How Do I Start a Successful Law Firm?


June 25, 2020

Starting a new law firm that you hope to be successful often requires spreading the word about your business and using digital marketing to accomplish that goal can be a sound approach. Building a successful law firm through word-of-mouth alone is difficult, and traditional advertising methods are slowly becoming obsolete. You may want to consider employing digital marketing strategies by using social media (such as Facebook and Instagram) to get qualified leads.

Marketing your firm on social media can help you acquire new clients who can further your brand’s standing in the communities in which you operate. There are several distinct benefits of social media advertising that could help build your firm’s reputation and client base.

The Legal World is a Competitive Market

Information from the American Bar Association reports that as of 2018, there were over 1.3 million active lawyers practicing nationwide. What this means for your law firm is that to make the most of your advertising budget, you want an innovative marketing strategy that has the ability to reach the largest market of potential clients at any given time. Many law firms choose to do their marketing in-house with varying levels of success.

Yet, for whatever reason, this may not be an attractive option for your law firm. But do not worry, as there are experts in digital marketing who can ensure that your law firm’s message reaches potential clients by:

  • Understanding your firm’s mission and values
  • Targeting your law firm’s ideal demographic
  • Making the most of your firm’s marketing budget
  • Deploying proven, cost-effective measures to spread the word about your firm

You want your firm to be successful, and a well-conceived strategy for digital marketing is an indelible part of reaching that goal. Consider the value of Facebook and Instagram as methods for raising public awareness of your capabilities.

Facebook May Be a New Law Firm’s Best Friend

As a new law firm, you may have several goals. If you are targeting potential clients who wish to take place in mass torts or class action lawsuits, you likely want to increase your client conversion rate and bottom line in a cost-effective manner. To do this, you may want to use the user metrics and tools that Facebook has to offer.

Some facts about Facebook that can be utilized to market your law firm include:

  • The ability to create dynamic ads that target users long after they have logged off Facebook
  • Facebook advertising tools, such as the Facebook pixel, which allows you to access detailed information about audience interaction with your ads
  • Being able to market to millions of users at any given time

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, and many users see it as an integral part of their lives. Consider the value of hiring Facebook marketing experts who could help your firm get the most out of its digital advertising budget.

Instagram is Becoming a Digital Marketing Giant

Traditional forms of advertising are on the way out. Methods of marketing that once dominated television, the airwaves, and billboards are quickly proving to be archaic methods of reaching the public. To reach potential clients, in addition to advertising on Facebook, you may want to consider marketing your services on Instagram as well.

This popular platform could benefit your law firm if:

  • You want a variety of advertising designs that allow for images, videos, and user interaction
  • You want to target a younger demographic of social media users to promote your brand’s relevancy
  • You want another set of user metrics so you can cross-examine data from both Facebook and Instagram

If you want to start a successful law firm, you want to leave no stone left unturned when it comes to getting your name and services out to the public.

Call X Social Media for Your Digital Marketing Needs

At X Social Media, we consider ourselves to be Xperts when it comes to boosting your online presence.

When you work with us, we can:

  • Create custom landing pages where users can easily navigate from your advertisement to an action page
  • Create Facebook and Instagram accounts for your firm
  • Use our expert industry knowledge to help social media users move through your sales funnel and convert to clients
  • Work with you and your team to deliver success metrics and strategic updates regarding your advertising campaign
  • Assign a dedicated digital marketing manager to your account
  • Have your content abide by bar marketing standards

If you are looking to start a successful law firm, we can help make your vision a reality. Call our team at X Social Media today at (888) 670-0006 to learn more.

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