Do Facebook Ads Work for Lawyers?


June 25, 2020

If your law firm is just starting out with social media, such as Facebook or Instagram, you may ask yourself, “Do Facebook ads really work for lawyers?”

The answer is yes.

There are about 214 million Americans who use Facebook. That is a large percentage of the entire U.S. population. Because there are so many Americans using Facebook on a regular basis, it presents a great opportunity for law firms to advertise their practice while educating current and potential clients.

Per the Facebook Help Center, a user’s activity will influence when they are seeing ads from an advertiser on Facebook which could potentially benefit your law firm. Facebook shows ads to users that they feel will interest them based on:

  • A user’s activity with all Facebook products
  • A user’s activity with other businesses
  • A user’s location

Lawyers can tailor their ads to these three stipulations that Facebook uses when dishing out ads across a user’s timeline. But before you begin running ad campaigns, you need to ensure that your law firm’s Facebook page is regularly posting rich content. Blogs are a great tool for law firms as they can educate and promote clients on your practice.

You can also boost a Facebook post, which could include a blog from your law firm or other marketing content. By boosting a post, your law firm may gain more exposure for your content while also potentially reaching new audiences in various locations, depending on where your target location is set.

Keys to Facebook Advertising for Lawyers

Facebook ads are focused on targeting users based on their demographics, location, and interests. When you run a Facebook ad, you can choose the exact location in which you are looking to promote your law firm. From there, you can identify a specific age group, gender, languages, and other details about your target audience.

Lawyers can also advertise with Facebook based on a user’s interests. This means you can target your ads directly to people who may potentially need your legal services based on your practice areas. You can even identify where you would like your ads to be placed on Facebook, such as on a timeline or with Facebook Page Stories.

Your Facebook ads should be as entertaining as possible, as social media users typically use it for entertainment purposes. The tone of your ads is also key, along with the content type you are promoting. When running a Facebook ad, look for trends in how users engage with your ads.

Above all, Facebook ads should include a message, a benefit, and a call to action. You will want the user to take the next steps by either calling your law firm or by filling out a contact information sheet to get the on-boarding process started. You should keep branding, marketing, and sales tactics in mind when you release an ad campaign.

Videos and optimized images will also help your Facebook ads stick out and become more memorable to a user. Per a Facebook for Business post, Facebook even provides access to millions of stock photos that can potentially help more users connect with your ads.

Build New Audiences with Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can potentially help your law firm with both prospecting and building new audiences online. Additionally, Facebook’s Custom Audiences created from customer lists allow lawyers to connect with users who have already shown interest in their firm through social media. From there, lawyers can start to retarget their audiences with new marketing content. Once you pick a specific audience you want to target with ads, you can begin to use Facebook for both retargeting and prospecting. With the right audience in mind, you can begin to run appropriate Facebook ad campaigns that connect with them.

Run Facebook Ad Campaigns with X Social Media Today

Facebook ads do work for lawyers. To learn more about all the advertising possibilities for your law firm with Facebook ads, contact X Social Media today. One of our main goals is to help your law firm get more qualified leads by using Facebook ads.

Not only can we help lawyers find their right target audience with Facebook ads, we can also assist with content creation for your social media accounts. Even if you do not have a Facebook page, X Social Media will create one that is tailored to your law firm with custom landing pages. Call an X Social Media Facebook Xpert today at (888) 670-0006 for more information.

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