How Does the Facebook Pixel Work?

How Does the Facebook Pixel Work?

June 26, 2020

According to Facebook itself, Facebook pixels work by collecting online data when users access your website and perform an action. With law firms, this could potentially include when a user reads a practice area blog, completes a contact form, or when they access a landing page.

Facebook pixels are also used as a method of measuring the success of Facebook ads, as the data the pixel reports can inform you of when a potential client takes action after seeing an advertisement.

Essentially, Facebook pixels are used as codes within your law firm’s page that allow you to:

  • Measure the success of cross-device ads in relation to client conversions
  • Expose your ads to the right individuals that are likely in need of your services
  • Build new, custom audiences
  • Discover information about your website’s traffic

Facebook allows users to implement up to 100 pixels on a piece of media. However, depending on the needs of your law firm, this may not be necessary.

Facebook Pixels on Custom Landing Pages and Websites

For the Facebook pixel to work, your law firm will need to implement the pixels on both your custom landing pages and across your website. From here, the cookies embedded in the Facebook pixel can go to work by tracking your website users while they collect information from your various pages.

These cookies will also track users while they navigate your entire website. The cookies can even collect data on how users interact with your customized Facebook ads. Today, Facebook uses a custom audience pixel. This tool can also be used to track conversions while also segmenting your users based on the actions they have taken across your website or custom landing pages.

But first, your law firm will need to establish who is the audience you are trying to reach through your marketing campaign. After this is completed, you can begin to optimize your Facebook ads so that they match your desired demographic.

How Law Firms Can Use Facebook Pixels

Many law firms choose to create their own marketing strategies in-house with various results. Some find that a limited client base serves the needs of their firm. Others want to learn more about how innovative marketing practices can expand their practice through digital media.

An additional benefit of the Facebook pixel is that it allows you to view user data and then convert it into tangible marketing strategies. Facebook has created a list of 17 “standard events,” which are actions website users take on your site. Your law firm can also create your own customized actions to be traced.

Here are Facebook’s 17 pixel actions you can trace on your website:

  • Add payment info: collecting a user’s payment information
  • Add to cart: adding an item into your electronic shopping cart
  • Add to wish list: adding an item to your wish list
  • Complete registration: client provides information in exchange for a service from your law firm
  • Contact: a method of communication between your law firm and a client
  • Customize product: using a configuration tool to customize products
  • Donate: donating money or funds to an organization or charity
  • Find location: helping potential clients find your location via the web
  • Initiate checkout: begins a checkout process
  • Lead: contacting a potential client at a later date
  • Purchase: receiving confirmation after a purchase
  • Schedule: booking a time to visit or for an appointment
  • Search: using a search bar to perform searches within your website
  • Start trial: an option to begin a free trial service
  • Submit application: allowing users to submit an application for services or products
  • Subscribe: beginning a paid subscription plan
  • View content: an option to see if someone visits your page’s URL

If successful, the implementation of the Facebook pixel into your digital marketing strategy can boost your online presence and attract potential clients to your law firm.

Get More Qualified Candidates Using Facebook Ads with X Social Media

When looking into the implementation of Facebook ads for your law firm, consider the Facebook pixel. The pixel can even help you create more effective Facebook ads because of the data it collects on your current website with embedded cookies. The Facebook tracking pixel can help you target your ads to the right people.

If your law firm is interested in running Facebook ads or creating a Facebook pixel, call X Social Media today at (888) 670-0006.

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