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As a Washington, D.C. lawyer, you want as many clients as possible to take place in mass torts. Not only does this allow you to serve justice on a larger scale, but it also means additional benefits for your bottom line. However, reaching clients who are eligible to take place in these torts can be challenging. Though more traditional marketing techniques could be worthwhile, the scale and reach of social media advertising could prove highly effective in acquiring new plaintiffs for your mass tort.

With millions of people scrolling through social media platforms every day, these venues provide the opportunity for your law firm’s name and brand to get out into the digital marketplace. At X Social Media, we focus on digital marketing on Facebook and Instagram, two of the world’s largest platforms. We can build you a public profile, create informative content, and increase your conversion rate.

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Standing Out in Washington, D.C. Takes Skill and Nuance

Washington, D.C. is among America’s busiest, most competitive business landscapes. Litigation is a particularly competitive space in America’s capital. You may want to take a multi-faceted, targeted marketing approach for your mass tort ––and law firm––to stand out.

Some of the aspects of Washington, D.C. that make it critical to employ effective marketing strategies include:

  • An abundance of well-known law firms that could be participating in the same mass torts that you are advertising.
  • The Washington, D.C. legal market has nine times more lawyers than New York City when adjusted for population, according to statistics from Georgetown University Law Center.
  • A wide legal marketplace that is heavy on litigation.

All of these factors add up to one element: competitiveness. If your law firm is located near or around Washington, D.C., then you have embraced this competitive challenge. Yet, it also means that you must continue to employ thoughtful marketing approaches to keep up with your competitors.

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Advertising on social media has changed the way businesses market their services. Their user metrics allow advertisers to target demographics across different types of ages, nationalities, and preferences. Two of these platforms include Facebook and Instagram, which have millions of users nationwide.

According to Pew Research:

  • 70% of adults use Facebook.
  • Instagram has emerged as a domain for younger demographics and can be projected as a likely frontrunner in future social media usage.

Social media has evolved steadily both in its popularity and utility. It is now a central location for you to market your law firm and any specific tort for which you are recruiting plaintiffs.

Facebook as a Mass Tort Marketing Resource

Facebook is not only valuable to law firms because of its abundance of users, but it also has a developed suite of advertising tools that you may not yet be taking full advantage of.

Some of the perks of social media marketing your Washington, D.C. mass tort and law firm on Facebook include:

  • Utilizing retargeted ads. This grants the ability to deploy advertisements that retarget users even once they have left Facebook. These ads can emerge on other sites and may prove an effective way of catching a user’s attention.
  • Analyzing advanced user metrics. Facebook keeps information on how users are responding to certain forms of content. By advertising on this platform, you gain access to this information that can help you and your marketing team employ effective strategies.
  • Creating dynamic ads. Sometimes, a user will view your page and then not follow through with your services. Through dynamic ads, these users will see variations of advertisements reminding them about your firm and the mass torts for which you are marketing. This increases user-to-client conversion while keeping your brand name fresh in their minds.
  • Updating for evolving trends. This allows for the ability to tweak advertising campaigns based on real-time metrics in a way that is not possible with more traditional marketing channels.

Advertising on Facebook is a necessary aspect of mass tort marketing in today’s increasingly digital marketplace.

To find out more about innovative ways of attracting plaintiffs to your Washington, D.C. mass tort through pre-qualified leads on Facebook, call X Social Media at (888) 670-0006.

Instagram May Be a Direct Line to Younger Plaintiffs

Since its inception in 2010, Instagram has long been used by younger populations for its ability to edit photos and stream live content. Now, many businesses are taking note of the app’s ability to market services. Instagram could be a vital aspect of your mass tort outreach.

Some of the ads that you could place on Instagram include:

  • Dynamic ads, which target users who have previously visited your page.
  • Photo ads, which allows you to utilize digital storytelling.
  • Video ads, where you could stream information.
  • Carousel ads, which allow users to see multiple photos by swiping left.

Like Facebook, advertising on Instagram is scalable and becoming increasingly necessary for reaching potential plaintiffs.

Our Xperts Can Help Your Social Media Outreach

The team at X Social Media will use our expert industry knowledge to boost your digital reach and customer conversion rate.

Some of our services include:

  • Acquiring advertising for your business at scale on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Working with you and your team to pass potential customers through your sales funnel and convert them into plaintiffs for your mass tort.
  • Creating a Facebook or Instagram page if you do not already have one.
  • Creating a custom landing page to direct potential plaintiffs to your mass tort.
  • Improving your existing social media content.

Depending on your wants and expectations, we can provide services to meet the individual needs of your law firm.

Call Our Team at X Social Media Today

If you are a Washington, D.C. mass tort lawyer interested in expanding your social media marketing, our team is ready to get started promoting your law firm today. When you work with us, each account gets its own Dedicated Digital Marketing Manager. This ensures that you have access to a team member who can answer your questions, address your concerns, and relay your feedback to our digital marketing team.

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