What Are 3 Ways to Qualify a PNC?

What Are 3 Ways to Qualify a PNC?

June 26, 2020

Law firms can qualify or even disqualify a potential new client (PNC) using custom landing pages in three ways:
  • Begin with 3-4 simple starter questions
  • Ask focused questions
  • Collect contact information (e.g., name, phone number, address, email, etc.)

Landing pages are a sufficient tool used to qualify a potential new client, or a “qualified lead,” because they include focused questions that relate to your ad campaign’s purpose or theme.

When your law firm wxrks with our legal marketing agency to generate custom, super effective landing pages, your vision is represented to your liking. By working closely with one of our designers, you can approve the layout, design, and questioning used to turn page visitors into clients.

If your law firm is running an ad campaign on mass torts covering a specific medication that has caused serious side effects, landing pages with these three guidelines can help you qualify or disqualify a PNC, based on their responses. Our custom landing pages go beyond asking the visitor for contact information, as only asking for a client’s contact information will not help your law firm know whether they are a PNC with proper qualifications.

Create Custom Landing Pages With Starter Questions

To begin qualifying a PNC, you need to attract people to your law firm’s website. Online ads should include a call to action (CTA) that directs the user to click on your ad. From here, the ad will take the user to a custom landing page, which will represent your law firm and the ad campaign you are focusing on.

A PNC can start being qualified with roughly three or four simple Yes/No questions. For example, if you are running a mass tort campaign on a recalled knee replacement system, the custom landing page may ask the following starter questions:

  • “Have you had knee replacement surgery before?”
  • “What year was your knee replacement surgery?”
  • “Have you had a knee replacement revision surgery or discussed one with a doctor?”

From here, the user can submit their Yes/No questions and potentially move further in your custom landing pages to questions that are more focused to the ad campaign.

Enhance Custom Landing Pages With Focused Questions

When looking into creating focused questions for a custom landing page, it is best to ask specific questions related to your practice area or mass tort. For instance, these focused questions may ask about a side effect to a medication or injury to target a key demographic.

These responses can give your law firm a better idea of the PNC you are working with, and you can determine if they are qualified for your services.

Always Try to Obtain the PNC’s Contact Information

The third way to qualify a PNC is by obtaining their contact information. This process allows you to further message the PNC after they have completed answering focused questions on your custom landing page. This step also allows you to contact them if you feel they are qualified for a consultation.

This approach will not only help your law firm intake more PNCs and qualified leads, but it can also increase your conversion rates from page visitors to clients. By using active custom landing pages with dynamic content and questioning, visitors can become invested in filling out a submission form to your law firm.

Using Facebook Ads With Custom Landing Pages

When using Facebook ads, these links can directly transfer visitors to your custom landing pages once they have clicked on your ad. Much like custom landing pages, Facebook ads can be designed to your law firm’s liking while still remaining focused on a practice area or mass tort.

With 1.6 billion people around the world connected to a small business on Facebook, ads on this platform present a valuable opportunity to reach and educate PNCs. The more a PNC reacts and invests in your ads, the more likely they will be qualified for your law firm’s services.

By focusing on both your law firm’s practice areas and mass torts, our legal marketing agency’s Facebook ad management helps you generate more qualified leads with higher conversion rates. We can tell an engaging story revolving around a practice area or mass tort through dynamic content creation, your law firm’s Facebook ads, and custom landing pages. This allows us to create content entirely around the PNC, which relates to your branding, creative material, and questionnaires.

Filter Qualified Leads for Your Law Firm With X Social Media Today

At X Social Media, our Facebook ad agency’s specific focus on a law firm’s various practice areas and mass torts has helped us find potential new clients for law firms. Our qualified lead generation services are optimized for high conversion rates, and our ability to create hyper-focused Facebook ads helps support your ROI.

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