Should Lawyers Use Social Media?


June 25, 2020

Lawyers should use social media, but in a way that benefits rather than harms your firm. If you’re on the fence and asking should lawyers use social media, the answer is yes because social media can be a powerful marketing tool for lawyers. While it is important that your firm or law group have a strong social media presence, it is equally important the right team develops and maintains it. We want to be that team for you.

Using a professional Facebook advertising agency like X Social Media can reduce your headache when it comes to handling your marketing efforts. We have the industry knowledge regarding best practices for both Facebook and Instagram and we specialize in legal marketing.

The legal sector is a competitive one and there is a complexity in answering the question of how should lawyers use social media. If you are not utilizing Facebook to attract clients, chances are your competition is. Do not let the competition outpace you in reaching the same target audience. Start utilizing Facebook as an important marketing tool now, with the help of X Social Media.

Lawyers should use social media to build a strong client base, however, they should also trust the process to certified Facebook Xperts. To learn more about how X Social Media can help you with advertising your legal services, call (888) 670-0006 today.

Massive Reach for Mass Tort Leads

Facebook is built upon a system of likes, followers, comments, shares, and reviews. One of the most powerful components of this system is that of “shares”. There are a variety of reasons why people share a post. Some of these reasons include that a user:

  • Finds the information interesting
  • Wants to share information about something they care about
  • Wants to generate some type of feeling in their friends or family
  • Wants to share information that is useful

Potential clients seeking your services are likely to rely upon the Facebook ratings and reviews left by past clients to determine whether to contact you. These are the clients who are actively searching for a lawyer regarding a mass tort case.

Facebook advertising is a great avenue for reaching potential clients who do not yet realize they need a lawyer. Educating target audiences about legal action involving dangerous products is another valuable tool of Facebook advertising. Ignoring the potential of a whole new audience can’t be denied as a negative if you’re questioning should lawyers use social media.

Utilizing Facebook to secure the best leads possible is only beneficial if used in a consistent and strategic manner. Clients who search for legal representation for a mass tort case can quickly lose faith in your services if your information is stagnant and out of date.

X Social Media dedicates itself to the legal sector and specializes in building successful campaigns for mass tort cases. Our staff knows Facebook inside and out. From creating landing pages to directing traffic to your website, we understand the urgency and careful planning social media demands for your business to succeed. Call X Social Media at Call X Social Media at (888) 670-0006.

Let X Social Media Handle Your Facebook Marketing

At X Social Media, we understand that time is a precious commodity for you and your staff. A strong Facebook strategy requires careful thought and an ability to focus. Your potential clients’ cases demand your complete attention. In that same vein, we assign each of our own clients their own dedicated digital marketing manager, helping to put your mind at ease regarding your Facebook marketing.

Posting to Facebook in a hurry or posting information that lacks the ability to engage potential clients can do more damage than good. One false step can lead to the wrong kinds of shares of your post and harm to your firm’s reputation.

Facebook Advertising Done Right

X Social Media takes great pride in serving law firms throughout the United States. Our handle on both the legal sector and Facebook advertising places our agency in the right position to help you.

Facebook is here to stay, making it imperative that you add it to your list of important marketing tools. Mass tort cases are a great fit for a Facebook advertising campaign that can create awareness and generate leads for you.

Our team creates effective questionnaires and incorporates your brand into campaigns for your Facebook advertising. We not only create content but analyze and deliver the results in a way that is easy to understand.

Let X Social Media handle your Facebook and Instagram marketing plan by taking your accounts from the ordinary to the extraordinary. We use dynamic imagery, video, and relatable content that attracts the eye of clients searching for legal services.

To learn more about how X Social Media can help you, contact us today. By learning more about your marketing goals, our team can begin work developing a campaign that reaches your target audience.

Our friendly and professional staff enjoys making Facebook advertising work for legal offices of all sizes and in all parts of the United States. Contact X Social Media today: (888) 670-0006.

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