How Can I Get a Facebook Pixel in 2020?

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June 25, 2020

If you are advertising on Facebook, it is essential to benefit from the many marketing advantages Facebook pixel offers (and make sure you are using it correctly). Before you can set it up, you will need a website for your law practice and a Facebook business page.

You set up and install the pixel on your website or landing page from options within your Facebook account. However, if the thought of coding leaves you cold, you can partner with a certified Facebook expert agency that can manage all of those tricky back-end operations for you.

This allows you to focus on helping the people who need your services. At the same time, the agency specialists connect you with more of those people using Facebook pixel to generate pre-qualified leads for your firm.

Why Your Practice Needs Facebook Pixel

The Facebook pixel is essentially a piece of code that tracks the people who visit your website and what they do while they are there. This enables you to advertise to them later (also known as retargeting). You can monitor your audience’s actions and use the pixel to:

  • Make sure your advertisements are being shown to the right people
  • Reach people who are more likely to pre-qualify as a lead using custom landing pages
  • Measure your conversation rates
  • Gain detailed insights into the performance of your advertisements and what happens when potential clients see them

There are almost 2.41 billion active users on Facebook (according to Facebook Q4 data), and the numbers are growing every year. The planet presents the perfect opportunity to engage with a large amount of potential new clients.

Showing Your Ads to the Right People

Optimizing your marketing campaign and getting your message in front of the right audience is what matters most when it comes to engaging potential clients. Facebook pixel helps you to do just that.

Being able to monitor the actions of people who visit your landing page for a mass tort, for example, can provide valuable information about a prospect’s readiness to sign up for your services.

Using the mass tort example, you could then follow up by showing updated information about the tort using engaging content and targeted ads to the people who have already demonstrated an interest in your services. This enables you to re-capture their attention and prompt them to take action and sign up using a landing page.

Increase Pre-Qualified leads

Generating pre-qualified leads saves you time and money, because you are positioning your practice in front of people who are actively looking for specific information about the services you offer.

Learning about your audience makes it easier for you to engage with them in a meaningful way and cuts down on time wasted chasing unpromising leads. It also means potential clients can learn about you and how your services can help them. The upshot is a much higher visitor-to-client conversion—a win for everyone.

Measure the Performance of Your Advertising

Working with a Facebook pixel marketing specialist who knows how to convert data into real business intelligence (tailored to your specific needs) can help you stay ahead of the competition.

Performance tracking and lead feedback are essential parts of this process, allowing for changes to be made in response to your audience. It also provides highly detailed insight into which content yields the best results.

Get the Best Quality Leads at the Lowest Prices with X Social Media

Working with X Social Media helps you connect with the people who are most in need of your services. When we partner with you, we continuously innovate to make sure we deliver the highest quality leads to your intake and:

  • Organize your campaigns
  • Develop your bespoke online marketing strategy, using Facebook pixel and other marketing tools
  • Offer specialized tactical support and performance monitoring
  • Provide the tools and practices to supercharge your Facebook ad campaign
  • Make sure your online content is Bar Association–compliant

Other benefits you can expect are custom audience creation, pixel implementation, dynamic ad creation, engaging content, live reporting, and custom landing pages.

If you are searching for a specialist Facebook ad agency that can help you attract potential clients through high-quality, results-driven leads who can add significant value to your advertising ROI, we deliver. Find out more today by calling (888) 670-0006 today to speak to an X Social Media team member.

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