How Can Law Firms Advertise Their Services?


June 25, 2020

Like most businesses, law firms rely on advertising to get the word out about their services. They can do so in the following ways:

  • Advertising on the sides of buses, public benches, and billboards
  • Making and airing commercials for television
  • Buying web ads
  • Flying a banner behind a seaplane in a beach town
  • Using social media

Unlike other businesses, law firms must follow strict guidelines set by the American Bar Association (and some by their own state bar associations).

These guidelines are a list of rules regarding what law firms can and cannot do when developing advertising content for specific audiences. The popularity of social media sites like Facebook and Instagram makes advertising both an affordable and useful tool for reaching potential clients. Balancing bar association rules with your social media advertising is where X Social Media, LLC can help your firm thrive.

At X Social Media, LLC we create campaigns for mass tort campaigns that include such features as compelling graphics and effective questionnaires. Our marketing and advertising team works with law firms throughout the United States.

Law Firm Advertising Laws Have Adapted to Social Media Popularity

The core rules that apply to law firm advertising on television, radio, or in print also apply to social media. The increased popularity of social media channels as a way to reach consumers prompted an update in advertising rules by the American Bar Association. These updates include:

  • Rule 7.1: Communications Regarding a Lawyer’s Services
  • Rule 7.2: Communications Concerning Specific Rules
  • Rule 7.3: Solicitation of Clients

One of the key takeaways from these updated rules is the term “communications” replacing the previous language of “advertising”. Social media prompted this change, due to the fact that in addition to advertising on Facebook or Instagram, a simple post can violate some association rules.

An example of such a violation could be a post regarding updated information about a mass tort case. The post may mislead followers or be a false statement—conduct that violates bar association guidelines.

Social Media Can Be Confusing and a Necessary Advertising Medium for Lawyers

Engaging potential clients on social media is especially tricky for law firms, due to the ethics and rules involved. Some state bar association rules add additional regulations regarding how firms can solicit and engage clients (like New York, for instance).

However, a social media presence is a must for any business. With 81 percent of adults using Facebook, the social media giant isn’t going away anytime soon. Not having a Facebook or Instagram account for your law firm is an untapped resource for growing your client base. Having an account on both (yet neglecting them) can negatively impact public perception about your firm.

Working with a marketing and advertising agency that specializes in social media advertising can relieve your confusion. The ever-changing world of Facebook and Instagram—when it comes to algorithms, privacy concerns, and other related issues—can be explained by social media experts.

We Help Law Firms Advertise Their Services on Social Media

At X Social Media, LLC, we understand the time constraints many lawyers experience on a daily basis. With court dates and client meetings, there is no time for posting, monitoring, or advertising a Facebook or Instagram account.

Our professional online marketers combine their marketing skills and legal knowledge to create marketing plans and campaigns that reach potential clients. Our approach is specifically designed to enhance your firm’s brand and to comply with all bar association rules.

X Social Media, LLC assigns each client their own account manager. This personalized service signals our commitment to helping you reach your marketing goals.

No matter which state is home to your firm, we can help you reach the right target audience in your targeted community. From mass tort to personal injury cases, our team can help you promote your services ethically and responsibly. We can help your firm utilize Facebook and Instagram in a way that meets bar association guidelines

Call to Learn More About Our Advertising Plans for Law Firms

Your clients and their cases deserve your full attention. The team at X Social Media, LLC provides the social media presence your firm wants and creates campaigns designed to reach potential clients. Your account manager works with you to learn about your firm, team, and objectives.

Facebook and Instagram advertising can streamline your message to potential clients about mass tort cases and more. Using social media to advertise what dangerous products are part of civil actions can serve to educate and inform those who used those products. Knowing there are options for pursuing possible justice can lead potential clients to your website for more information.

Generating qualitative leads is what we do. Facebook and Instagram advertising plans are how we do it. Let X Social Media, LLC show you how we can help your firm with its social media goals by calling us today at (888) 670-0006.

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