How Do You Create a Dynamic Facebook Ad?

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June 25, 2020

A dynamic Facebook ad that converts into clients includes:

  • Qualified lead generation
  • Personalized dynamic content
  • Content-relevant images
  • Law firm-specific branding
  • Custom-built audiences

Our agency specializes in Facebook marketing. We show you how to create a dynamic Facebook ad that guides new traffic to your website.

Your Target Market Is Already Using Facebook

If your law firm is considering dynamic Facebook ads as a way to increase your client acquisitions, you are in the right social space. According to Pew Research, seven in ten adults in the US use Facebook. Facebook has approximately 214 million American consumers in their ranks, which represents about 81% of the US population.

That makes Facebook an ideal marketing tool to grow your firm. By investing in Facebook ads, you reach millions of people who are continuously scrolling through their Facebook feeds on computers, smartphones, and other mobile devices. With ads optimized for mobile performance, your law firm can capitalize on the opportunity to educate potential new clients about your law firm and its practice areas.

We focus on law firms and these advertising areas:

  • Mass Torts Advertising
  • Lawyer Marketing
  • Mass Torts Leads
  • Mass Tort Marketing
  • Mass Tort Generation
  • Single Event Cases Marketing
  • Single Event Case Leads
  • Law firm legal marketing

If your law firm wants to use storytelling through Facebook ads as a way to educate potential clients about individual lawyers, specific practice areas, or specific case studies, then dynamic Facebook ads can do it.

We Give You a Customized Facebook Experience

Your brand profile is an important part of your social media presence. When you are ready to use dynamic Facebook ads to grow your law firm, we guide you through the process of creating the ads your firm needs to reach target clients.

We provide personalized social media experience that treats each law firm like the individual client it is. We assign each client a dedicated account manager, who will walk you through your campaign’s creation and answer any questions you have about the mechanics and functionality of your ad spend.

We do not create ads and leave you to figure out the rest. Instead, we free your time to focus on your client base while we streamline your Facebook marketing experience. If your law firm does not have an existing Facebook page, we will even set that up for you.

We are careful to follow bar marketing guidelines all law firms must adhere to on every Facebook ad we create. We do not take over the management or control of your Facebook account. We simply create ads for your law firm and follow-up tools that lead to individual ad and campaign success.

Monitor Your Facebook Ad Campaigns With Our Feedback Loop

Creating dynamic Facebook ads is only one part of an entire marketing picture. It is also extremely important to carefully monitor your ad’s performance and identify its real-time reach. Those important measurements dictate how you make future marketing decisions and can influence the growth of your law firm.

Our Feedback Loop puts these marketing matrix benefits at your disposal:

  • Real-time monitoring via detailed reporting on key performance indicators like total ad spend, cost-per-lead, signed and declined case ratios, and cost-per-signed-case
  • Omnichannel coverage for tracking Facebook ad spend and data cleansing for aggregating critical information prior to analysis
  • The ability to repeatedly test ad performance, evaluate cost-per-lead changes, and effectively identify Facebook ad and campaign performance.

Our easy-to-install Feedback Loop is a hosted service available on almost any browser. Ask our Xperts about how it can help you stay on top of the performance of your dynamic Facebook ads.

Create Localized Facebook Ads for Optimal Reach

Dynamic Facebook ads hone in on specific geographic locations to increase your ad’s appeal to your local marketplace. That is why we start campaign creation with a questionnaire that takes a deep dive into your law firm and equips us with the information we need to build dynamic, effective, and compelling Facebook ads.

How do you create a dynamic Facebook ad? By getting help from an advertising agency that specializes in Facebook and Instagram marketing for law firms.

Let X Social Media Develop Your New Dynamic Facebook Ads

All social media has a reach and range that make the right advertising valuable and effective. With their scale and scope, Facebook ads can be a cost-effective way to reach new clients for your law practice. The key to reaching your target demographic is producing dynamic Facebook ads that catch their eye and compel them to click. So, how do you create a dynamic Facebook ad? Find out by calling X Social Media at (888) 670-0006 and get started on creating ads that hit their mark.

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