Is Facebook Advertising Effective for Lawyers?

June 25, 2020

As a form of marketing, Facebook advertising is effective for lawyers as part of a greater strategic plan to reach potential clients. According to Facebook, there are 50 million active business pages that receive over 2.5 billion comments each month alone. Forbes reports that this number is only expected to increase as time goes on.

What this information tells us is that digital marketing is booming. To reach a wide number of prospective clients, many law firms are establishing themselves on various social media with promising results.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Facebook has features that make itself more conducive to online marketing than other social media platforms.

Some of these advantages include:

  • Offering data and analysis of user information
  • Facebook’s microtargeting capabilities, which allows you to zero in on your desired demographic
  • Having your advertisements seen by thousands (if not millions) of users in any given day
  • Allowing you to create a page that includes reviews, customer feedback, contact information, office hours, and additional information
  • Using dynamic ads to keep them fresh in the minds of those who already viewed them, improving your conversion rate
  • Increasing your chances of being found in a traditional search engine query

With 81% of the U.S. population being active on Facebook, this audience is too large to ignore. While you may have your own personal Facebook page for keeping in touch with friends and family, a business Facebook page has its own place in the social media world.

How to Advertise your Law Firm’s Services Online

You may have a law firm that seeks to help claimants participate in mass torts. While you may be ready to go to court and fight for justice, you may be facing one problem: your law firm is not getting the desired results from your current marketing strategy. To expand your client base, you should consider having a social media presence. In the digital age of smartphones and round-the-clock internet access, most users get their information from online sources.

The Pew Research Center reports that only 10% of adults do not use the internet, meaning that an overwhelming population relies on the web for a majority of their services and information. While you might see results by advertising on the radio, print media, and cable television, these traditional marketing trends are slowly on the way out.

When making the decision to work with a digital marketing agency, here are some elements you may want to consider:

  • How much you want to spend on advertising
  • What other marketing strategies you would like to emulate or implement
  • Current short and long-term goals
  • A timeline for meeting those goals
  • Your brand’s voice and original content

When you partner with X Social Media, you can take the first steps towards connecting with the public and establishing your online presence.

Advertising on Facebook for Increased Reach and Engagement

At X Social Media, we help businesses by targeting—and retargeting—audiences seeking information about your services. By working with you, we identify key information relating to your desired demographic and then develop new ways to create advertisements that resonate with them.

Our team uses a variety of social media marketing techniques to promote your law firm’s online presence.

This includes:

  • Building a website or social media page for your firm
  • Making improvements to your existing pages
  • Generating leads that could boost your conversion rate
  • Directing potential clients from your social media pages to your firm’s website
  • Assigning each account their own manager for quality assurance
  • Implementing marketing strategies that promote your mission and brand name

Our goal is to turn your everyday Facebook user into a client for your firm. If you are looking to increase your clientele, you could benefit from working with X Social Media.

Using Facebook Advertisements to Target Potential Law Firm Clients

When Facebook first started in 2004, it was difficult to imagine the impact the platform would have on advertising and business visibility. Today, Facebook welcomes approximately 500,000 new users every day, with as many as six new profiles added every second.

These stats are often overwhelming to those who only use Facebook for personal use. At X Social Media, we know how to streamline Facebook advertising campaigns that target potential clients for mass tort litigation.

The complexity of reaching target audiences in a geo-specific area can be difficult to do without working knowledge of Facebook’s algorithms. Thankfully, our team provides Facebook advertising services designed for your local audience.

Facebook users in and around your specific area may not realize they could participate in a mass tort case for example––let alone know that it even exists. Using Facebook ads to educate users about class action lawsuits is just one of the many ways you can begin investing in your marketing plan.

Trust X Social Media for Your Facebook Advertising Needs

X Social Media has expert industry knowledge to utilize your advertising dollars to reach more people. Our goal is to generate content that results in quality leads for you.

As a lawyer, you have enough on your plate by serving your local community. You may not have the time to navigate the ever-changing social media world or develop an in-house marketing strategy. When you work with our team, you can leave that to us.

To learn more about how X Social Media can take your Facebook account from just a page to an important marketing tool, contact us today at (888) 670-0006.

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