Can Social Media Help Grow My Law Firm?

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June 26, 2020

Yes, social media can help grow your law firm. Having a presence on social media can help to create your brand identity, get the word out about your law practice, and develop relationships with potential clients.

You might already be on social media as an individual, but not yet feel comfortable using this tool to increase your business. Here are some of the reasons you might want to consider taking advantage of social media to generate more clients:

You Do Not Have to Become an Expert in Marketing

You went to law school to practice law, not spend your time learning about marketing, algorithms, and computers. You might worry that if you try to make a splash on social media for your law firm, it might look amateur and do your reputation more harm than good.

No worries. There are advertising agencies that specialize in social media as a means of helping businesses become more successful. You tell us your goals and the types of clients you want to attract, and we can take it from there.

Your Potential Clients Are Already on Social Media

Americans use social media on their cellphones, other mobile devices, and computers, so your message can get seen whether people are at home or on the go. The Pew Research Center says that nearly 70 percent of American adults use Facebook. Instagram is at 37 percent, but on the rise, while Facebook’s numbers have been steady for several years.

Not too long ago, if a person wanted to find a lawyer, he grabbed the nearest phone book and looked through the attorney ads. If he did not have a phonebook handy, he would have to wait until he found one to look up a lawyer and the telephone number.

A potential client can easily find a lawyer who has a prominent social media presence, regardless of the day of the week, time of day, or where the individual is at the moment. Your contact information can be available immediately to the public.

Social Media Ads Can Be Nimble and Up-to-the-Minute

Unlike advertising in prior decades, social media advertising can get changed whenever you decide to modify the message. For example, you might target harmful prescription drugs for a while and then launch another type of mass tort campaign after you learn about a new defective product. You can run multiple campaigns for different kinds of lawsuits.

Targeted Social Media Advertising Helps You Spend Less Money to Reach Your Audience

Back when advertising was in print or on the radio and television, law firms had to pay a lot of money to get their message out to the entire public so that they could reach the people they wanted to attract as clients. Thanks to algorithms on social media platforms, you can get the results you want without having to waste money on irrelevant portions of the market.

Social Media Can Be Interactive

“Old school” advertising was not a conversation. Agencies had to shout their message and hope that the right people heard it.

Social media offers two-way communication. When a potential client can interact with you or your message, the individual can feel more connected and engaged. This feeling can increase the likelihood of that person converting from a lead to a client.

Facebook and Instagram allow people to ask questions, post comments, and get feedback right away. You can learn more about your target market, which can help you fine-tune your marketing campaigns.

Social Media Can Be a Rich Source of Information for Your Clients

Unlike traditional marketing, which could only present some catchphrases and slogans for the potential client, social media allows you to provide a wealth of information about your law firm. You can anticipate the questions a prospective client might ask and answer those issues. This approach can make it convenient for a client to decide to hire you because they do not have to wait until business hours to contact your office.

Social media advertising highlights your law firm on platforms where your potential clients are already spending their time. Using an advertising agency that specializes in social media can give you the freedom to devote your attention to your law practice instead of marketing.

X Social Media would love to talk with you about how we can help your law firm grow. If you want to find innovative ways to attract people to your law firm through pre-qualified leads on Facebook, call an X Social Media Facebook Xpert today at (888) 670-0006.

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