What Is a PNC?

What Is a PNC?

June 26, 2020

A PNC is what lawyers refer to as a potential new client. For lawyers, a PNC is considered a “good lead” or a qualified lead. When looking to increase their qualified lead generation, lawyers can attract a PNC with advertising that targets a specific audience.

If your law firm is looking to attract PNCs for a mass tort, ads can be strategically placed across social media channels to pinpoint individuals that may require your law firm’s services.

One method of doing so is via social media advertising, such as through Facebook and Instagram. These popular platforms have millions of users across the U.S. and lend helpful tools that allow your marketing team to measure user engagement and client conversion.

Using Facebook and Instagram Ads to Attract a PNC

With so many daily active users, Facebook and Instagram are considered marketing giants in today’s digital advertising world. In fact, according to Facebook’s fourth-quarter 2019 report, the site features over 1.66 billion daily users worldwide.

Facebook and Instagram are constantly collecting user information, some of which is voluntarily given by an individual user, some of which is generated based on their search history.

The user metrics on Facebook and Instagram allow you to target users based on their:

  • Geography
  • Demographics, including gender and age
  • Interests
  • Behaviors
  • Search history

When your law firm is ready to run an ad campaign around a specific practice area or mass tort, your ads can be hyper-focused to attract qualified leads. For instance, if your law firm is looking to run an ad campaign for a specific product liability tort, your ads can be tailored around the product itself or the manufacturer through various user metrics.

Furthermore, you can improve your law firm’s PNC count by diving into the enhanced audience data gathered from your ad campaign. This data can tell your law firm about the types of users that clicked on or engaged with your ads. From there, you can track which ads have worked and which ads have not.

PNC’s and Custom Landing Pages

Once a PNC encounters your ads on social media, they will need a call to action that influences them to follow through with your services. After clicking on your ad, they can be directed to your law firm’s custom landing page.

Custom landing pages are a tool used to determine whether or not a PNC is qualified to participate in a mass tort based on their answers to various questions. These inquiries can relate specifically to your ad’s purpose, such as the side effects of a drug, damages from a product, and other valuable details. Many custom landing pages also ask for a PNC to provide their contact information, which then allows your law firm to directly follow-up with your services.

Increase Your Law Firm’s Reach With X Social Media

At X Social Media, we understand the potential that advertising on Facebook and Instagram has to offer. Our goal is to create a digital marketing campaign that puts your law firm on the newsfeeds of millions of users at any given time. Not only can this work to boost your client conversion, but it can also help to establish your brand and image at the same time.

Right now, you might be seeking to gather clients for a mass tort. Yet, no matter how genuine your intentions are or how dedicated your law firm is, if you cannot reach the people where they are, you risk being invisible.

Some of the ways that we can promote your law firm’s success include:

  • Creating a Facebook and/or Instagram page for your firm
  • Building content that represents your services and practice areas
  • Designing dynamic ads that target social media users long after they have logged off the platform
  • Creating a custom landing page that allows PNCs to share information regarding their eligibility to participate in a mass tort
  • Following Bar marketing standards for all created content

We wxrk with you and your team to make sure that PNCs get through your funnel and convert.

Call X Social Media Today to Learn More

At X Social Media, our passion is to see your law firm grow its reach across the web, while also providing you with a customized experience. We use our expert industry knowledge to review what digital marketing plan you already have in place and, from there, take measures to boost its influence.

Each client gets their own account manager who will serve as your point person for any questions or concerns you may have as we implement your social media marketing plan. If you want to find innovative ways to attract people to your law firm through pre-qualified leads on Facebook and Instagram, call an X Social Media Xpert today at (888) 670-0006.

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