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At X Social Media, we serve as a data-driven legal advertising agency that supports plaintiff lawyers in New York with our team of in-house designers, coders, and advertising specialists. Our goal is to run effective campaigns for law firms looking to connect with potential new clients, which may also include mass tort marketing.

While using Facebook ads, X Social Media collects Facebook data on many different mass torts happening around the country. We utilize that information whenever your law firm is ready to run a campaign. As a result, we help New York law firms lower their cost by acquiring new clients from mass torts advertising.

If your law firm in New York is seeking a full-service New York legal advertising agency to produce advertising creative, contact X Social Media today. Our team of professionals will produce customized ads for your law firm, along with specialized landing pages. When looking to run ad campaigns for mass torts or to promote a practice area, X Social Media will await approval from your New York law firm before we start running the campaign.

Call X Social Media today at 888-670-0006 to get started with a legal advertising agency specialist or fill out our contact sheet online to explain your advertising goals and monthly budget. You can also reach one of our seven professionals online and schedule an appointment to speak with them.

Grow Your Law Firm With Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is an especially effective advertising tool because over 2.45 billion users log on each month. This presents a prime opportunity for New York law firms to advertise their practice areas because they can now post rich content, boost Facebook posts, run ad campaigns, and connect with their current and potential clients online.

If your law firm does not have a Facebook page, our New York legal advertising agency can help you create one. Once you have a Facebook page, your law firm can begin to dive into mass tort campaign advertising. With Facebook, running ads makes it very efficient for law firms to reach a large mass of people while choosing your key demographics.

When you run ads with Facebook, your law firm can choose what age, gender, and region you would like to market to. As you create a Facebook ad campaign, you can even choose a campaign budget plan. This includes either a daily budget or a lifetime budget. You can also choose where your ads will be placed across both Facebook and Instagram.

Mass torts are also able to be advertised using Facebook and can help your law firm grow by advertising case referrals and case sign-up services. By using Facebook ads, your law firm can quickly run a marketing campaign after a mass tort begins to break.

Advertise Mass Tort Campaigns With Social Media

As with general Facebook ads, mass tort ads can be targeted by geography, demographics, and interests based on Facebook’s data on users. This allows your law firm to target ads that address niche topics, which can support your ads for mass torts if they relate to a specific medicine, injury, etc.

When Facebook users respond to mass tort campaign ads, our team at X Social Media collects this data to find trends. From here, we can look to identify similar Facebook users who will also react to your law firm’s advertising and practice areas.

If your New York law firm is looking to work with a legal advertising agency, consider X Social Media. With 300 clients and over 33,000 leads generated, our goal remains: to help our clients have a personalized experience. When you choose to work alongside X Social Media, your New York law firm will be assigned an account manager to monitor your ads and to answer your questions when they arise.

Call X Social Media today at (888) 670-0006 to learn more about our legal advertising agency or to begin your new campaign order.

Legal Advertising Agency Features and Products

With X Social Media, our team of legal industry advertisers uses Facebook to engage with your law firm’s audience. We also use social media to spread your firm’s message across the web. X Social Media’s features and products are designed to help your New York law firm grow its business, target a specific audience, and expand your reach to the millions of daily users on social media.

When you start working with our legal advertising agency, your account will include many services, such as:

  • Ad spending management
  • Custom audience creation
  • Dynamic ad creation
  • Pixel implementation
  • Custom landing pages creation
  • Tracking and optimization

Get More Qualified Clients With X Social Media

At X Social Media, we are a legal advertising agency that prides itself on results-based service. Our team of Facebook advertising specialists and creatives can help your law firm in New York target your desired audience with qualified lead generation services.

X Social Media is looking to tell your law firm’s story via social media with dynamic content creation. Our designers can implement eye-catching imagery with rich and informative content to tell your law firm’s story and guide potential clients to your firm’s custom landing page.

Our landing pages are designed to meet your law firm’s unique needs, as we also focus on your firm’s branding and dramatic images for landing page success. X Social Media can also create a landing page questionnaire for potential clients to identify services they require from your law firm.

For more information or to get started with our legal advertising agency, call X Social Media today at (888) 670-0006.

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