Should My Law Firm Be on Instagram?

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June 26, 2020

Yes, your law firm should have a presence on Instagram if it wants to stay competitive. Instagram can be a highly effective marketing tool, particularly when used in concert with other social media platforms, like Facebook.

Instagram has the advantage of immediacy by getting your message out to your existing and potential clients in real-time. Your audience can feel as if they are having a conversation with you. When people feel engaged, they are more likely to come on board as a client and hire you to handle their legal matters.

Build Your Law Firm’s Brand Online

In the past, significant commercial brands needed to spend millions of dollars and many years to create an image for themselves in the eyes of the consumer. Thanks to social media tools like Instagram, a law firm can craft their image with regular postings. This type of brand building is far more effective than traditional marketing.

Savvy use of hashtags lets you tap into specific niches that you want to reach. People who identify with certain hashtags will want to connect with your firm because they will see you as “like-minded.”

Hashtags can be a gold mine for your firm’s online presence, sending scores of leads to your Facebook page or your firm’s website. People tend to follow others who use the hashtags that interest them, which means that they will see your future Instagram postings as well.

Gain New Cases From Your Existing Clients

You can use Instagram to educate your existing clientele about your areas of practice and recent success stories. Let’s say that you handled a mesothelioma case for a family. Later, if a member of that family gets severely injured by a dangerous prescription drug, they can see your Instagram posts about that medication, which could lead that family member to turn to you again for legal consultation.

Your existing clients might think your firm only handles the specific type of case that they initially reached out to you for. If they see your Instagram posts about different kinds of lawsuits, they can realize that you could help them in a new case.

Expand Your Reach to New Prospects

It seems as if there is a new social media platform nearly every day. Despite this fact, only Facebook and YouTube have more American adult users than Instagram when you compare social media trends in the United States. In this regard, every law firm should be on Instagram. When you integrate Instagram and Facebook into your marketing campaign, you can reach a massive audience.

If you advertise in a print magazine or newspaper, you only reach the people who read those publications. Even if the reader notices your ad, they will likely throw the print item out after looking at it one time.

About 60 percent of Instagram users hop onto the site daily, and many use Instagram more than once a day. If they do not see your Instagram posts immediately, they can see them later, particularly if they follow you.

Your followers can share your Instagram posts on their Instagram stories, Facebook, and other social media platforms, which can expand your reach well beyond your followers. Some of the people who see your posts through shares might become followers, and the cycle repeats, which increases the net you can cast with every additional Instagram post.

Instagram and Offers They Cannot Refuse

A well-written Instagram ad can bump up your client base by making time-limited offers to bring in new business. You can promote your webinars, provide promo codes for an e-book that you give to clients, and run other special promotions. We write tasteful content to make sure that your brand and reputation get enhanced—not diminished—by these Instagram offers.

Celebrate Your Victories

Americans love winners. The World Series and the Super Bowl attest to this fact. People want to associate with people and companies that succeed.

When you announce your settlement and litigation wins on your Instagram account, you reinforce to your clients and your intended audience that your firm is the right choice for people who want to be victorious. When someone sees, for example, that you won $5 million for a client, they may think of you when they need a lawyer for a similar matter.

Because Instagram is in real-time, your followers and potentially their followers can feel as if they are celebrating with you. Positive and uplifting content can help potential clients remember your law firm in the future.

How X Social Media Can Help With Your Law Firm’s Instagram Marketing

X Social Media is an advertising agency that specializes in Instagram and Facebook marketing. We are excited to help law firms grow so that they can help more people. We want to help you get the best results for your marketing budget.

All of our clients have a Dedicated Digital Marketing Manager they can contact for questions or ideas for a new campaign. Let us amaze you with our personalized service. You can call us today at (888) 670-0006 to find out how we can help your law firm.

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