Is it Legal to Advertise on Facebook?

June 25, 2020

Yes, advertising on Facebook is legal. Not only is it legal to advertise on Facebook, but Facebook advertising is one of the most effective means of digital advertising today. Any business can benefit greatly from a strategic approach to Facebook advertising (and Fosocial media advertising more generally).

Harnessing the Facebook User Base for Your Business

The digital space is the modern advertising frontier, but as was the case with geographic frontiers of the past, the word has gotten out that there is gold to be mined. As a result, the digital advertising landscape is increasingly crowded and competitive.

The presence of an increasing number of players in the space is not a reason to avoid digital advertising (including Facebook advertising) completely. Such a decision would be a massive missed opportunity to gain client leads. Instead, you should focus on deploying a digital marketing strategy that is smart, efficient, and ultimately effective.

Why a Business May Want to Market Their Services Through Facebook

Marketing your business on Facebook provides several benefits when compared with digital advertising more broadly. Some of these include:

The Site’s Design Encourages It

Facebook users have already provided a plethora of information to the social platform about:

  • Their buying habits
  • Personal likes and dislikes
  • Needs as consumers
  • Other details relevant to marketing your business

The platform stores this information for advertisers to benefit from choosing relevant demographics when advertising on the site or using their Business Manager function. Facebook offers advertising services that extend beyond your presence on Facebook alone, such as the ability to retarget an audience.

Easy Accessibility to Relevant Details

Many of the details provided by Facebook users are available to you in a completely legal manner— which minimizes the trouble that most marketers face: learning more about the potential customer who views their advertisements.

Detailed Information is Stored

Facebook’s analytics-focused tools provide valuable information about who has interacted with your ads, how long those interactions lasted, whether the interactions led them to your business page or company website, and more.

It is critical that you partner with those who know Facebook’s best advertising practices in order to harness the above benefits. There are simply too many potential customers on Facebook not to tap into the social network with every resource you have at your disposal.

The Facebook User Base is Massive and Ever-Growing

According to Facebook’s in-house metrics from the third quarter of 2019 earnings presentation, there were 189 million daily users in the United States and Canada alone, while 247 million logged on each month. Depending on the reach and nature of your company, you may be interested in the fact that nearly 2.5 billion global users logged on each month.

Your business may be missing out on revenue if you do not have a well-planned, consistently-executed approach to marketing your business on Facebook. Even a local business may have a better chance of reaching a potential customer across town through Facebook than through traditional marketing means. Some of the reasons for this are that:

  • Digital Facebook advertisements use the abundance of available location data to identify demographics.
  • While individuals passing by your firm on the street may miss your business’ physical sign, they could come across your advertisement on your Facebook feed later on.
  • A mobile phone or computer screen magnifies the attention a person pays to ads, as the advertisement takes up a larger proportion of their field of focus (than if they were looking at a newspaper or riding a bus, for example).

To reiterate, it is completely legal to advertise on Facebook. Facebook is set to remain among the most popular and densely-populated social platforms well into the foreseeable future. Start creating or revamping your Facebook marketing strategy now to maximize your customer base and business revenue.

Facebook Marketing Xperts Can Help Virtually Any Business

The population of Facebook is much more than a mere subset of America. You can focus your advertising on a large demographic that will share the unique circumstances for which you are looking. Some of the business types that may see significant returns from Facebook advertising include:

  • Law firms
  • Retailers
  • Small businesses
  • Doctors’ offices
  • Restaurants

Regardless of what you do, Facebook advertising holds a lot of promise for lead generation and growth.

X Social Media Specializes in Facebook Marketing

We serve all businesses, but take special pride in serving the legal industry, which provides essential services to all Americans in their times of need. We provide several benefits to our clients, including but not limited to:

  • Implementing targeted, intelligent Facebook advertising campaigns
  • Creating or revamping company websites, including a lead-driving landing page
  • Creating other social marketing campaigns for Instagram, should you choose
  • Providing up-to-date, continuous metrics documenting the results of such campaigns

We will work with you to formulate and implement digital marketing strategies that reflect and benefit your company. Call us today.

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