How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency

June 25, 2020

The right digital marketing agency can help your law practice bring in more clients. The wrong agency will merely waste your money and possibly damage your professional online image.

When you want to grow your law firm business, you probably have little time to devote to online marketing tasks. You know that digital marketing can increase your client base, but you did not go to law school to do advertising or marketing work.

It can help if you know how to choose the right digital marketing agency that will be the right fit for you and your goals. Here are some suggestions of things to look for when trying to find the right digital marketing agency.

Know Your Online Marketing Needs

Just as you would not go car shopping without knowing what vehicle best suits your lifestyle, you would not begin working with a digital marketing agency without knowing what your end goals are.

Some law firms want an agency that can develop a digital marketing strategy, build them a website and Facebook page, manage their advertising, create graphic designs, and write ongoing original content. Another lawyer might already have an online presence but want help targeting a specific mass torts audience. Before reaching out to an online advertising company, think about what services you need first.

Set a Budget for Marketing and Advertising Your Business

You need to know how much you can spend before you talk with an advertising or marketing agency. By telling the organization upfront how much you are willing to invest, they can let you know what they can do for you based on your budget.

Make a List of Potential Digital Marketing Agencies

You can find a mountain of internet marketing agencies online. Rule number one is that if you cannot find the agency in a Google search, then no one would be able to find you online if you work with that company. A good digital marketing agency will always be visible.

Make a list of the marketing agencies that promote themselves well online, then be ruthless in striking contenders off of the list. Working with an efficient agency could mean the difference between having a handful of clients versus an extensive client base.

Trust Your Instincts When Speaking with Digital Marketers

Pay close attention to what you think and feel when you deal with each agency on your shortlist. If the agency’s contact person makes you feel as if you are a low priority, strike through that company’s name on the list.

Go to the agency’s website. Ask yourself what vibe the agency website creates. The online marketing website should pique your interest and provide the information you are looking for. The agency should present itself as highly knowledgeable, competent, and professional.

How to Know When Online Marketing Agencies are a Sham

A legitimate digital marketing agency will, justifiably, be proud of its work and track record. The agency will want the world to know about its team and accomplishments. You should be able to put a face to the name and understand each person’s role.

If there is little, if any, information on an agency’s website about who works there and the functions they perform, you may be looking at an inexperienced marketing team who may not fulfill your expectations. The right digital marketing agency will showcase their achievements to demonstrate their ability to get you the results your firm needs.

Your Law Practice Deserves the Best Digital Marketing

Anyone can set up a basic website and claim to be a marketing agency. Some people have multiple pages, all claiming to have expertise in many different fields. If you could peel back the veneer, you would find that some of these people are making it up as they go.

You went to school for a long time to become a lawyer, and you worked long hours to build a law practice. After all that sacrifice, you deserve a digital marketing agency with the skills and experience to promote your online presence.

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