What Type of Facebook Ad Should I Run For My Law Firm?


June 26, 2020

The kind of Facebook ad your law firm should run will depend on what you are trying to accomplish with your marketing campaign. Whether you want to build your law firm’s brand, get noticed, increase public awareness of a legal issue, or generate new business for your firm, a well-written Facebook ad could help you reach your destination.

Your intention might be general, like increasing your client base and law firm revenues. Some law firms want to target specific new clients, like people who got harmed by exposure to asbestos in the workplace.

How Facebook Ads Send Traffic to Your Law Firm Website

If you already have a Facebook page, a social media advertising agency could update it to work better for you. At our agency, we can upgrade your existing Facebook page or build a new one for you. We create custom landing pages for each of your marketing campaigns.

For example, you might want to go after clients with possible claims for harm from Round Up, Invokana, or the shingles vaccine. You do not have to confuse the reader by having all three of these separate topics on one landing page. We can make a unique landing page for each of the three subjects.

We use eye-catching images that attract attention. Once we capture the reader’s interest with graphics, we can educate the individual about the type of lawsuit. We might share information about symptoms, complications, and causes of injuries from defective products.

The Facebook landing page can then capture the prospective client’s contact information to make it easier for you to convert the person from a lead to a client. We can prescreen leads so that you do not waste your time on people who do not qualify for the litigation. We can ask a few simple questions in a user-friendly format. The prospects who are eligible can get sent to your law firm website.

The Benefits of Facebook Ads for Attorneys

Unlike traditional advertisements in media, like newspapers and television, Facebook ads offer great flexibility at a lower cost. Traditional ads do not prequalify potential clients or gather their contact information for you.

We track the results of Facebook marketing campaigns with precision so that you always know what worked best. It is guesswork to try to correlate traditional marketing methods to results. You merely know that you spent a certain amount of money on some ads. After that, your business either increased or it did not. Any change to your client base could be from an unrelated cause.

You can target a narrow niche or cast a wide net with Facebook ads for your law firm. You might want to go after one manufacturer of one model of a chainsaw, or you might want to let the world know that your law firm merged with another. You can tailor your Facebook ads to create a perfect fit for your goals.

We Help You Create Facebook Ads That Do Not Look Like Marketing

Depending on your area of practice, you might generate lots of new leads by giving away information for free. That might sound counterintuitive, but people trust companies that help them without asking for anything in return. You can build your brand as a law firm that cares about people and wants to help them.

When you share information that people can find useful, they are likely to stay on your site longer. So that potential clients can get more information, your Facebook ad can send them to your law firm’s website. At that point, potential clients may already feel as if they have a relationship with you.

Why Facebook Ads Work

According to the Pew Research Center, about 70 percent of American adults are on Facebook. That number has remained constant since 2016. Facebook leaves Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Reddit in the dust when it comes to daily users. Nearly three out of four adult Facebook users visit the social media platform at least once on a daily basis.

Many businesses find Facebook ads to be an effective marketing tool because their audience is already there. You do not have to go out in search of your intended market. You merely need to tap into that audience with targeted ads that make the most of Facebook’s guidelines and algorithms.

Facebook provides useful information about the demographics of its users, such as their gender, age, level of education, personal traits, interests, and ad preferences. The more you know about your intended audience, the more effectively you can reach your desired market.

How to Use Facebook Ads to Your Law Firm’s Advantage

When you put your name out there to the public, you want to look professional. An ad that looks amateur can damage your law firm’s reputation. Working with an advertising agency that specializes in helping lawyers grow their practices can help you project the image you want.

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