How Much Should My Law Firm Spend on Marketing?

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June 25, 2020

There is no correct, blanket answer for how much your firm should be spending on your marketing efforts.

Deciding on a proper marketing budget for your law firm will require you to consider:

  • What competitors with successful campaigns spend on advertising
  • What amount of marketing will provide the best value
  • How much revenue your firm is bringing in
  • What you are aiming to achieve with your marketing efforts
  • Which avenues you are willing to consider and ultimately invest in

It is important to identify the forms of marketing that will provide you the greatest returns on investment. In today’s digital marketing world, you may want to consider investing in Facebook and Instagram, since their combined active users total over 300 million nationwide.

Reaching Potential Clients Through Facebook

Facebook is more than just a marketing tool; it has evolved into a verifiable marketing ecosystem, with a built-in, billion-plus-member customer base ripe to receive your law firm’s messaging.

Per their own in-house metrics, Facebook has:

  • More than 189 million daily users in the U.S. and Canada alone
  • More than 247 million monthly users in the same region
  • A user base that is projected to grow indefinitely

These numbers alone suggest that your law firm could benefit from marketing through these social media platforms. Beyond the substantial user base, Facebook is, for many businesses, a successful method of reaching potential clients.

Some of the features of Facebook that make it conducive to advertising include:

  • The fact that Facebook users often make information about themselves readily available, much of which could be valuable in informing your marketing strategies
  • Advertising analytics tools which allow you to access anonymous data that may ultimately improve your ability to target users and retain clients
  • Facebook’s user interface allows for advertisements to be easily accessed by a wide audience of users
  • Advertising on Facebook does not come with the typical constraints of other platforms
  • Facebook users, according to data collected from eMarketer, spend more than 30 minutes per day on the site, increasing your advertisements’ visibility
  • Advertisement retargeting is a Facebook-offered marketing tool that can help extend your ad’s reach beyond the platform itself

Facebook could be a promising marketing ecosystem for your law firm. If you have yet to utilize Facebook as an advertising platform for your business or are interested in doing so, consider moving forward today.

Instagram is an Emerging Giant in Digital Advertising

Another strong and still-emerging marketing asset for your law firm is Instagram. The app-based platform, Instagram, is undoubtedly dominated by a relatively younger demographic, specifically 18 to 34-year-olds. For many law firms, this demographic can be elusive for several reasons.

They may be difficult to market to effectively because:

  • They are less likely to interact with cable television, AM/FM radio, and print media
  • They may require non-traditional forms of advertisement to increase user engagement
  • They spend a significant amount of time on platforms where many law firms have not been proportionally represented

This audience could be a valuable source of clients for your law firm. By coming up with an advertising campaign that takes user demographics and preferences into account, Instagram marketing has the ability to give you an advantage over your competitors.

Take Measures to Elevate Your Social Marketing Efforts

Some businesses make the mistake of coming up with their own marketing campaigns in-house, compromising quality and effectiveness in the name of saving money.

Our digital, social media-minded marketing team can:

  • Invest your digital marketing budget in Facebook, Instagram, your website, and other relevant channels
  • Take advantage of Facebook and Instagram advertising tools to present advertisements in the hopes of attracting customers to your firm’s site
  • Update your website and create a custom landing page to which your social media followers will be funneled
  • Provide a path for social users to become clients, increasing your conversion rate
  • Give you updated metrics that illustrate the impact that our digital marketing strategy is having on your targeted demographic

Do not sell your firm short. Reach out to those who can promote your firm’s online presence.

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