Should You Consider Mass Torts for Your Firm?


June 25, 2020

Mass torts are lawsuits in which several individually-recognized plaintiffs bring a single lawsuit against a common defendant. Your law firm may want to consider adding mass torts to your offerings if:

  • You want to represent a greater number of clients whose needs are similar and may be collectivized under a single lawsuit.
  • You want to maximize the amount of justice you can provide for the greatest number of people.
  • You believe that your firm could benefit in one or more ways from adding mass torts to your repertoire.

If you’re wondering how should you consider mass torts for you firm, you should think about how your clients may benefit from your ability to practice mass tort litigation.

The Benefits of Mass Torts for Lawyers and Their Clients

Mass tort litigation generally involves several victims of harm initiating lawsuits at the same time against a common defendant. The benefits of mass tort litigation include:

  • The simultaneous launching of multiple lawsuits puts pressure on a defendant that may encourage them to offer a settlement
  • The aggregation of multiple individuals’ lawsuits alleging similar circumstances may collectively strengthen the case of each individual plaintiff

As a lawyer, mass tort litigation may allow you to:

  • Become familiar with a specific case and then use the knowledge you gather to represent numerous clients engaged in the mass tort
  • Provide representation for a larger number of clients than you normally would if you were representing drastically different case types in the same period of time
  • Ultimately expand your client base and generate greater revenue from your firm

From your clients’ perspective, your ability to represent them in mass tort proceedings may:

  • Allow them to benefit from a lawyer’s familiarity with the issue that necessitated a mass tort
  • Provide their lawsuit added credibility through the common idea that there is strength in numbers—in this case, numerous lawsuits against a common defendant
  • Result in a judgement or settlement, if the mass tort proves successful

When a Mass Tort May Be Warranted

Mass torts are generally called for when numerous plaintiffs are harmed by a common defendant, often in a similar way. Should you consider mass torts for your firm? The answer is yes if you have many clients that have been victims of mass harm because of:

  • A defective product
  • A defective drug
  • Negligent practices by a medical professional
  • Mass contamination
  • Environmental hazards
  • Systematic discrimination

Additional circumstances may warrant mass tort litigation. If you do ultimately choose to add mass torts to your law firm’s offerings, you will need a marketing strategy for acquiring plaintiffs.

Social Media is the New Standard for Plaintiff Acquisition

Marketing your law firm on digital channels—and social media specifically—is an effective way of attracting plaintiffs for your mass torts. Two social media platforms stand out as cost-effective means of advertising your law firm:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Facebook Is a Reliable, Evolved Digital Marketplace

Facebook is a commonly used social media platform (and it offers wide-ranging user demographics). There are many Facebook users in the United States, and many of those users dedicate a substantial portion of their time to the platform each day. Should you consider mass torts for your firm if you advertise on Facebook? Definitely.

Facebook advertising offers your law firm:

  • The ability to deploy custom advertisements at a large scale
  • The possibility for users to organically share your advertisements, which spreads your firm’s message without any additional cost to you
  • A number of in-depth metrics about user engagement with your advertisements These metrics allow you to gauge the effectiveness of your advertising campaign and make tweaks to improve your approach
  • The ability to use dynamic Facebook ads, such as advertisements that retarget Facebook users once they have left the platform (which extends your advertisement’s reach beyond your firm’s page)

A team of experts who are familiar with best Facebook advertising practices could provide a tangible improvement in your firm’s client retention, including the acquisition of plaintiffs for specific mass torts that your firm brings.

Instagram Could Also Be a Boon for Your Firm

Lawyers who want to cover all of their digital advertising bases will consider the value of Instagram advertising in attracting plaintiffs who may dedicate more time and attention to their Instagram feed than any other social platform.

Visually appealing advertisements may help your brand awareness, particularly with an Instagram user base that could be demographically different than the average Facebook users.

Allow the X Social Media, LLC Team to Boost Your Firm’s Digital Presence

Our team of Xperts will work with your sales team to move potential plaintiffs through your funnel and convert them into clients for your mass tort. We can:

  • Create Facebook and Instagram pages for your firm
  • Create custom landing pages aimed specifically at converting users into your clients
  • Employ a strategic approach to ad purchases on the major social platforms
  • Ensure that your firm’s vision and message is being represented as you would like it to be
  • Follow bar marketing guidelines in all that we do

To find out more about how our Xperts can help, call our X Social Team at (888) 670-0006 today.

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