What Is a Dynamic Facebook Ad?


June 25, 2020

A dynamic Facebook ad is designed to target potential customers who have visited your website before. Since these individuals have already shown interest in your services, you can then spotlight similar offers geared to their interests and thereby increase the likelihood of follow-through.

Dynamic ads may be used on other social media sites such as Instagram, Messenger, and the Audience Network. They look similar to other ads but utilize an ad template that automatically provides images for other products and services you want to advertise.

Potential clients or customers see these follow-up ads on their Facebook and Instagram feeds the next time they log in, so they are reminded to reconsider the original service or a similar product. The ads also highlight special offers, show reviews, and give other information that makes users more likely to visit the ad’s landing page.

How Dynamic Ads Benefit You

The benefit of dynamic product ads is that they automatically show the right products, services, or information to people who have been searching for that item or ones like it. The potential customer or client may have moved on without making a decision, but the next time they log into social media, they will be reminded about their original search and others related to it.

As a business owner, Facebook dynamic ads can benefit you by:

Automatically promoting what is most relevant to a targeted audience

Personalizing information geared to a user’s interests

Increasing the chances of follow-through by reminders about the highlights of your product or service

  • Promoting all of your services and items with unique ads without having to configure each ad individually

In the case of legal firms, potential clients commonly use the internet to find local attorneys who handle legal issues. Users may browse websites of multiple attorneys and put off making a decision for another time.

Yet, by running a dynamic ad, your firm and its services will show up the next time they log on, increasing the chances they will revisit your site and call for more information.

How to Get Started with Dynamic Facebook Ads

According to Facebook, for dynamic ads to work best, you should have a strong feedback loop between your online service lists and your ads. Yet, this can be challenging to do without knowledge of digital marketing and social media trends. For this reason, many businesses opt to work with digital marketing consultants, who can provide more insight into which advertisements are the most effective.

This knowledge can include:

  • Understanding how Facebook collects user information and channels that into ads
  • Creating a marketing strategy that reaches the demographic your business wants to reach
  • Having a comprehensive website or Facebook page that provides additional information
  • Using search engine optimization (SEO) tools to promote an online presence on popular search engines, like Bing or Google

When your law firm partners with X Social Media, you can expect these services, among others, that are designed to promote your firm’s visibility on social media.

What the X Social Media Team Can Do for You

When you log into your own social media profile and see advertisements for other law firms, they probably did not develop a marketing strategy in-house. They likely worked with a digital marketing consultant group that was able to examine the firm’s goals and then create a plan designed to promote their interests.

This is where X Social Media comes in. Our team has a pulse on social media trends and marketing strategies that promote your law firm’s online presence.

We do this by:

  • Implementing actions designed to reach a wider prospective client base
  • Creating a Facebook or Instagram page that directs users to your website’s landing page
  • Analyzing user data to determine which marketing strategy can get you more leads
  • Assigning an account manager to your firm to answer any questions and provide you with updates
  • Designing advertisements that attract attention and pique user interest

With over 1.3 million lawyers practicing nationwide, you do not want your law firm to get lost in the digital shuffle. Our goal is to create engaging content to meet your marketing needs while you focus on serving your clients.

Get Started with X Social Media Today

Dynamic ads have the ability to bring your law firm to the attention of users nationwide. You do not have to struggle with creating your own digital marketing campaign when there is help available.

To get started, call X Social Media today at (888) 670-0006.

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