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It is important that Philadelphia lawyers exercise modern marketing avenues to get the most out of every mass tort that they represent, but reaching these clients can be challenging without understanding current trends in digital marketing.

At X Social Media, we understand the advantages that advertising on social media has over traditional marketing techniques. With 300 clients and over 33,000 generated leads, we rise to the occasion of establishing your firm’s services and brand name on social media platforms.

To learn more about what this entails and our options for mass tort lawyer social media marketing in Philadelphia, PA, speak with one of our Xperts today at (888) 670-0006.

Take Full Advantage of Proven Social Media Marketing Techniques

You likely know that, as a lawyer, you may be able to achieve a greater scope of justice if you have more plaintiffs involved in your mass tort. The question then becomes: how do you attract more clients to your firm?

Some traditional forms of mass tort lawyer social media marketing in Philadelphia, PA, include:

  • Billboards
  • Newspapers and other print publications
  • Radio
  • Commercials on cable television

You may employ these advertising approaches, but these methods are slowly on the way out. Young people are cutting their cable services and turning away from print media. Soon, advertising could be completely digital. With this in mind, your law firm’s marketing strategy should follow current trends.

Social media has become an invaluable channel for law firms to catch the eyes of potential clients and customers.

Consider the value of a social media marketing team if you want help with:

  • Attracting more plaintiffs for a specific tort
  • Improving overall awareness of your law firm
  • Improving the reach of your advertising efforts
  • Establishing brand relevance with your targeted demographic

X Social Media can wxrk to provide these benefits and more. Call today.

Instagram and Facebook Have Marketing Benefits

With millions of users nationwide, there is no disputing the widespread popularity of Instagram and Facebook.

Several features inherent to Facebook and Instagram make them strong advertising channels.

These features include:

  • An engaged audience that is likely to come into direct contact with your advertisements as they scroll through posts
  • Large user bases that are constantly increasing
  • The ability to deploy your marketing campaign on a large scale
  • A 24/7 channel for your advertisements
  • The potential for your advertisements to extend beyond the platforms themselves

One word commonly associated with social media advertising is “relevant.” Social media is highly relevant, and likely will remain so into the foreseeable future. By utilizing these channels, your law firm can be “relevant” to users nationwide.

Marketing Your Torts on Instagram

What once began as an app to edit photos and keep in touch with friends is now a marketing giant in the digital advertising world.

Instagram offers your firm various advertising templates that do not feel like advertising. Users may be more receptive to these ads because of their seamless integration into the Instagram aesthetic.

In addition, according to Forbes, Instagram also features a younger demographic when compared to its competitors.

Some of these benefits could include:

  • Consistent access to younger audiences, which may be especially helpful for torts whose content affects a specific audience
  • Brand awareness among the younger population of Philadelphia, who may be more respecting of brands that advertise on their social platform of choice
  • The ability to deploy creative, eye-catching advertisements, as Instagram is a highly visual platform

Regardless of the cause of your mass tort, consider that Instagram is a relevant, direct-to-client medium that could help illuminate your law firm’s tort amongst a sea of competitors.

To find out more about how our Xperts can help, call our X Social Media team today at (888) 670-0006.

Facebook Remains a Highly Relevant Advertising Channel

Facebook has evolved from a social platform into an invaluable marketing channel for businesses in the digital age. Facebook advertising has emerged as a preferable option to organic content creation, as it provides several benefits that could aid your efforts to recruit plaintiffs.

Some of the most valuable aspects of Facebook advertising include:

  • A user base of millions of Americans nationwide
  • A diverse suite of advertising tools and metrics
  • The ability to retarget customers with your firm’s advertisements even after they log off Facebook
  • Real-time, relevant metrics, and feedback about how Facebook users are responding to and interacting with your advertisements
  • The potential to launch a large-scale advertising campaign with little to no overhead
  • The potential that Facebook users will share your advertisements at no additional cost, allowing you to reach even more people

Facebook remains one of the most important, impactful social media platforms for businesses all over the country. Make sure your law firm is taking advantage of its great marketing potential.

Call Our Team at X Social Media Today

The X Social Media team is ready to get started helping your law firm now. We respect your commitment to your local community and want to do what we can to get your name out into the digital marketplace.

Some of the services that we provide include:

  • Working with your team to move potential plaintiffs through your sales funnel, converting them from social media users into clients
  • Securing advertisements for your tort and firm on Instagram and Facebook
  • Creating a custom landing page for client acquisition
  • Building content in alignment with Bar marketing standards

We will assign a Dedicated Digital Marketing Manager to oversee your marketing strategies, and they will have a singular goal in mind: to acquire plaintiffs for your mass tort.

To learn out more about how our Xperts can help with mass tort lawyer social media marketing in Philadelphia, PA, call our team at X Social Media today at (888) 670-0006.

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