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Effective digital advertising means creating dynamic, attention-grabbing ads that convert social media scrollers into potential clients. At X Social Media, we specialize in Facebook, Instagram, and your law firm. Our goal is to create client-centered, outcome-focused Facebook and Instagram ads that reach San Franciscans who wish to participate in mass torts.

We use deliberately chosen images and carefully crafted content to have potential clients click your call to action button. We understand that no two legal clients are alike, so we do not create copycat social media campaigns. We focus on your law firm, its mass tort practice area, and specific needs. Those are the key indicators we use to create ads that grab users’ attention and get results.

X Social Media can open the door to new clients and growth for your practice. When you are ready to invest in Facebook and Instagram ads that reach your target market, call us today at (888) 670-0006.

The Value of San Francisco Mass Tort Lawyer Social Media Marketing

Right now, millions of Americans are actively scrolling through Facebook and Instagram. According to Forbes, we see anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day. To avoid having your ads get lost in the shuffle, you need an advertising strategy that truly resonates with your target audience. Otherwise, your law firm risks being just another face in the digital marketing crowd.

We know the importance of getting clients in San Francisco, so we focus on location-based marketing that targets consumers in your geographic area with content and images designed to maximize client conversion. With qualified leads, your website traffic increases, and so does your pool of potential mass tort clients.

We Use Facebook as a Marketing Tool

There are over 214 million Americans that are active on Facebook. To reach more potential clients for a mass tort, you need to be not only able to implement a digital marketing strategy that works, but also be able to measure how it is impacting users in real-time. When you work with X Social Media, we are able to analyze user metrics to determine what ads are working and what ads are not.

We can also:

  • Create a Facebook page for your law firm, if you do not already have one
  • Take measures to have that page verified to boost your firm’s legitimacy
  • Build custom landing pages to capture lead information
  • Assign an account manager to handle your advertising campaign
  • Modify ad campaigns to reach users in real-time

Our goal is to provide you with an amazing experience. We research your practice area, geographic location, and client demographics to make sure we localize your ads for optimal performance in San Francisco.

X Social Feedback Loop Can Boost Client Conversion

The X Social Feedback Loop is designed to optimize your end results by analyzing your ads’ performance in real-time, allowing you to make decisions that get results for your law firm. One of the many facets of a successful marketing campaign is being able to test, test, and test again. Without being able to respond appropriately to how your ads are reaching users, you cannot expect to get the results you want.

Some of the other benefits of this service include:

  • Lower client acquisition costs
  • Fast data feedback that allows for quick changes in an ad campaign
  • Easy installation
  • The ability to maximize conversions and cut wasteful spending

The X Social Feedback Loop uses data to report back to your marketing team what ads are leading clients to your website and what are not. If you’re a San Francisco mass tort lawyer in need of a social media marketing campaign, an Xpert from our team can explain in more detail what this means for your law firm when you call (888) 670-0006.

Instagram is a Marketing Giant in Today’s Advertising World

One of the ways we are able to utilize this popular platform is by creating ads that integrate seamlessly into Instagram’s user interface. We understand that younger populations are among the most active Instagram users, so we make sure that our ads on this platform resonate with these audiences. At X Social Media, we can review user information and then create campaigns in alignment with what is getting results.

Some of the ads that our team can use to your advantage include:

  • Stories ads, which allow you to make use of digital storytelling through short videos and animations
  • Photo ads, where you can convey ideas through quality images
  • Video ads, where you can address users directly in 120 seconds of immersive sight, sound, and motion
  • Carousel ads, which rotate ads based on user history and interest

The American Bar Association reports that 77% of law firms have websites. Of these firms, even fewer are using social media to reach potential mass tort clients. You want your firm to be ahead of the curve so you can boost your bottom line and get to work serving your community. By partnering with X Social Media, we can assess your goals and then create a customized digital marketing strategy designed to surpass your expectations.

Call X Social Media Today to Get Started

X Social Media is ready to start helping your law firm today. We want to create a user experience that funnels qualified leads from your social media page to your website, where you can further capture lead information for your mass tort.

Some of our practice areas include:

  • Mass torts advertising
  • Lawyer marketing
  • Mass torts leads
  • Mass tort marketing
  • Mass tort generation
  • Single event cases marketing
  • Single event case leads
  • Law firm legal marketing

When you are ready to put our industry knowledge to work on your San Francisco mass tort lawyer social media marketing campaign, contact our Xperts to get started at (888) 670-0006.

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