5 Reasons Why Your Law Firm Needs to Be Active on Facebook


June 25, 2020

Before a potential client decides to reach out to you, chances are they are looking at your social media presence first. Facebook is a social media platform that has been generating a lot of buzz.

With almost every target market and 2.41 billion active users (according to Facebook’s 2019 Q4 data), this giant’s growth is showing no signs of slowing, so you could be leaving money on the table if your law practice does not use Facebook as part of your marketing strategy. Here are the top five reasons why your law firm needs to be active on Facebook.

Expand Your Online Presence and Educate Your Audience

Facebook can help you position your practice in front of a broad base of people who are familiar with your brand and the services you offer. Posting new content regularly (backed up by Bar Association–compliant ads) can expand your online presence as an authority figure in your field.

Facebook serves as a channel through which you can educate your audience. Being considered an expert in your field builds trust between you and your potential clients.

If someone is not sure whether a medical drug or device is causing them health issues, you can capture them at this point in their client journey with informative and engaging content (if your specialist area is mass torts, for example). When clients can trust you, they are more likely to reach out.

Increase Your Firm’s Online Interaction to Inspire Action

When you share information and interact with Facebook users through engaging content, targeted ads, and by responding to your audience in real-time, it can inspire them to take action—such as by signing up with customized landing pages. The results are pre-qualified leads that have a good chance of turning into clients.

To be effective, though, you will need consistency to make waves using Facebook. If you do not have the time to make this happen, it is worth outsourcing to a specialist agency that can help organize your efforts.

Reach Out to the People Who Most Need Your Services

When partnering with a specialist media agency and letting them put their expertise to work for you, the benefits you can expect are:

  • Implementation of innovative and performance-driven strategy to generate high-quality leads that are more likely to qualify for your services
  • Reaching your audience faster than traditional media
  • Ads that provide value through meaningful audience engagement
  • Serving as a “digital bridge,” connecting you with the people who most need your help
  • Ensuring compliance for your content, ads, and landing pages
  • Expert knowledge of the Facebook algorithm and the best policies, targeting technology, methodologies and tools to supercharge your media campaign
  • Extend your online reach, while being cost-effective

With ads that are displayed to people who need your services (and these people fit your demographic and behavioral parameters), you can leverage the power of Facebook to get the most out of your digital marketing strategy.

Customize Your Call to Action

Once you share your message with a highly targeted audience, you can engage them with immersive content and inspire them to act. Your landing page will need to be carefully crafted to serve as the last critical stage in the process.

Again, Facebook shines here as you can collect lead information straight from your ad. Potential clients can click on your customizable call to action, fill out a form, and then go right back to their feed without leaving the site. This serves as a means to provide actionable leads that get the right people knocking at your virtual door.

Know What Is Really Driving Performance with Measurable Results

Using social media effectively can serve as a significant undertaking—in addition to your other responsibilities—and requires specialist marketing skills to reap the best results. Without a media presence on Facebook (coupled with a talented ad agency tailoring your campaigns and helping you understand what potential clients want to see in their feeds) you could be missing out on critical leads and referrals for your firm.

Also, you want to know how well your ads are performing and what the lead conversion rate is compared with your outlay. Being able to drive strategic decision making through access to rich social data and analytics is essential if you want high conversion rates. This allows you to benefit from actionable insights to strengthen your marketing strategy even further.

Take Your Facebook Ad Campaigns to the Next Level

Now that you know five reasons your law firm needs to be active on Facebook, you can get started. Partnering with X Social Media helps you to connect with potential leads. We:

  • Work with you to organize your campaigns
  • Develop strategies
  • Offer tactical support
  • Supply the tools and best practices for you to stay compliant
  • Leverage and develop opportunities from Facebook ads

If you are searching for a specialist Facebook ad agency that can help you attract potential clients through high-quality leads with proven results, we can help. Find out more by calling (888) 670-0006. A member of the X Social Media team is waiting to hear from you.

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