How to Market a Mass Torts Practice Area

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June 25, 2020

Is your law firm looking for new, innovative, proven ways to reach new mass tort clients? At X Social Media, we know the strategies and components that go into making a successful plan to market a mass torts practice area for your firm.

Your law firm should have a landing page and social media presence specifically geared toward reaching and retaining potential clients for the mass torts area of your law practice.

Our strategy is to create the mass tort marketing products your law firm needs with a focus on your online and social presence, geographic location, and target audience. After we delve into learning about your law firm and compile the data we need, we get to wxrk creating a mass tort marketing plan geared toward your firm and built with our expert industry knowledge.

Develop A Full Mass Tort Marketing Plan

Mass tort lawsuits bring multiple clients together in pursuit of a common defendant. From a marketer’s perspective, that understanding is the first identifier of your target demographic. It gives us a starting point for crafting exceptional campaigns that focus on your law firm and its needs.

We start with a landing page that is based on expansive testing and honed to convert. We are also a specialized advertising agency with a focus on Facebook and Instagram marketing for law firms. We take your existing online presence and optimize it to grab attention and generate qualified leads.

When you need to know how to market the mass torts practice area of your law firm, you want X Social Media. Our landing pages and social media ad campaigns create connections and clicks that convert into clients.

Landing Mass Tort Clients With Landing Pages

We know the power and draw of an attention-grabbing landing page, so we wxrk hard to create the right combination of content, imagery, and calls to action on the landers we create for you. The custom landing pages we construct for your law firm:

  • Feature two-step lead generation
  • Are optimized for lead conversion
  • Are based on your vision
  • Are built with our expertise

After the design of your landing page is complete and your landing page is live, we stay by your side. We stay with you to ensure your landing page turns clicks into conversions and potential clients into signed clients. Our landing page designers wxrk hard to build a landing page with your vision and our knowledge of how to market a mass torts practice area.

Facebook Marketing That Drives Conversions

With 214 million Americans on Facebook, your target audience is there, too. That means Facebook is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for your law firm to get noticed by your potential clients when they are already browsing social media.

Part of the marketing appeal of Facebook is its portability because your target audience is carrying it around in their hands on their smartphones and mobile devices that rarely leave their side. Our individually handcrafted Facebook ads provide your law firm with an ROI on your mass tort ad campaigns.

Each campaign is stocked with ads that generate qualified leads, high conversion rates, and increased client lists with engaging storytelling and masterful brand appeal. No second-guessing or generic ads here–we start off with an informative questionnaire that tells us your company’s specific needs, your target market’s makeup, and your client acquisition goals.

The X Social Media Marketing Edge

When your law firm adds mass torts to its practice areas or is ready to grow its existing mass tort practice area, invest in Facebook advertising with X Social Media. We even set up a Facebook page for you if you do not already have one and build custom landing pages that drive traffic to your website.

What we do is very different because of the scale of our ads and our ability to wxrk with you and your team to make sure your mass torts marketing converts ad clicks into clients.

Ask your XPert about the Feedback Loop technology that enables us to advertise based on real-time conversions that increase your ROI. If you want to find innovative ways to attract people to your law firm through custom landing pages and pre-qualified leads on Facebook, call an X Social Media Facebook Xpert today.

Build Your Mass Torts Practice Area With Strategic Marketing

When your law practice is ready to gain new clients for its mass torts practice area, the right marketing mix might be just what you need for success. Explore new marketing methods and learn how to market a mass torts practice area with the team at X Social Media. Call us today at (888) 670-0006 to start building or growing this important area of your law practice.

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