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It is important to consider the value of effective lead generation and how it can impact your conversion rate when it comes to competing for mass tort prospects. X Social Media is a Facebook ad agency that delivers prequalified leads that improve results by using the latest targeting technologies and are compliant with all imposed marketing restrictions’ landing pages. We help you connect with very specific and motivated segments of your audience by turning data into business intelligence custom-tailored to your practice’s needs.

We can get your advertisements on the screens of potential clients already searching for legal representation in mass tort cases who are using Facebook. We can also pursue leads who do not yet know they may be eligible to take legal action against a company or organization that harmed them or their loved one. If you want to increase your caseload opportunities, contact X Social Media at (888) 670-0006.

What X Social Media Does

Facebook is a well-established behemoth in social media. With over 1.6 billion active users globally as stated in Facebook’s Q4 2019 Results Presentation, it is growing year by year. It presents the perfect opportunity for you to engage with a large pool of potential new clients searching for help with mass tort litigation.

We offer combined expertise in marketing, data analysis, engineering, and design. Our team provides a comprehensive service that leverages the opportunities Facebook ads can provide as a significant revenue driver for your practice. We help you to supercharge your New York mass tort lawyer social media marketing campaign and:

  • Find and engage with people who need help with mass tort representation
  • Cost-effectively expand your social media reach
  • Create custom demographically based plans based on highly specific profiles
  • Develop your online credibility as a leader in managing mass tort cases
  • Stay ahead of the competition using smart technology blended with innovative digital marketing strategy

At X Social Media, we continuously innovate to make sure we deliver relevant leads, resulting in proven and measurable conversions. Reach out today and discover how we can maximize your return on investment (ROI) through effective Facebook ads.

Meaningful Engagement with Measurable Results

A Facebook ad agency will optimize your marketing campaign in ways that matter most. With almost a quarter of the world present on this platform, opportunities are plentiful when it comes to expanding brand awareness and enhancing audience engagement.

When creating advertisements, a New York mass tort lawyer social media Facebook expert should be able to speak knowledgeably on best practices for design. They should be able to work collaboratively with you to ensure your practice is represented accurately and appropriately online. We can offer such a relationship.

Your campaign begins with a Facebook page and a custom landing page that are compliant with relevant bar association regulations. Following up with hyper-targeted, engaging content delivered to a custom audience ensures your message is received by the right people—at the right time. Other benefits you can expect from our Xpert social media specialists include:

  • Live reporting
  • Managed ad spending
  • Pixel implementation
  • Dynamic ad creation
  • Custom audience creation
  • Organized and demographically honed campaigns to expand your client base

After your campaign is launched, performance tracking and lead feedback is a vital part of the process, providing measurable results and allowing for adjustments to be made based on facts and figures. This way, you know exactly what is delivering results—and that your social media marketing is successfully creating new opportunities.

Increase Your Digital Reach

It is crucial to find the balance between improved reach and quality of leads in mass tort ad campaigns. Other factors—such as ad testing to find out which groups of people are most receptive to your content—is vital for improving long-term ad performance.

Additionally, collecting behavioral data about who has visited your landing page, for example, is of great value when it comes to retargeting ads. It serves as a more accurate barometer to determine a prospect’s readiness to sign up for your services. Retargeting updated information about the latest developments in the mass tort case sent as a warm lead can increase in sign-ups, for instance.

Tuning into this data and converting it into business intelligence can further improve your reach by enabling you to analyze existing consumer activity and use that as a blueprint to reach more people with similar demographic data and behaviors, using Facebook algorithms and the latest targeting technologies.

Engagement is huge when it comes to increasing your organic reach, but it is essential in expanding your ad reach as well. In the mass tort market, if people find your ad informative and useful—they will share it.

Facebook advertising policies and algorithms change frequently, so do the strict advertising standards and regulations that govern how lawyers can advertise their services. It is a time-consuming process keeping abreast of the continual changes being made at both state and federal levels, so it is vital to work with a New York mass tort lawyer social media marketing expert who knows how to keep your content compliant.

Get in Touch With Us and Start Your Transformation

X Social Media connects you with the people who need your help the most. We use powerful insights to find your perfect target audience, then we create the content they want to engage with.

The competition for mass tort leads is fierce. We know how to help you stand out from the crowds and get you the pre-qualified leads you need to increase your client base. Partnering with us means you benefit from our specialized results-proven expertise.

Find out today why more than 300 of our clients trust us with their lead generation strategy, with a combined ad spend of over $5,000,000 each month. Call (888) 670-0006 today to speak to a New York mass tort lawyer social media marketing team member at X Social Media.

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