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In our nation’s capital, the competition among attorneys is fierce. There are around 100,000 lawyers in the District of Columbia (D.C.) Bar. These members come from every state in America and more than 80 countries around the globe. With such massive numbers, it can be quite a challenge for a lawyer or law firm to get noticed and attract clients.

A Washington, D.C. legal advertising agency can help you stand out from the crowd and grow your law practice. X Social Media can design marketing campaigns that generate qualified leads for the specific type of mass tort litigation you want to pursue. Call us today at (888) 670-0006 to find out how we can take care of your legal advertising and marketing so that you can focus on practicing law.

Mass Tort Litigation in Washington, D.C.

People all over our country get hurt by products or events due to the negligence of others. Washington, D.C., is no exception. When a large number of people get injured from a single thing, like a defective product or workplace exposure to asbestos, they can file lawsuits seeking compensation for their losses.

When the legal community notices that there are hundreds or even thousands of related lawsuits, the individual cases might get consolidated into multidistrict litigation. The lawsuits can get transferred to one federal district, where one or more judges will handle them.

Once this ball gets rolling, lawyers around the United States scramble to sign up clients who can be a part of the mass tort litigation. The trick is to find people who have potential claims and do not already have a lawyer. You could waste a fortune trying to find these individuals, or you could let a legal advertising agency perform this task for you.

How We Target Mass Tort Clients

Most Americans use social media. Nearly 70% of American adults have a Facebook account. At X Social Media, we specialize in Facebook and Instagram advertising. We can get your message in front of the people you want to reach. Call us today at (888) 670-0006 to learn more.

We are a Washington, D.C. legal advertising agency and we design a unique marketing strategy for each client. You will not receive “cookie-cutter” work from us. We draft original content and create custom landing pages for each of your campaigns.

How Our Landing Pages Work

As an example, if you want to target three categories of mass tort litigation—such as failed hip implants, hernia mesh complications, and diabetes medication side effects—we can craft a separate marketing campaign for each of these topics. You will receive a landing page for each category with stunning graphics to get the attention of your audience. These landing pages make you look tech-savvy.

Once the landing page grabs the potential client’s interest, they will see a few simple questions they can answer to find out if they qualify for the litigation. This user-friendly process will save your office staff and you from having to devote the time to eliminate large numbers of people who do not have a valid claim.

The landing page can capture the contact information of an interested person and send them to your website, where you can convert them from a potential client to an actual client. The qualifying questions will differ depending on the type of mass tort litigation you are seeking.

You will not look like every other law firm out there that is competing for the same clients. We can give you an advantage in the legal marketplace.

What X Social Media Can Do for Your Washington, D.C., Law Practice

We are passionate about helping lawyers who advocate for the rights of injured people. We are excited about being part of this process. As such, we want to make you as successful as possible so that you can help the greatest number of people who got hurt because of someone else’s negligence.

Carefully selected Facebook advertising can make the difference between throwing a bunch of money at the general public with little return and getting a fantastic return on your marketing investment. With our experience in writing targeted ads for Facebook, we know how to help you reach your goals.

We personalize our services for every one of our clients. Here are some of the things that we do for the lawyers who hire us as their Washington, D.C. legal advertising agency:

  • We analyze your current marketing tools and strategies to find out what is working and what needs to be improved or eliminated. We often find that clients are wasting money on duplicative or non-performing advertising.
  • We can improve your website and optimize it to increase the traffic to it. If you do not have a website or you want to overhaul your outdated site, we can take care of that for you.
  • A bare-bones Facebook page that got set up several years ago and then was pretty much ignored does not bring you new business. We can create a Facebook page that contains original content, attracts clients, screens potential customers, and sends qualified people to your website.
  • We integrate your Facebook page with your marketing campaigns and your website. Intelligent branding helps to portray you as a significant player in the D.C. legal market.
  • We do not view marketing as a one-time event. We provide precision tracking of results so that we can pivot as needed to stay on top of an ever-changing market. We collect data on what works best for your target audience and what needs adjustment.
  • Our overall marketing strategy delivers a high return on your marketing dollar with measurable results. We help you manage your advertising budget and keep costs under control. Rather than the old school approach of “throwing bread on the water,” and hoping for new clients, we can show you exactly which ads and tools are effective for your goals.

These are just a few examples of how we serve our clients and help them be more successful.

Every day that you delay working with a legal advertising agency in Washington, D.C., is another day’s lead that you give to your competition. Call X Social Media at (888) 670-0006 to get started.

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