Legal Marketing Tactics to Find Mass Tort Clients

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June 25, 2020

Knowing your legal practice needs to find mass torts clients and knowing how to find those clients are two very different things. Knowing the legal marketing tactics to find mass tort clients can help your law practice reach this specialized group of men and women is critical to marketing and advertising success.

Once you understand the impact mass tort marketing can have on your law firm and on its growth potential, you can complete our questionnaire and start the process of working with us to develop marketing tactics that lead to new mass tort clients. Start by deciding which types of mass tort cases you want to represent.

Choose Your Mass Tort Practice Area

Mass tort cases cover multiple clients with the same underlying grievance against the same company. They are born out of flawed, faulty, or otherwise defective products that cause unexpected harm or injuries to unsuspecting consumers. Mass tort claims can involve medication side effects, medical device failures, or even damaging sexual abuse.

The diversity of potential mass tort claims means your law firm has to define which cases you want to pursue, so you can then target your ads. Of course, your firm can represent more than one type of mass tort lawsuit, but you can make custom, personalized ads for each of your mass tort practice areas.

Delving into legal marketing tactics to find mass tort clients means your firm knows the scope and reach of effective marketing. It also means you know the value and importance of defining your ideal clients through dynamic ads and compelling landing pages.

Define Your Ideal Client to Generate Quality Leads

Defining your ideal client is a key component of marketing for any business. It carries even more importance when your law firm is attempting to market to potential mass tort clients. For your clients, their product use and their subsequent injury, harm, side effects, and danger are critical to your marketing.

For potential mass tort clients, their hope for recompense through financial compensation and their realization that they are not alone in their injuries (or in their fight for compensation) are also key marketing points.

When your firm commits to legal marketing tactics to find mass tort clients, all these elements of the ideal marketing plan come into play. They are also relevant to the imagery and content that builds landing pages and social media ads in order to reach potential clients, convert them into actual clients, and add them to existing mass tort claims or build new mass tort claims around them.

Reach Your Potential Clients Where They Are

Your law firm can use legal marketing tactics to find mass tort clients and position yourself where your clients already are. With the number of Facebook users in the United States nearing 221 million, you may want to include dynamic Facebook ads in your marketing repertoire.

Another legal marketing tactic you could use is custom landing page creation. You can direct social media users to a website that allows you to gather their information, so you can determine if their case fits your mass tort needs at a later date.

Reach Mass Tort Clients With Specialized Legal Marketing Tactics

At X Social Media, our Xperts wxrk hard to leverage legal marketing tactics that find mass tort clients via landing pages and social media marketing methods. With a dedicated account manager and a customized ad creation experience, your law firm can stand out in an already crowded marketplace.

Get the Custom Care You Need to Create Effective Mass Tort Marketing

We go the extra mile to make sure your ads meet state bar association marketing guidelines—even if you market in more than one state. We wxrk hard to ensure you receive a personalized experience built on your law firm’s brand and the types of mass tort claims you represent.

We are prepared to customize your experience with a marketing campaign that helps you effectively recruit new plaintiffs for mass tort litigation. Your dedicated account manager will explain the process and answer any of your questions.

We also set up a Facebook page (if your firm does not already have one) and create custom landing pages that drive traffic to your website, gain qualified leads, and capture relevant lead information. Called landers, these pages help your law firm capture qualified leads with a 2-step lead qualification process. Years of extensive testing led to our landing page designs which build on your law firm’s vision and our expertise.

Facebook and Instagram marketing is our specialty. We use our knowledge and experience in this industry to show you how to grow your law firm by investing in Facebook ads and marketing campaigns geared specifically toward mass tort client acquisition.

Call X Social Media, LLC today at (888) 670-0006 so we can start building landing pages and social campaigns that help grow your law practice.

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