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If you are seeking a data-driven San Francisco legal advertising agency that is focused on the future of marketing, then X Social Media is here to help.

Our San Francisco ad agency specializes in both Facebook and Instagram marketing for plaintiff lawyers running mass tort campaigns and other practice areas. X Social Media is composed of in-house ad specialists, creatives, coders, and designers who are here to help your law firm grow while using Facebook ads.

In fact, Facebook has reported that 1.6 billion of its users worldwide are connected to a small business on the website. This creates an excellent opportunity for big or small law firms to educate potential new clients on mass torts or to inform them of their various practice areas.

When looking to run mass tort campaigns, X Social Media can provide your San Francisco law firm with data on some of the top-running campaigns happening around the country, including Roundup, Zantac, opioids, and much more. When your law firm has identified a mass tort you are looking to advertise for, we can provide you with current campaign information and cost-per-lead breakdowns. Above all, this helps lower your cost to acquire new clients when diving into the mass tort marketing space.

To get started with X Social Media’s San Francisco legal advertising agency, call us today at (888) 670-0006, or contact X Social Media online to schedule a time to speak with one of our advertising specialists.

Facebook Advertising Goals

When your law firm is ready to begin running Facebook ads, you will be able to choose specific targeting details during each campaign. For instance, Facebook ad campaigns allow you to choose key demographic details, such as age and gender. You may also identify specific locales in which you would like to run a campaign, which can support mass torts when specific regions are relatable to a lawsuit.

Facebook even allows ads to target key interests that could also relate to potential mass tort details, such as medications or ailments. Facebook also includes its own guidelines for marketing goals, which X Social Media can refer to when running campaigns with your law firm. Facebook marketing goals refer to:

  • Building your brand’s awareness
  • Growing client outreach online
  • Increasing local client outreach
  • Generating new leads
  • Retargeting existing clients

X Social Media will also look into the enhanced audiences from your campaigns, or the users who respond to certain ads your law firm runs on Facebook. From here, X Social Media’s ad specialist will dig deeper into this data, seeking similar users to the ones who converted on your ads or landing pages.

Working with an X Social Media Ad Specialist

X Social Media’s in-house ad specialists, creatives, and ad designers are ready to work with your law firm. When you work with an X Social Media ad specialist, you will receive personalized service with a Dedicated Digital Marketing Manager to assist you and to answer any and all of your law firm’s questions.

At X Social Media, we can begin to support your San Francisco law firm by managing your ad spending. We do so by actively monitoring your spending to ensure your law firm is receiving a positive and continuous return on your investment. We also specialize in custom audience creation, which means our account managers will upload your law firm’s list of customers to be targeted for Facebook ad campaigns.

Our dynamic ad creation services allow us to dive into the success of your website and build off it. When your site begins to earn more page views for certain product areas or mass torts, our ad specialists will begin remarketing campaigns to generate more clients. Additional services your law firm can take advantage of with X Social Media include:

  • Facebook pixel implementation on each custom landing page we create and on your own website
  • Tracking and optimization services to increase campaign returns
  • Customized landing page creation so you can start adequately qualifying potential clients

If your law firm is seeking a San Francisco legal advertising agency, call X Social Media at 888-670-0006 to get started with our Facebook ad specialists.

Utilizing Feedback Loop Marketing Based on Conversions

Conversion marketing relates directly to social media, as Facebook ads can be used to lead potential clients to your law firm’s customized landing pages. The key, however, is to convert these potential clients into confirmed clients. In order to see ads turn into conversion, ad testing is required to ensure ads are leading to new clients.

At X Social Media, we utilize conversion-based marketing by harnessing the previous leads data we have collected from your law firm. From there, our advertising decisions are influenced by the success of each new ad. We focus on how the new ads convert leads, only deeming them successful when conversions take place for your law firm.

Complete a New Campaign Order Today With X Social Media

If your San Francisco law firm is ready to begin work with a new legal advertising agency that is built around social media marketing, then it is time to complete an X Social Media new campaign order form.

With our campaign order form, your law firm can provide our team of ad specialists with key details that address your law firm’s campaign specifics. We also want to hear about your interest in landing pages, your ideal client for ad campaigns, and any key demographics or locales you would like to target with Facebook advertising.

Call X Social Media today at (888) 670-0006 to start growing your law firm’s social media presence.

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