertising spending rises, businesses of all sizes and functions are realizing that digital marketing is the way of the future—and the present. Even large corporations with far more money to spend on marketing than your firm are increasingly migrating away from traditional means of advertising.

There are several reasons why television, print (such as newspapers and magazines), radio, billboards and other means of advertising that once dominated marketing have become increasingly less appealing. Some limitations of these media include:

  • No truly accurate metrics that show how effective a given advertisement is at increasing business
  • No ability to target specific demographics (at least not in any significant way)
  • A high cost of advertising space, as traditional advertising platforms generally have limited space

Digital media—and the advertising that you can place on digital outlets—take all of these limitations and turns them on their head.

Digital Advertising Is the Present and Future

With traditional advertising, you generally do not know exactly what returns for which you are paying. Digital advertising—especially ads deployed on sophisticated marketing platforms such as Facebook—provide you far greater insight into your advertisements’ performance.

Some of the general benefits of allotting your marketing dollars to campaigns focused on digital platforms include:

  • The ability to collect ad performance metrics in real time, and quickly pivot if you believe that your strategy is not proving effective (or to double down if a certain ad or approach is performing well)
  • A greater opportunity to target specific user demographics based on the clientele that you hope to attract to a lawsuit, or your firm in general
  • Access to users’ online behaviors—including their likes and dislikes—to craft intelligent advertising campaigns
  • A confluence of perks that allow you to target customers in a more specific way, meaning that fewer of your marketing funds are wasted

Listeners are abandoning AM and FM radio for a variety of reasons. Newspaper revenues and circulation are down across the industry, according to the Pew Research Center. Social media user bases continue to grow, however. The types of ads lawyers should use are all linked to social media. The path for your firm’s marketing efforts is clear: go digital.

Outsource Your Digital Marketing to the Pros

It is the rare law firm that can apply in-house advertising that is as effective as the services they could receive from digital marketing professionals. Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms for digital marketing are effective, but crowded. Without the help of those who are intimately familiar with the best advertising practices on these platforms, your firm’s ads could get lost in the weeds.

Advertising professionals can maximize the tools available (through the likes of Facebook and Instagram) to drive your customer conversions.

Facebook as a Marketing Tool for Your Firm

Facebook is among the digital platforms that should be an integral part of your firm’s digital marketing strategy. Tools that Facebook offers include:

  • Facebook pixels, which are codes that provide insight into how and why users convert into customers. (You can add pixels to various pages on your website, with the general rule that the greater number of pixels you have, the more data you are collecting from your marketing efforts)
  • Dynamic ad targeting, which allows you to target customers based on a plethora of digital data (such as shopping habits, age, gender, education level, and geographic location)
  • Advertisement retargeting, from Facebook for Business which allows your advertisements to appear on internet windows beyond the Facebook platform

Facebook represents one of the most densely populated, attention-holding platforms in all of the digital ecosystem. It is a platform that you must advertise on if you hope to remain at pace or ahead of your competition.

Let the X Social Media Team Craft Your Digital Strategy

Our team of Xperts will help you move social media users through your funnel into conversions by:

  • Creating Facebook and Instagram pages for your firm if you do not already have them
  • Creating custom landing pages aimed specifically at converting users into new clients
  • Using our expert industry knowledge of Facebook, Instagram, and other digital advertising to boost your firm’s client acquisition
  • Providing a dedicated Digital Marketing Manager who can provide regular updates about the success of your marketing campaigns
  • Deploying a calculated, budget-maximizing digital marketing campaign at scale

We are familiar with best practices for marketing law firms on social media, and the process of moving social users from platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to your website.

Call Our X Social Media Team Today

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