How Can I Grow My Local Business With Facebook Ads?


June 25, 2020

There is a massive difference in marketing your business on Facebook and marketing your business on Facebook in an intelligent, targeted fashion. The latter is one of the most tried and true methods for local businesses to tap into the sleeping giant of local customers who you have failed to reach through other advertising and marketing avenues.

Facebook advertisements can be well worth the investment, and can tangibly increase your customer base—if you are dispatching the advertisements in the most effective possible manner.

Every Local Business Should Be Advertising on Facebook

According to Facebook’s metrics in their Q3 2019 Earnings Presentation, there are 247 million monthly users on the platform. This figure is projected to increase steadily as the population grows, access to steady, high-speed internet becomes more accessible, and the marketplace turns increasingly digital.

Facebook also has a significant market share of digital advertising. Few other sites provide the guarantee of eyeballs that Facebook does. There are several reasons why virtually every company—including but not limited to your local business—could benefit from Facebook-based advertising. Some of these benefits include:

  • Facebook ads can direct platform users to content on your company website or landing page, creating value beyond the advertisement itself.
  • Users can share your company’s advertisements, potentially creating exponential ad reach at no additional cost.
  • The platform provides you with a suite of advanced analytics that provide insight into those who engage, or do not engage, with your advertisements.
  • Features such as ad retargeting, that provide you benefits even once the user has left Facebook.
  • Advertising that works to capture both mobile and desktop Facebook users.

While it started as a true social network, Facebook has evolved into one of the most robust, advanced platforms for businesses aiming to acquire more customers—more specifically, customers who deliver the level of value that can take them to another level.

Local Businesses Must Pull Out All the Stops

As the world becomes increasingly digital, established brands have the upper hand. Establishing and maintaining a customer base as a local business can be difficult. For those who do not take advantage of current and next-gen marketing tactics such as Facebook advertising, sustainable customer retention can be nearly impossible.

Fortunately, local businesses of various sizes are paying attention to the digital marketing revolution. Consumers are increasingly relying on digital means (such as Facebook) to discover new brands, make purchases, and form their buying habits. Small businesses—including local businesses—are increasingly relying on social media as a means of driving revenue and obtaining new customers.

So you are aware that Facebook is one of the key pillars in marketing your business. What do you do with this revelation?

Facebook Marketing Experts Will Dispatch Your Ad Dollars

Facebook advertising is an invaluable pipeline to prospective customers, but it is also a competitive landscape. Spending your advertising budget on a Facebook marketing strategy requires deliberation and thought, if it is to ultimately prove effective.

In order to make the most of your Facebook advertising budget, you should rely on Xperts who:

  • Are familiar with the variety of tools—analytic and otherwise—offered by Facebook.
  • Can construct and deploy a comprehensive marketing strategy, including but not limited to Facebook advertisements.
  • Know how to squeeze the greatest amount of relevant information out of every digital interaction with your advertisements.
  • Have a proven track record of delivering for business owners and operators such as yourself.
  • Are willing and able to dispatch the resources required to help you reach key performance indicators.

These are non-negotiables for businesses looking to make the most of their Facebook advertising spending—and their advertising budget more broadly. Consider how the team at X Social Media can fulfill these prerequisites and take your advertising operations to a new level.

X Social Media Specializes in Growing Your Local Business With Facebook Ads

The team at X Social Media will assign a dedicated account Xpert to oversee your marketing strategy. Beyond managing your Facebook advertising operations, we will:

  • Revamp your website with client retention in mind.
  • Create a custom landing page.
  • Overhaul or start an Instagram marketing account, if you choose.
  • Provide regular updates on your advertisements’ performance and our strategy for improving such performance.
  • Work with you to provide clear, on-brand messaging within an effective, multi-faceted digital marketing approach.

Allow us to ensure that you are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to growing your local business with Facebook ads.

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