The X Social Feedback Loop Explained for Mass Tort Lawyers

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June 25, 2020

Just as mass torts are specialized segments of your law practice, the marketing that powers this practice area must be specialized to reach its target segment. This short guide will help you understand the benefits and advantages of the X Social Feedback Loop for mass tort lawyers.

The X Social Feedback Loop is designed to specifically optimize the end results of your marketing methods by measuring the performance of your digital marketing strategies. These critical measurements let you know where your advertising is most effective. For example, these tools can provide clarity on what is reaching your target users and what is not.

Always up to date, the X Social Feedback Loop reads and reports media marketing campaigns in real-time. It lets you see your law firm’s highest-performing paid media campaigns and ads in your media mix. It also highlights your overall marketing performance so you can increase ad spending based on actual real-time data, not guesswork.

Monitor Campaign and Ad Performance in Real-Time

Monitoring your marketing strategies helps maintain focus, reach the right target audience, and grow your law firm with continual responsive feedback.

With the X Social Feedback Loop, you can:

  • Easily keep an eye on real-time campaign and ad performance
  • Focus on critical campaign details and hone in on signed cases
  • Master key performance indicators (KPIs) with our detailed dashboard reporting experience

The X Social Feedback Loop lets you measure your social marketing effectiveness in four key areas:

  • Total ad spending
  • Cost-per-lead
  • Signed/declined case ratios
  • Cost-per-signed-case

Our feedback loop offers more than responsiveness; it offers current data relating to important statistics without relying on hours or days old spreadsheet calculations. It also puts data information at your fingertips.

Key Feedback Loop Features

The X Social Feedback Loop gives your law firm marketing transparency and real-time insight into true ad performance with these additional features:

  • Omnichannel Coverage. This provides constant monitoring of ad tracking and spending. Omnichannel coverage gives you a central place to monitor media across multiple platforms, including Facebook and Google. We are also adding new media channels every day to make this feature even more robust.
  • Unified Data Collection. This tool provides a data-based, statistic-backed classification of your media ads across a multitude of digital platforms. Unified data collection means your data is collected and classified so you can see it in one location without jeopardizing ad effectiveness or constantly switching between user metric platforms.
  • Data Cleansing. This compiles media spending information prior to data analysis, evaluation, and assessment. The data cleansing feature gives you a look at your law firm’s marketing campaigns as a whole to create a clear financial picture of your advertising strategies.

These features are designed to promote your bottom line and turn clicks into clients.

Boost Your Marketing Reach And Results With X Social Feedback Loop

The X Social Feedback Loop supercharges your legal advertising results with real-time metrics so you can act and react according to the most recent data.

It gives your marketing team the ability to:

  • Analyze information
  • Act immediately on your behalf
  • Understand your marketing’s cost-per-lead
  • Make calculated changes in marketing campaign costs

The reports and metrics in the X Social Feedback Loop continually update for seamless, case-by-case, data-driven conversions. This tool identifies ad campaigns that have the potential to increase overall reach and lets us react to that information for optimal performance.

Fast data feedback means X Social Media managers have an advantage because we can work in a flexible, focused environment that works to maximize your marketing dollars and save your law firm money.

The Marketing Advantage of the X Social Feedback Loop

In addition to its many features, the X Social Feedback Loop gives you the opportunity to implement measures designed to reduce client acquisition costs. Your marketing team will have the ability to identify your best and worst-performing campaigns and ads. The X Social Feedback Loop will show you precisely where to focus your marketing dollars to maximize conversions and eliminate wasteful spending.

The X Social Feedback Loop is easy to install because it is a hosted service with a minimal application programming interface (API) connection, which makes access quick and easy. You can access and use the tool from almost any browser on your laptop, mobile device, or tablet.

Optimize Your End Results With The X Social Feedback Loop

Advertising is only effective if it hits the right target. Measuring your marketing matrix could be an effective way to make sure that your marketing is hitting its mark. With comprehensive, easy-to-understand dashboard reporting, you can optimize your marketing results with the X Social Feedback Loop. We wxrk hard to provide each client with a truly customized marketing experience.

Contact X Social Media today at (888) 670-0006 to find out how this marketing and measuring tool can help your law firm grow.

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