How to Find Roundup Cases With Facebook Ads


June 25, 2020

When you are ready to grow your firm and its mass tort clientele by investing in Facebook advertising, X Social Media can help. Mass torts are a savvy way to grow your law practice—especially when you combine them with the power and impact of social media marketing. With our guidance, you can learn how to find Roundup cases with Facebook ads.According to the Pew Research Center, roughly 69% of American adults use Facebook, and nearly 3/4 of those users visiting the site on a daily basis. With access to this robust volume of traffic, your law practice can find its target audience. The right marketing mix means that your law firm can grab the attention of the millions of people scrolling through their Facebook feeds every day.

Do not miss out on this great opportunity for your law firm to educate potential new clients on the dangers of Roundup and their potential to participate in a financial settlement.

Roundup Mass Tort Marketing Best Practices

With recent studies providing evidence of a link between exposure to glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, and certain types of cancer, your law firm can gain clients with short- and long-term exposure to the harmful effects of this dangerous chemical.

The key to finding new Roundup clients is educating them on the financial benefit of joining a Roundup mass tort claim. We are an advertising agency that specializes in Facebook and Instagram. When we help your law firm find Roundup cases with Facebook ads, we follow these legal marketing principles:

  • We know the importance of sticking to the law, so we follow all bar marketing guidelines for every ad and campaign we create.
  • We do one thing and we do it well: paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram that produces targeted, profitable results.
  • If you do not have an existing Facebook business account, we will help you set one up.
  • We do not take brand management or social media control out of your hands by taking over your Facebook page.

We create concentrated Facebook ads and campaigns that speak to the needs of clients who were harmed by Roundup’s products and their desire to be compensated. The targeted ads get clicks that convert to clients and provide you with the custom client experience your law firm deserves.

Roundup Marketing Via Facebook Ads

The X Social experience does not create generic Roundup ads. We treat each client like the individual law firm they are and point out the benefits of working with YOU. We target potential clients in your geographic area—even if you have more than one—and drive traffic right to your website.

We also build, analyze, and upload customer lists. These lists let us know which customers to target, which to exclude, and how to reach them on your behalf. We speak to your potential clients’ pain points, appeal to them with a feasible solution, and capture vital lead information.

We know the keys and algorithms that play a huge role in how to find Roundup cases with Facebook ads. Maximizing your ad spend and ad scope are the goals of an effective Roundup marketing campaign. When we craft your Facebook ads, we provide you with a dedicated account manager, and a tracking experience monitors your Roundup ads and makes real-time adjustments along the way.

Power Up Your Roundup Ad Campaign

When the team at X Social Media creates a Roundup campaign for your law firm, we custom design a campaign to recruit plaintiffs for Roundup mass tort cases. We specialize in campaigns that show law firms precisely how to find Roundup cases with Facebook ads.

We create Facebook ads that target clients who used Roundup products, reach specific geographic locations, and produce viable leads that generate new cases. At X Social Media, we do not put up an ad and hope for the best. We wxrk with you and your team to make sure your funnel converts leads into clients. When you start a new Roundup campaign, ask your dedicated XPert about our Feedback Loop technology, which enables us to advertise based on real-time conversions.

Find Roundup Cases With Facebook Ads

Client acquisition is an important part of law firm marketing. While client acquisition takes on many forms, Facebook ads are one of the most effective. Contact our marketing firm when your law firm is ready to uncover new ways to make social media advertising wxrk for you. Learn how to find Roundup cases with Facebook ads that get quality clicks that lead to new clients. Call X Social Media at (888) 670-0006 to start generating interest in your firm’s Roundup mass tort cases.

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